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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well this is it..

Tomorrow at 9:40 am we will be finding out the sex of our precious baby :)

Christopher Brentley for a boy.

and believe it or not I actually got Chris to discuss girl names a little..

Elianna for a girl (except we don't know if we want to spell it Ellianna, Elianna, or Elliana.. help! We want it to be El-ee-AN-na, not El-ee-AH-na, which one do you guys think conveys that the most)..
I really like Elianna Carsynn, but Chris says he isn't thrilled with Carsynn..

Still hoping for little Mr. Christopher Brentley though.. fingers crossed!!

Also, Brittany and Jessika, I was thinking that I could send you guys a message on facebook tomorrow, so it will still be private, but you guys don't have to wait until Saturday.. You just have to PROMISE you won't say a word until after the party :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well this just makes me mad...

I can handle random women at my work rolling their eyes, and people thinking I must be a slut, but I CANNOT handle this.

My 17 year old boy cousin just texted me this..

"Y r u guys having another baby? ISN'T 1 ENOUGH RIGHT NOW! HAHA. THIS IS RIDICULOUS."

No I didn't accidentally hit cap locks, that is the way he sent it.

For starters, I am not even close to this kid. I talk to him at family events, and the only reason we have each other's numbers was because that was how I got ahold of my nana before she got a cell phone. Obviously we aren't close if he is just now finding out I'm pregnant. Like seriously?? My own blood is going to say something like that to me?  My mom, dad, and nana are all fine with this because they know that I can handle it, and yet I have some immature kid who's not even out of high school yet judging me? And might I mention that he's failing almost all of his classes in high school when I am making straight A's in college with my babies. I'd like to see him do that!

I gave him a piece of my mind, and he texted back "O okay. Well if u can afford another 1 than thats cool." Then he started rambling about how it needs to be a boy and be born in the summer because we have too many fall birthdays in the family. Seriously?? You are going to act all nice now. If you have no clue what you are talking about maybe you should ask me about it first. Especially if you are my family. I mean he obviously doesn't know when the baby is due.. it IS due in summer, so I would imagine it would be born in the summer.

I don't know, it just annoys me because he could have gone about it so much differently. I expect stuff like that from people I don't know, but not from someone in my family.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A day in the life..

of a mom with a hyperactive child..

After about the 1000th time of dancing to "I Love You" and cleaning up milk that Grace deliberatly dumped out of her cup, I decided it was time to make dinner. So I figure out what I'm going to make, and I open up the drawer with the pots and pans. I get the pan out I need, but of course I can't close it because Grace is already digging through it. She pulled out every single pot and pan, then decided one of them looked like a good seat, so she set in it with her stuffed dog while I was cooking lol. I wanted to get a pic, but couldn't find my camera.
Once dinner was done I sat her one the couch with some mashed potatoes. She is normally really good about eating mashed potatoes on her own because they stick to the spoon. While she was eating I decided I would clean up the pots and pans, and the rest of the kitchen. It took me like 5 five minutes, but when I walked back in the living room I suppose Grace had decided that the mashed potatoes looked more fun to play in than eat.. both her and the couch were covered!
So I take her and put her in the bath tub. I walked out to clean the couch off. It took me literally a minute, but somehow my wonderful daughter had managed to soak the bathroom floor! Lol. So I proceed to clean the mashed potatoes off of her while she proceeds to soak me as well.
While I am cleaning up our new lake of a bathroom she brings me a bag of Reece's Pieces. I open them, and we walk to the kitchen. She sits down in the kitchen floor (where she can see Barney still) to eat them, so I decide to sweep the living room while it is vacant. I have my back turned to her and what do I hear? Well...

You get the idea lol.
It is never ending with this girl! She is always into something lol.
Thank goodness I'm getting the next couple of days off.. I'm not supposed to be, but I'm playing hooky lol. Tomorrow one of my classes was cancelled and I don't feel like driving 20 miles there for one class and then turning right around and driving 20 miles back, plus the notes for the class I'm going to miss are online. Then the next day Chris has a dentist appointment, so we need the car to take him there. One class I don't mind missing because I have made OVER a 100 on everything I have done in there, and in the other class I have a friend who is going to email me the notes. So it's not going to hurt me to miss these next two days, and it will give me time to get everything together for the party :)

Speaking of my wild child.. this is what she is currently doing..
It is pouring down rain outside. The hole was already there when we moved in, and it fascinates her. She tries to stick her toys out all the time. Ohh and the hole is not in the window.. the window is open and the hole is in the screen.

Then she was licking her wet hand :p

She never fails to make me laugh :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

I forgot to tell you guys about this..

This past Friday at work I had my first experience with an ignorant person so far during my pregnancy. I'm not really showing yet, so not many people know I'm pregnant.. that's probably the only reason I haven't had any other experiences.

