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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hi again.

I'm a terrible, terrible blogger. I know this, but school is swamping me :/

I found a way to make my life a little bit easier...
The planner is a must. I'd be lost without it, but I decided to take it a step further... color coding! 
Blue is quizzes. Orange is assignments due. And pink is tests. (Yes, I put a key in the corner for myself lol).
Anything not color coded is something not having to due with school, like doctor's appointments, PAT meetings, and such. And then there are things not even listed because we do them every week (like Grace's ballet). 
This is seriously the only thing keeping me sane right now. I kept looking at my planner and getting overwhelmed with all the different things (especially because the other months have MORE). 

Oh, and did I mention I totaled my Cavalier (NOT the suv)? Yep. Driver of the year moment right there.   Air bags smashed me in the face, but I wasn't hurt. I wish I could say it was some awesome quadruple roll-over crash and I walked away, but no. I ran into the back of a car in front of me. We were merging and she started to go (I thought she went), and I was looking back to see if anyone was coming. There was NO ONE coming, but for whatever reason, she didn't go, and I ran right into her :( I know it was my fault for not paying better attention, but I still can't figure out what possessed her to stop. 
I was on my way home from school, so the kids weren't with me.
I was literally going under 10 mph and the air bags deployed. 

It was sticking out, but I pushed it in some. And yes, it was the air bag that shattered my windshield.
There's nothing else wrong with my car, but having just ONE air bag replaced would cost more than my car's worth, so we're going to get rid of it. We're back to one vehicle :/ Oh well, nothing we can do about it now.
Oh, and the other driver and passengers were fine. It messed up her bumper a bit, which my insurance will be paying for.

I promise to continue to try to post as much as possible. I just can't find much time to do that right now between all the studying and assignments and such.

I did order something today that I am very excited about. I'll definitely do a post about it when it arrives. And, my birthday is a week from today, so I'm sure I'll something to post about then as well :) 

Monday, January 21, 2013


As I mentioned, there is a girl I was somewhat friends with in high school who's in two of my classes this semester. I thought we were out of high school now, but apparently not. 

The first time I noticed it, I had answered a couple of questions the professor was asking and she said, "I'm glad I'm sitting by you. I have no idea what she's talking about." 
I was instantly reminded of high school where people used to sit beside me so they could try to cheat off me. But I didn't think much of it.

In one of our classes, we have weekly online quizzes. I had mentioned that I had already taken mine and that it was pretty easy as long as you read the chapter. 

A couple of days later, she texts me and asks if I can "help" her with the quiz?? Seriously?? That's flat out cheating! It says in the syllabus that we're not supposed to have any outside help. 
I told her all the answers were in the book, and she started droning on about how she was confused about how the quiz worked, so she did it wrong the second time (we can take it three times). 
I told her I didn't remember the questions or answers, and she texted back saying, "Do you think if you saw it, you'd remember?" 
I told her I didn't know and she started asking when I was going to get to campus. 

I made sure to get there with only enough time to get to class so she wouldn't try to get me to help her. The quiz was going to close during our class, but we got out of class early. 

I went to the library to print the things our professor told us to print, and she sat down beside me, pulled up the quiz, and started asking me if I knew the answers??? 
She didn't even get out her book! She just wanted me to tell her the answers! 
I kept telling her I didn't know. 
If she does this again, I'm not going to be so nice. I don't like being used. 

Then, we didn't have our EDUC class on Thursday. We were supposed to do an online assignment that was open for THREE days. She texts me after the three days are up saying that she forgot to do it and was acting annoyed that I didn't somehow telepathically know I should've reminded her. 

And another time, I got to lab and didn't see her, so I chose at a lab table someone was already sitting at. When she got to class, five minutes late, she rolled her eyes because she couldn't sit next to me. Then she started asking me questions from across the room instead of asking the three other people in her group. 

What the heck do I do in this situation??? I don't like being mean to people, but I think I may end up having to be. I'm not a textbook she can hit up for information. Rant over.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rain, rain, go away. Everything is flooding today!

It has been raining ALL week here. To the point where everything was flooding, AGAIN. This happens at least once a year around here. Luckily we don't live in a flood zone. Every school in the area was either on delay or completely closed today... except where I go to college.
I posted on my Facebook that I was planning on building an arc, so I didn't drown on the way to class this morning.
I did get to try out the rainboots my dad got me for Christmas though :)

We decided to take the kids to Pump It Up because we were sick of being cooped up because of the rain. This was the first time Chris has gotten to go with us. I think he had more fun than the kids did :p And I love that place because it only costs us $6! Brentley's still free and parents are always free, so we only have to pay for Grace (for now).

The kids had a blast! Even Brentley was climbing up and sliding down on his own! He's never done that before.

After that, we went by Dick's Sporting Goods. My mom got me a North Face jacket for Christmas, but it was too big. I had gone to check for a smaller size, but they didn't have one in the colors I wanted, so I was planning on returning it and buying one online. Well, I got lucky! Someone had returned the size I needed in the color I wanted! I was able to exchange instead of having to fool with buying one online.
Chris also bought my birthday gift while we were there. It was a backpack I wanted. I know that probably sounds like a terrible gift to most of you, but I love it! I've been needing a backpack for awhile now. The one I'm using is falling apart, and this one is really nice!
(This isn't the best picture. The different shades of purple are brighter in real life). 

I think that's all the randomness I have for today lol.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I haven't gone missing!

I know it may seem like it, but I haven't. I've just been neglecting my blog :/ Sorry everyone!

I started the Spring semester this past Monday, and I'm going four days a week again, so I've been busy! One of my professors actually told me she pitied me because I am taking her class and another class at the same time. Words of encouragement right there.
Another professor told our entire class that we would have the rest of our lives with our families, but only four months in this class, so it needed to be a number one priority. I wanted to believe she was kidding, but I honestly don't believe she was.

My classes seem pretty straight forward so far. I can already tell I'm not going to like the professor of one of my classes. And it just so happens to be the hardest class I'm taking this semester. Of course.
I'll survive though.

I'm really excited about my EDUC class that I have this semester. The professor seems really nice and knowledgeable. And I'm super excited about getting to be back in a school again. Every time I have these classes where I get to work in a school, it only confirms that being a teacher is perfect for me.

I have an old friend in two of my classes. We were friends in high school, but hadn't seen each other since then. When you are lucky enough to find someone you know in your college classes though, it's like you're best friends lol. Our first class is on campus, and the other one is an hour later at a building just off campus. We have already decided that we will take turns riding with each other to our second class. We made the mistake of waiting too long the first day. We couldn't find a parking spot, had to drive back to the main campus and WALK there and back. We were like 15 minutes late for class, but the professor (the EDUC class) was nice about it thank goodness. We made sure to get there plenty early the next time lol.

But anyway, I don't know how much I'll be on. I'll try to post as much as possible over the next semester, but my New Year's resolution is to not procrastinate when it comes to school. So, while I refuse to put school before my children, it will be coming before the blog. I'll definitely post at least once a week though!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Grace's dance.

We decided to let Grace try dance. She's been asking about gymnastics some, but she seemed to enjoy dancing, too and said that she wants to go back.

She did pretty well for her first lesson. She listened to the teacher (who is very nice), and tried her best to do all the moves. At the end of class, they got to pretend to be models on a runway, and Grace was right in there with all the other girls (all of them had been there before except one) grabbing crowns and feather boas for the pretend runway lol.

Also, the other new little girl was actually a little girl that was in Grace's gymnastics class, so they kind of stuck together when the little girl was out there (she spent a good bit of the class by her mom).

She is the one in the pink headband (third one from the right in both videos).