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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a great day!

This was my little mini vacation since we can't afford a real one. We took Grace to the Creative Discovery Museum. We got there around 12:15, and stayed until about 2:45. She really loved it! I feel bad because one of my friends was wanting us to all go together, but I really wanted this to just be our family. I still feel bad about it though. Anyway.. Grace seemed a lot more interested this time. She was into everything, and did not stay in her stroller at all. She walked around the whole place.

After that we walked to TGI Fridays. You don't drive downtown.. You have to pay to park, so we weren't about to pay again. We just put Grace in her stroller and walked over there. Normally we don't go to restaurants anymore because Grace is a nightmare.. She wants to get up the whole time, but Grace was so warn out that I rocked her to sleep before the food came. I laid her in her stroller and Chris and I got to eat and talk. It was really nice.. like a date sort of. Since she was still asleep when we got done we decided to walk to the other side of downtown to Coolidge Park. You have to cross the Tennessee River to get there. We were about half way across the bridge when Grace woke up. She was a little disoriented because of all the loud cars whizzing by, but she stayed in her stroller. She stayed in until we actually got into the park. Then we let her out to walk around. She LOVED having free roam of the park. We took her to the place we call "our spot" in the park. Chris and I used to basically live in Coolidge Park. It was the first place we went on a date, and we have a spot we used to go sit and talk about anything and everything. It's right next to the water. Chris gave Grace some rocks and they were throwing them in the water.

After that we took Grace for a ride on the carousel. She liked it last time, but she was kind of scared of it this time. It was going really fast, and the operator said he had it turned up as fast as it would go (which I'm not really sure why he did because besides Grace there was only one other kid, and it was about Grace's age too.. not really looking for a fast ride).

Then we walked back across another bridge that is actually only for walking or bike riding. No cars allowed. On the bridge there were these two girls and they had this massive dog! It was Malimute.. very pretty though! And so sweet. Grace LOVES dogs, and it was letting her pet it and feed it. We used to have a Husky before Grace was born. Chris rescued it and gave it to me, but it either ran away or my ex-step-dad did away with it. We really think it was my ex-step-dad though. Notice I said EX.. I really can't stand him, and now neither can my mom. She was such a good dog though. Her name was Chanel, and she was so beautiful and prissy. She would lay down and cross her paws every time.. anyway I am getting off topic lol.

We just got home a few minutes ago, and I couldn't wait to post. Now for pictures :)

She threw a fit when she had to get out of this car.
She loved putting the magnets on the wall.

She was dressed up in scrubs :p

They were doing the lighting for the "play"

She likes to color now.

Chris made this for her :)

This is the view from the tower.

I thought this garden was adorable!

She loved the hula hoop.

We were swinging and she was saying, 'weee, weeee, weeee!" Lol.

She loved making bubbles! She also said "bubble" for the first time!

We were digging for dinosaurs :)

I think this is always going to be her favorite part.

We must have went down this slide ten times.

Sleeping after TGI Friday's.

Sitting in Coolidge Park

This is "our spot"

On the carousel.. she was on an animal, but she wanted off because she was scared so we sat down.. that is the operator sitting behind us lol.


  1. OMG!!! Yall had so much fun. I wish we had something like that near us. (ugh I hate Valdosta!!!) So has gotten so big and her hair is really starting to come in =) I like your spot. It reminds me of home. I want to go back so bad. It is only 2 1/2 hours away but gas is horrible.

  2. They built the discovery musuem when I was like six.. Coolidge Park was built even later than that. It was a pretty crummy area before it became so family friendly. Now it has all sort of cool stuff to do. It's only about 15 minutes into Tn.. Chattanooga, Tn if you ever get to come up this way.

    Her hair is WILD! I just know people look at her and think I never wash her hair. I do my best to tame it though lol.

  3. That's awesome they better the community. A lot of places need that.
    Charleigh's hair is wild to. She has a bunch of crazy curls. I can't do anything to get it to right. Lol. I guess I shouldnt complain at lease she has hair now. It took forever.