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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun/not so fun day..

So our day started off bad.. Saturdays are our day to sleep in, so I had my alarm set for 12pm, so I could get up and get everything ready, so we could leave by 1:15 for Cayle's costume birthday party.. Well I set the alarm wrong and woke up at 12:51! I was freaking out because we had to leave in 25 minutes! But I managed to get us all out the door by 1:20, so I thought we were doing pretty good. 5 minutes late wouldn't be a big deal, but as we were driving down the interstate there were all these signs saying that the were working on a bridge and that there would be delays.. I was hoping we wouldn't hit said delays, but we did. However, this is not the bad part.. We had been sitting in traffic for a few minutes when I heard Grace making areally weird noise.. I looked in my rearview mirror (we have one of those baby mirrors so you can see their reflection), and Grace was throwing up.. not spitting up, but much more like projectile vomitting :( I immediately pulled over to the side of the road, but she just kept throwing up until we came to a complete stop. Chris jumped out of the car gagging.. I'm pretty sure I would have killed him if he threw up too lol. Anyway.. we got Grace out of her cute little costume and into her extra outfit and we got the car and car seat cleaned the best we could. That was my first experince with  real throw up (vs. spit up), but it didn't bother me at all. I was more worried about her.
We were aready over half way there so I decided to at least take Cayle his presents. But when we got there Grace was happy and smiling. She wasn't running a fever or anything, so I talked to Erica about it and she told me to bring her on in. She played at the party and had fun.
After the party we went to Chris' mom's house and threw everything in the washer, so she could have her costume back to go trunk-or-treating. Once it was washed and dried we dressed her back up and took her out to a couple of trunk-or-treats with Erica, Cayle, and Adam. She got some cand and seemed to have a good time, but she was tired on the way home so I made her a bottle with formula. She threw up all over herself again :( We pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot and repeated the process once again.

I honestly do not believe she is sick because she has not been running a fever at all and doesn't act like she doesn't feel good. She was dancing, walking, and playing in between the two incidents, and after the last one.
What I think it is is that WIC just switched her to whole milk vs. formula. But we have still been giving her both because likes to drink the formula to go to sleep and it is easier to take with us because I don't have to worry about keeping it cold. I have two theories based off this.. either switching between formula and milk is messing her up, or the milk itself is messing her up (she was on soy based formula because milk based formula messed her tummy up). Any thoughts??

Friday, October 29, 2010

I couldn't resist!

It is less than two months until Christmas! And today when we were in Wal-Mart I saw that they had their Christmas stuff out! I saw about 20 things I wanted to get, but I managed to restrain myself lol. I am just so excited about Christmas this year because it is our first year that we will have our own Christmas as a family! And I want our place to look nice because my mom and sister, and Chris' mom, step-dad, and brother are coming to our house to exchange presents Christmas afternoon. I want our place to be very Christmassy and I am going to have Christmas cookies and stuff. It is going to be a lot of fun!
I have saved plenty of money from my Pell Grant to get Christmas decorations. We still need a tree, stocking for Chris, Ollie, and me, lights for the tree, lights for our window, a family ornament, an ornament representing Grace, one representing Ollie, and possibly an ornament for Chris and an ornament for me. I also want to get a tree skirt for the tree and a wreath for our door. I'm estimating all of this to cost anywhere from $200-$300, but like I said.. Pell Grant lol.

Today I got two things..
This is going to be our tree topper :)And this is an ornament.. the mouse is holding a sign that says "New Home" and the acorn says 2010. I thought it was cute.

I also found this..

It is going to be my journal for Grace. After the first year I am not going to keep such detailed accounts of things like I do now, but I still want to write about it, and possibly put some pics in. I am just not going to do a scrapbook every year. I will have a scrapbook for all the Christmas's and a school book (like Brittany has and I want lol. What exactly are they called?) for Grace, and this to remember all the other special moments. I thought it was really pretty and it was only $10! I was excited. I wasn't going to get it, but Chris was like "Hun, you should get it. You may not find another one like this." It was sweet that he actually cared.

