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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rain, rain, go away. Everything is flooding today!

It has been raining ALL week here. To the point where everything was flooding, AGAIN. This happens at least once a year around here. Luckily we don't live in a flood zone. Every school in the area was either on delay or completely closed today... except where I go to college.
I posted on my Facebook that I was planning on building an arc, so I didn't drown on the way to class this morning.
I did get to try out the rainboots my dad got me for Christmas though :)

We decided to take the kids to Pump It Up because we were sick of being cooped up because of the rain. This was the first time Chris has gotten to go with us. I think he had more fun than the kids did :p And I love that place because it only costs us $6! Brentley's still free and parents are always free, so we only have to pay for Grace (for now).

The kids had a blast! Even Brentley was climbing up and sliding down on his own! He's never done that before.

After that, we went by Dick's Sporting Goods. My mom got me a North Face jacket for Christmas, but it was too big. I had gone to check for a smaller size, but they didn't have one in the colors I wanted, so I was planning on returning it and buying one online. Well, I got lucky! Someone had returned the size I needed in the color I wanted! I was able to exchange instead of having to fool with buying one online.
Chris also bought my birthday gift while we were there. It was a backpack I wanted. I know that probably sounds like a terrible gift to most of you, but I love it! I've been needing a backpack for awhile now. The one I'm using is falling apart, and this one is really nice!
(This isn't the best picture. The different shades of purple are brighter in real life). 

I think that's all the randomness I have for today lol.


  1. Geez. We had school closings and delays too, but it was because of snow and ice. It's freezing here.

    Love the boots!!

    We have a place like that around here called Jump zone. It's $12 per kid though. We don't go that much because for that price we can go to Chuck E' Cheese and get lunch.

  2. I can't believe they didn't delay your school or something. It was bad around here. Our back yard was ridiculous. It has gone down a lot, but it was pretty deep. It came up over Jessie's firepit and filled it up and more.

    Love the rain boots! Good pic.

    What a great deal, $6.00 at Pump It Up for all four of you! We seriously have to take the kids sometime. Sam is dying to see Grace. She misses seeing her on Wednesdays. She has asked about her the last 3 Wednesdays. Everytime I mention the library.

    Nice back back. Does it match your jacket? :) I know what you mean. People make fun of Jessie and me all the time because he gets me flash drives and such for holidays and birthdays.