Also, my friends Haley and Ashley came over today. They are pretty much the only true friends I have who don't have babies, but they LOVE Grace. They are so good with her and such great friends! Anyway.. Haley goes to Chatt State, and today Maci (from Teen Mom) did a hit and run on the Chatt State campus, and MTV suppossedly convinced her to run!! What is wrong with people? MTV just wants to show some drama, and apparently the fame has gone to Maci's head so much that she thinks she's above he law?
This will tell you more about it if you are interested..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Festival :)

We just got back from the halloween festival at my school. It was small, but I think that was good for Grace because as soon as we got hom she crashed in my lap lol. She really seemed to enjoy it though :)

Grace in her rose costume :)
Grace and I won the "cupcake" walk.
Grace and Chris were fishing for candy :)
Chris was helping Grace in the sack race.
Grace was doing the bean bag toss.
Grace had fun walking around for a minute after we were done with all the activities.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hospital trip :(:(:(

So today when I got home from school Grace was asleep, and Chris said she had been really fussy and sleeping a lot today.. Then when she woke up she just started screaming. It sounded likshe was hurt, but at first I figured she just didn't get all her sleep out, so I tried giving her a bottle, rocking her, playing with her, laying down in my bed.. nothing worked. She screamed for 30 minutes straight so Chris and I decided to take her to the hospital. She screamed the whole way there, and by time we got there my nerves were so rattled that I was shaking when I was trying to sign her in, and I was about to cry. I was terrified that something was horribly wrong! I have never heard her scream like this before. She screamed herself to sleep after fifteen minutes in the waiting room, which of course we were the star attraction of lol. After about 30 minutes we got called back for them to take her weight and temperature. I had to wake her up when I put her on the scale, and she didn't understand why I was putting her down so she kept trying to get up. When it got her weight it said 17 lbs 5 oz. My heart sank.. I looked at the doctor and said "She weighed over 22 pounds before. She has lost five pounds!" He said we should double check.. she kept trying to get up so I kept having to grab her, and it was messing up the weight. Finally we got it.. 22.5 lbs :) Stupid scale.. scaring the crap out of me. Only the worst stuff could make babies lose five pounds like that.
But anyway.. her temp was a little elevated.. 99.4.. but not much, and after she had her little nap she seemed to be her happy self again, so I just knew that they were going to try to tell me that she was upset because she was tired or hungry or something, but knew something was wrong. My motherly instinct was kicking in lol. They sent us back to the waiting room and Grace was walking around and playing. They called us back about 45 minutes later, and the doctor started checking everything out.. low and behold.. Grace has a middle ear infection in her right ear. I knew something was wrong. I am just glad they didn't try to blow me off because I have had doctors do that before. They are giving her some antibiotics, and said she should be better in plenty of time for her party :) She is sleeping peacefully in my lap right now. Poor little thing must have been hurting really bad earlier. She has had a little cold, but I didn't think anything of it because that is nothing new for her.

Also, one of my cousins isn't going to be able to make it to her party, but she sent her a present and we got it today :)

It's the potty I wanted for her :) I don't think she is ready yet, but when she is we will have it :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Carved our pumpkins :)

We got our pumpkins yesterday and we carved them today. We each had one of our own.. Grace had a small oneand Chris and I had big ones. We got one of those pumpkin carving kit/books from Wal-Mart. It had pumpkn carving tools and patterns for different designs. Grace loved "helping" us carve the pumpkins. She even tasted it a few times lol.

Grace picking her pumpkins:

Grace playing in the pumpkin goo lol.

Chris' pumpkin (of course he picked a scary on lol)

My pumpkin (I wanted mine to be a nice pumpkin lol)

Grace's pumpkin (I wanted to pick something cute for her, it didn't come out so well though. It's supposed to be an owl on a tree branch)

It was a lot of fun doing these :) I just love this time of year! We are going to my schools halloween festival on Thursday. They have games and costume contests. It's going to be fun!

Also, Grace slept in her own bed all night again last night :):):) I'm so proud of her! 8 days until her birthday and 11 days until her party :):) Can't wait!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teaching Grace..

I am not really sure what the right age to start introducing body parts is, but about a week ago I started really trying to teach Grace some of her body parts. I started with two of the easiest ones.. the tummy and the nose, and already, if I say "tummy" or "where's your tummy?" She will pat her tummy! It is so cute! I was going to take a video, but my camera was dead. I will post one as soon as I get it :) We are still working on the nose lol.
Also, Grace knows how to drink through a straw. She was a natural at it. I don't know how she knew to suck, but she just did it, and has been doing it ever since.

And good news.. we have been making proress in her sleeping in her own bed. I really don't mind her sleeping in our bed, but Chris has never liked it (I'm sure you can guess the reasons lol), and now that Grace is getting bigger and getting to where she likes to sprawl out at night it is getting harder for me to sleep because I am so squished, so we came up with a plan. We put her bed in our room (for now), so she can get used to it.. I put her to sleep in it every night and she will usually sleep 4-5 hours straight (she has never been a good sleeper, so this is good for her), and then she wants to get in our bed. But hey, it's a start! I am hoping that she will continue to get used to sleeping in it, and eventually be able to sleep for longer periods of time and not want to get in our bed. Once we have achieved this we are going to move her bed back to her bed room. We have been doing this for about a week now, and it's getting easier every night, so wish us luck!
She just fell asleep in the floor lol, so I am off to put her in HER bed :)

UPDATE: Grace slept through the night last night in her own bed!!!! That is her first time ever sleeping through the night :):):)

Friday, October 22, 2010

More on Grace's birthday..

So, I have been talking to this lady on Facebook.. she is an aspiring professional photographer, and the pics she has posted on her facebook look pretty good. She asked me if I wanted her to come take pics at Grace's party. She only charges $15, and she takes 100-200 pictures, and gives you the cd of all of them when she is done. The more I was thinking about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. I can focus on Grace's party and not have to worry about making sure I get pics of everything. So, I think I am going to have her come do that. Does it sound like a good or bad idea to you guys?

Also, this is for Brittany lol..
This is her birthday dress :)

The lighting is a little off, but still, it's pretty lol.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Thank you Jessica, Kaedyn, Charleigh, Drew, and little Ellanoa! We got your package today :) I hope you don't mind.. I went ahead and let Grace open it because she was too excited. She wanted in it so bad lol. Also, the card was beautiful! I will definitely put it in Grace's baby book :)
Also, I loved reading your note :) Sorry mine wasn't hand written.. you wouldn't have been able to read it if I did lol. I am cursed with being left handed, and my hand writing is awful! Lol.

Anyway.. Grace loves the Wheel Pal!! She also loved opening it! She thought the bow looked yummy lol.

Thank you guys so much!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One of the saddest things I have witnessed..

So today we were sitting in the living room, and Crystal and Andy were up from downstairs.. I noticed this bright light on the trees outside the window. At first I just thought it was a car coming in, but the light didn't move so I looked out the window and to my surprise there was a cop car blocking our drive way and two fire trucks parked outside the house next door. Being the nosy neighbors we are Crystal and I walked outside with the babies, and we were watching from in front of our apartment. At first we thought their house had caught on fire, but then something completely unexpected happened.. the police started arresting the 14 year old boy who lives in the house and his friend. They put them both in a separate cop car and started testing something and picking things up out of the yard.. we were sort of confused as to what was going on. By this time the whole neighborhood was gathering around, and Crystal's mom came outside. She said she would go talk to the boys dad (they are friends) when everything died down. Finally the cops took the boys away, and the dad that lives in the house walked over to Crystal's mom and started explaining what happened.. this is where the sad part comes in.. he looked absolutely broken. I have never seen someone look as sad as this man did. He said that his son had been in trouble before, and was already on probation, and even had a court date tomorrow morning.. and tonight while his dad was at work, the boy and his two friends (one hasn't been caught yet) poured gas on the street and set it on fire, then took a rolling tv stand, poured gas on it, and rolled it down the street, and I suppose that wasn't enough so they started making malatof (sp?) cocktails and throwing them into the street. I guess someone called the police on them, and it turns out the boys had videod it all! The cops called the poor man and told him his son was in a lot of trouble and that he needed to come let them search the house. The guy is a single dad who works at waffle house, and now he has to have this happen to him.. I really can't explain it, but the look on his face was enough to make me want to cry for him. He just kept saying "He really is a good kid when he wants to be. I don't know what comes over him sometimes." And the tone in his voice was so distant, and his eyes seemed glazed over. Now the poor guy is sitting all alone in the house. It leaves me feeling depressed.
The even sadder part.. they are charging the boys as adults.. some sort of bomb concocting, and it is a felony. Supposedly the LEAST he can get is 3 years, and as many as 22 years. It is just such a sad story. I see now how sheltered I really have been before this. I knew things like this happened, but I never realized how much it affected the ciminals families.

I really hope that I am capable of instilling the values into Grace that will keep her away from that life style. I cannot imagine watching my child being carried away in hand cuffs, and knowing that she was going to be gone for at least three years.. it would feel so empty, and I would feel so empty. I really feel fo this man. I don't kow his name, but I think that he and his son need our prayers. I know that I will be praying for them.

Lots of Fall/Halloween left :)

It's only 11 days until Halloween, and we still have lots of Halloween things left to do!
We made halloween cookies last night, and I am making a halloween cake tonight :)
On Sunday, Chris and I are taking Grace to a big produce stand that has a whole section for pumpkins. It sort of looks like a pumpkin patch, so we are going to pretend it is one since they are all so far away lol. We are going to get som pumpkins there and carve them :)
Then, the next Saturday is Cayle's costume birthday party!! Completely halloween themed :)
After his party we are going to take Grace to our local mall.. they are having a trick-or-treat thing from 6-8, so it'll be fun :)
Then the next day is halloween! We are going to take Grace and Ollie (and possibly my sister) to several trunk-or-treats in the area. I know of three for sure, and I am trying to find more..Brittany do you know of any? I know there is one at Ringgold First Baptist, one on Ooltewah-Ringgold Rd, and one at the church in front of Wal-Mart.. any others you can think of?
Then on Grace's birthday we are going to have her Halloween/Birthday pics done.

Speaking of her birthday.. 2 weeks from today my baby girl will be one!! Gosh that FLEW by so fast!!
I have almost everything together for her birthday. I still need to get the balloon and banner that they were out of, but everything else is finalzed :) I really can't wait!! It is going to be so much fun!
Her birthday week has been changed a little due to the fact that I am going to have to work on Friday, and Playworld isn't open on Wedesday's (which if you saw the unseen moments ep of Teen Mom.. Maci had Bentley in Playworld lol). So we decided that on her birthday we are going to take her to get her pictures done and then take her to eat at Shogun. And I am going to make her a small cupcake cake, and let her open a couple of her presents :)
Then, Thursday we are going to take her to Playworld when I get off from school.
Friday we are goingto set up for her party because we get the key that day, and then I am going to go to work.
Then of course Saturday is her party!! (I sent out her invites, so if you haven't gotten them yet you should be any day now).
And then Sunday after church we are going to take her to the Creative Discovery Museum (with the free tickets we got from Parents As Teachers lol). It is going to be a busy, but FUN week!
I can't believe my little girl is already turning one!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A fun weekend :)

Yesterday Chris and I got our hair cut. When I was getting mine done Grace started crying everytime the lady put te scissors to my hair. I guess she thought the lady was hurting me.. it was pitiful! Then we took Grace to my moms because she agreed to watch her while we went to Lake Winnie (an amusement park near where we live). I kept thinking about her the whole time we were there and wishing that she was there, but she really isn't big enough to ride anything yet, so I tried to have. We really had an awesome time! We rode a lot of rides, but we rode the roller coasters the most. I am terrified of heights! So the first time we were in line for one I was shaking.. but after the first time I was fine. However, I refused to ride the Ozone.. it's a ride that takes you 50 feet in the air, and then drops you straight down! I have rode it before and last time I rode it I had a panic attack. That is the only panic attack I have ever had, and I don't plan on having anymore, so I refused to ride it lol. It was a really fun night though :)

Then today we went to church, which is always fun, then we went to buy Grace's party decorations! I was going to get the "One-derful" decorations, but when I was looking the princess ones were cheaper and they were really cute to, so I figured, since I am going all out with her cake, that I would get the princess decorations.

(I got more decorations than this.. this is just to show what they look like).

And I have been talking to the lady about her cake. She said she would be happy to make it and she is going to work with me to make it look like the decorations, an Grace is also going to get a matching smash cake :)
I also got a bear that everyone can sign who comes to her party, a huge bib (to hopefully keep the cake off her pretty birthday dress) that matches the decorations, and this for her to wear with her birthday dress.
Only 3 weeks until her party!!

And then we went to the Rock City Enchanted Corn Maize... it was ehh.. (Erica you didn't miss anything). However, Brittany, Brittany I did see your mom, aunt, and Brennon lol. I really didn't enjoy it though.. It was HOT.. it is not supposed to be hot in the middle of October! And the path was really rocky, so Grace didn't like riding in her stroller (which she usually loves), and it was REALLY dusty! I had to take a shower when I got home to get all the dust off me, and I'm pretty sure my shoes are ruined :( Anyway.. after we found our way out of the corn maize with a very unhappy baby we went over to the "paint a pumpkin" tent. Grace didn't really understand what she was supposed to be doing, so she didn't really like it, but she still did one. The top pic is of the entrance to the maize.. the "corn" was made out of Mayfield milk jugs. I thought it was a really neat idea! The second pic is of Grace at he beginning of the maize before she realized that it was too long ad bumpy. The third pic is of Chris on the bridge trying to figure out which way we were supposed to go. The fourth pic is of me helping Grace paint her pumpkin. And the last pic is of our pumpkins when they were finished. Mine is on the left, Grace's is in the middle, and Chris' is on the right.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My little girl has a personality!

I realized that I haven't been posting many pics lately, so I went through and found some of my favorites. She is starting to show her personality so well!

Grace is really starting to like Ollie! And he is so good with her! He is just a good dog in general :)

She has discovered that you can sit on this. The other day she was trying to, and she somehow got stuck standing on the neck LOL! But she has since figured it out (But she is not tall enough to get on the seat yet). She is so smart :)  

Grace has discovered that she loves watcing Barney while sittng in her chair. This is a daily occurence for us now. She is amazed by Barney!

I just like this picture! You can't see it here, but she has 7 teeth now :)

Like father like daughter. She thought she was playing the game with her daddy lol. And she has completely taken over his gaming chair. If he sits in it she will push him out lol.

This is her in her fur coat. She LOVES this thing lol.

And here are the adventures of Grace an Andy (the little boy from down stairs).

(Top): They both crawled on top of Chris's gaming chair and they were playing there.
(Bottom): Grace led Andy behind the couch (we were watching them the whole time, so they weren't in danger), it was just so funny!

On Sunday, we are going to take Grace to a pumpkin patch with Erica, Adam, and Cayle. I love going places with them because Erica is my best friend, Adam and Chris really like each other, and Grace and Cayle really love playing together, so I know it will be fun! I will definitely post pics when I have them :)
On Saturday, Chris and I are going on our first date in forever. We are going to go to Lake Winnie (a local amusement park). They are having a special halloween thing this year, and I haven't gotten to go for two years because last year I was pregnant (no since in paying if you can't ride anything), and this year we just haven't gotten to do much, but my mom agreed to watch Grace, so we get to go!

Monday, October 11, 2010

OMG I am sooooo angry!

I have talked about the girl I met at school several times on here.. the one that has two children.. well just recently we started sitting next to each other and talking everyday in my English class. Right now weare working on an essay that covers a movie. We could pick from 41 movies, and we both ended up picking Shutter Island. For our opening assignment to the essay we were supposed to make a list of all the things that make or break a movie.. like the things a movie would have to have or not have, and give a summary of the movie we picked and tell whether or not we liked it. I did mine and I had it with me, but she didn't have hers.. she asked me if she could see mine so she could see how to do it. I didn't think there was any harm in that, so I let her look at it. When she was done she handed it back to me she told me that she really liked it. I didn't think anything of it though.
Today our first draft of the essay was due.. and we do a thing called peer review where we exchange papers and give each other helpful hints and point out any grammar errors..
She traded papers with me, and I just got through reading hers.... she copied things from my first assignment!!! Four different paragraphs!
For example:

This is a segment from my opening assignment..
"I love watching a movie that has music, either with lyrics or without, that fits with what is happening in the scene. For me, it allows me to connect to the movie better. Like when I am watching a scary movie and there is suspenseful music in the background it draws me in because I know something scary is fixing to take place. However, I do not like music does not fit the scene. I find it unnecessary and distracting from the movie."

And this is taken from the first draft of her essay..
"Every movie needs music that fits with the scene. A love movie needs the romantic music, and a scary movie needs music to make yor pulse race with the doom of what comes next. Without music to fit the scene of the film it becomes dull and not interesting."

Another example:

From my opening assignment..
"This is not a major concern for me, but for a movie to be an absolute favorite it cannot contain bloopers. Like when a man has dirt on his arm and the camera switches away, and then it goes back to him and there is no longer dirt on his arm, or when a person is standing in one position and the camera switches to show them from behind and the person is standing in another position, but then the camera switches back to a view from the front and the person is back in the original position. This shows poor quality to me."

From her first draft..
"Another thing that makes the film dull is the bloopers. Whenever I watch a movie where the character is saying one thing, but when you read their lips something completely different is said. Whenever I see that it loses my attention"

Another example:

"If a movie has a character that is supposed to be a strong man, but is played by a relatively small man (usually because he is a popular actor at the time), or if a character is supposed to be a teenager, but the actor or actress is obviously not a teenager, these types of things make the movie seem awkward to me. "

"What about the characters themselves? They must fit the part. If youplay a strong man you should look the part."
----Almost word for word!

Last example:

"I own over one-hundred movies, and I have seen many more movies than that, so movies have become pretty predictable to me. A scary movie will have a couple of the main characters die, but the star will usually live. In a love story the couple will have some sort of relationship turmoil and then resolve it and presumably live happily ever after. For a movie to become one of my favorites it must go beyond the traditional movie and surprise me in some way. If a movie can do this it can quickly become a favorite of mine."

"Most films are so predictive almost always you can guess what will happen next. A good film keeps you guessing... but guessing wrong. It should keep you on the edge of your seat."

Am I just over reacting? Or does it seem like she stole my stuff?? We only had to have four criteria in our opening assignment and she used all four of the same ones I wrote about. It just seems like too much to be a coincidence to me..
I don't know what to do.. do I tell the teacher? I don't want to get her in trouble, but I don't want him thinking that I wrote it for her or told her what to write..
Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do about this? And please tell me if you think I am over reacting..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet Ollie!

We got him!! He is so cute and sweet. Grace likes him.. she will look at him and say "hey" and smile. It's so cute! And of course Chris is just in love, and I really like him too. He hasn't been around Grace much yet, so I hope he is good with her, but so far he has been nothing but loving.
We spent $80 on him today! We got him a bed (what he's laying on in the pic), and a halloween costume (he is going to be a purple dragon lol) that we didn't really have to get, but we wanted him to feel welcome, and I want to take him trunk-or-treating lol. And then we got him food, a food and water bowl, shampoo, a pack of toys, and a new collar.. all things he needed.
He really like his bed! I'm glad we got it :) He also likes car rides lol.
Also, the lady gave us a leash and the shirt he is wearing in the post I wrote about him before. So he has two outfits lol.
I am so glad we got him! I didn't think I would like having a dog this much, but I really do :)
He is a new addition to our little family :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

We're getting a dog!!

We have been looking at dogs on craigslist.. Grace was playing with the dog downstairs a few das ago and she loved it! So we started looking for some free ones on craigslist and I think we found the perfect dog!

This was the post on craigslist
"Very sweet and loveable jack russell mix. He is about a year and a half old. He is well mannered and house trained. He is been altered. He weighs about 30 lbs. So he is a little larger than a pure jack russell but has many similar features. He gets along well with kids and other dogs but I have never had him around cats. I am forced to get rid of him due to my allergies. He is an inside dog and I only want him to go somewhere that he will remain primarily an inside dog."

He is perfect! He's young, not a huge dog, already neutered, good with kids, house trained, an inside dog (perfect for our apartment), and is free to a good home.

This is a picture..
He is so cute! And he wears clothes lol.
We are going to meet the lady tomorrow at Pets-Mart! I can't wait!!!

The worst nightmare ever!

Oh gosh.. I really hope I don't start having these often.. at least once a week when I was pregnant I would dream that I had miscarried or delivered Grace wayyyy to early.. which of course meant I lost her. And my dreams always feel so real. I often wonder if I am even normal because when I wake up it sometimes takes me a moment to realize none of it really happened.
Anyway.. last night I dreamt that I was sleeping and when I woke up Chris told me that Grace had died! Oh it was just awful. All I could do was cry in the dream. I cannot imagine losing my baby girl, but the dream was so real. When I woke up I had to role over and make sure she was there (yes we co-sleep and that is how I like it). I really hope I don't start having dreams like that once a week like I did when I was pregnant. It is just too much to handle!
Funny note though.. Brittany, in the dream I texted you to tell you and you told me to get some alcohol to make the pain go away lol.
If I ever lost Grace I would probably just go crawl in a hole and never come out. I feel for anyone who has lost a child. I have never felt the pain of losing anyone close, but that dream showed me how painful it can be.

Good note.. I have her scrap/baby-book caught up to date finally! Only three major events left to put in it. trip to the pumpking patch, halloween, and everything that happens in her birthday week. Because I am going to end it after her first birthday party. After that I will just be doing holidays and special events/milestones.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I was looking for a gamer chair to get Chris for his birthday and I found one on ebay that you could bid for. The good ones are $70 at least, but the bidding started at $9.99 for this one so I figured I try it. I have never used ebay before, but I won! I got it for $41. I know that is not $10, but it is a lot better than $70! I went ahead and told him about it because it will be here next week and there is not really anywhere to hide it here. He is super excited! I promised him I would take him to eat on his birthday so we will still celebrate.

I also found Grace a couple of medium size wheel pals for he birthday. I got her a bug and the purple elephant. I think they must have quit making them because I could only find those two and one other, but it had been played with and it was all scuffed up and dirty, so I didn't get it. If anyone is looking for a birthday present for Grace and you find any of the medium size (possiby the biggest size?) please get them! She loves them!

Also, Grace's halloween cosume arrived! But not without hassle. I preordered the costume on They told me that it would definitely be there in time for halloween. Well I didn't want to risk it because I kept checking back and they never had any in stock, so I started shopping around and I found the same costume on and they has it in stock. I had to pay $3 more dollars on that website, but I think it was worth it to insure that we had it before halloween. It's really cute! They messed up the sowing in one part, but it's not very noticable, so I am trying not to let it make me upset lol.

Oh and Jessika, I mailed your package today! I'm guessing it will be there sometime next week :) I hope you like it!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just a year ago..

Tomorrow will be Oct. 3rd, and that means only one month until Grace turns one!! It all went by so fast! It really seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant.
I didn't have this blog when I was pregnant, so I wanted to talk about it a little bit..
I found out I was pregnant in March of 2009. I was in complete denial. I was two weeks late, and still "didn't think I was pregnant" so Chris bought the test and made me take it lol. You know how the results are supposed to take like 3 minutes to appear? Well mine instantly said positive, yet I thought maybe the test was wrong lol.  I took another one, which said positive too. There was no denying it. I as terrified.. not for myself, but for my baby. I wanted to be able to give my baby everything in life, and I knew that wasn't going to be easy as a teenager. I hadn't even graduated, still lived with my mom, and didn't have a stable job. However, I knew I was going to do the best I could for my child. It would take a lot of sacrifices, growing up, and hard work, but I was determined to be a good mother and give my child everything I could.
And now here I am :) I hae done better than I ever imagined I would. I am so glad I am able to provide a good life for my daughter!

Here are some pics from my pregnancy..

My little peanut! This was my first ultrasound at 10 weeks and she was only the size of a peanut :)
This is from my second ultrasond.. I don't remember what week it was.. it's in her baby book, but I don't have it with me. However, this is where we found out she was a girl!

These are from my 4D ultrasound at 28 weeks!

 And this is from my last ultrasound. I was 30-something weeks, so she was a little crapmed in there.

This is where Chris painted my tummy for halloween :) Grace's true first halloween costume lol.
I was 8 months here.
Not sure how far along.. but I like this one :)
I was six months here.
Only 4 and a half months here.. I didn't start reall showing until six months along.
And this is when I went into the hospital. Chris kept taking pictures of me lol. But this is the last pic I have of me when I was pregnant. Not to long after this little Grace was born!

Sort of random note.. when I was pregnant I only missed school when I had doctors appointments and I even tried to schedule my appointments for after school so I wouldn't miss if I could. And if I did have an appointment during school I would go to school when my appointment was over. On last weeks episode of Teen Mom I heard Catelynn say that her and Tyler missed a lot of school because she was pregnant. For starters.. I don't see how that is an excuse for Tyler at all! He was not pregnant. And for Catelynn.. I think being pregnant is only an excuse if you want it to be. Catelynn never had any issues with her pregnancy as we saw on her episode of 16 & Pregnant, so she really has no excuse. She didn't even have to prepare for her child, so she didn't have towork extra hours or anything.
Also, I do not believe that they didn't know they weren't going to graduate. I could see if they were both only one credit behind because of failing a class the last semester or something, but they were six credits behind! That is a whole years worth of class of they go by periods, and over a year if they go by blocks! There is no way they didnt know.

Also, Amber is being investigated by CPS for neglect and the Madison County Police Department for domestic abuse! The police department is also thinking of charging the producers of Teen Mom with failure to report a crime because they have had that footage for so long and done nothing about it, and I agree with that decision, but anyway.. finally somethingis being done about Amber!!