So I'm sitting there doing my job (selling tickets), and a woman walks up who comes every week. She was buying her ticket, and she asked how my baby was doing (I've worked there since I was 15, so I went through my entire pregnancy with Grace while working there) and then she asked how I was. As I was handing her the ticket I told her we were expecting another baby. She looked at me, rolled her eyes, and walked off. I'm just sitting there thinking really?? She doesn't even know my name, much less what type of person I am. I hate that people see my age and I'm instantly put in the class with Jenelle, Chelsea, and Amber.
Ohh well, I knew it would happen eventually. It made me mad at the time, but now I just laugh at how ignorant that lady is. I am a good mother and she has no right to judge me when she knows nothing about me.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I told Chris' mom two weeks ago when our gender party would be. She works with her cousin, and has a high up position. It would have been EASY for her to get off work for a couple of hours on a Saturday, but what does she say today? She "thinks she has to work, so now we can tell her on Friday." Seriously?? Does she really think I'm that stupid? It's so obvious that she doesn't want to come to the party on Saturday just so she can find out what the baby is on Friday.. Well she's wrong. I'm not going to tell her on Friday because she cannot keep anything quiet.. it will be all over facebook in five minutes if we tell her. So she's only hurting herself.. she's going to miss out on the party and have to wait until Saturday to find out.. Ohh well, it's her loss. So far I know my mom, dad, sister, brother, Erica, Cayle, and Adam are coming. My nana, mom's friend, and Chris' cousin might also be coming. It just really bothers me that she tries to pull this stuff. Chris thinks it's fine.. yeah, she may actually have to work, but she has had plenty of time to ask for a couple of hours off on a day she's not supposed to be there anyway! She doesn't normally go in on Saturdays. I mean we do get along a lot better now, but she still tries to manipulate everything in her favor. I figure I'll try to convince Chris that to be fair to everyone, we'll call her when we are fixing to bite into the cupcakes and she can find out with everyone else. This was really important to me, and I am not going to let her ruin it for me.

Side note about Easter.. Walmart is officially my favorite place ever!! Our Walmart has an isle devoted to building a basket, but we have pretty much decided we are not doing a basket for Grace this year. We have 70, yes 70, eggs, so we are just going to fill all of those and let that be her presents. So I  raided that isle at Walmart I got four bracelets, two head bands, a pack of four rings with bubbles in them, and 60 eggs for $12!! I was also at my mom's the other day.. I don't know if you guys remember those Livestrong bands that were the craze a few years ago.. well Gracce already had two of my old ones and she loves them, so when I was at my mom's I searched to see if I could find anymore of my old ones.. I found four! Plus I found a watch I think Grace will like, so I'm going to put those things in the eggs too. At this point we have enough stuff to fill about 15 eggs, so we still have a long way to go. I still want to look for some more pretend jewelry (preferrably necklaces), and I want to get her some M&M's and Reece's Pieces to put in them as well. I plan on going to the Dollar Tree to look for some more pretend jewelry. If anyone knows any other place that has good egg stuffers please let me know! I'm thinking maybe Target might have some stuff.. has anyone browsed their Easter stuff yet?

UPDATE: I just bought her these mini Easter rubber ducks (she LOVES rubber ducks) for $5 on Ebay.
They will fit in the bigger eggs I got her, so that covers about 20 eggs.. only 50 more to go :p

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A good weekend..

Erica and I went out for her brithday yesterday. We went to the mall and got our nails done. I love getting my nails done, and if I could afford it I would always have them done, but that money could be better spent on Grace, so I'll stick to special occasions. After we got our nails done we went to Olive Garden. I have been craving their salad for about a month now. It made the baby very happy! After that we did a little shopping.. we went in a craft store called Michael's, and I started feeling dizzy again. I am really glad I have a doctor's appointment soon because I had just ate, so I shouldn't have been getting dizzy.

Speaking of my doctor's appointment.. my gender party keeps growing! Supposedly Chris's mom has invited one of her friends, my mom invited her friend and my nana, and my dad invited two of my aunts! This was supposed to be small lol. Best friends and close family. I don't think my aunts are coming though, and I don't know about the rest of them. I don't mind having a lot of people, but that means we have to buy more food, and we don't have a lot of room for all those people, so we'll see how it goes. I'm planning on having the cupcakes, pigs in a blanket, drinks, and chips and dip. I also made a few signs for decorations, and I'm going to get some blue streamers (we already have pink streamers). This wasn't meant to be a big thing, so I'm not going all out with decor or anything. I'll have pictures with the post when I tell you guys if it's a boy or girl.

Also, Grace's Easter head band is done!
I had it custom made to match her Easter dress. And she only wants $5 for it! I love this lady's work and prices! I am going to pick it up sometime this week :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New pictures :)

I just officially hit the 5 month mark!! I'll be a lot less anxious when I hit 20 weeks though.. miscarriage rate dirastically decreases and the baby is viable after that point.

Anyway.. These pics were from two days ago when I was 17 weeks and 3 days. I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I'm going to post both :)

We get to go back to the doctor a week from tomorrow, so I'll have more info then. For now pretty much everything is the same. I have been forcing myself to eat a little more to avoid another fainting episode. My lemon craving is gone :( I like that craving lol. Oh and it kicks everyday now. Usually late at night. Chris got to feel it for the first time on Monday night. He couldn't get over how light it was because I didn't feel Grace kick until around 22 weeks, so hers was a lot stronger!
Only 8 days until we find out!! Better get your votes in now.. BOY or GIRL??
So far on facebook it's 10 for boy and 4 for girl lol. And of course Chris and I say boy, so that's 12 for boy.

Ohh and I just thought I'd point out that I had several people tell me that because Grace was hitting all her milestones early she was making room for another, and that I would have another by the time she was two. I was always like "Oh no never!" BAHAHAHA.. proved me wrong.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Okay guys.. correct me if I'm wrong.

Chris went to work today, and since it's during the week there are different people there then there was when I was there. Apparently there is this 21 year old girl working there during the week, and Chris said she spent the last hour basically pouring her heart out to him. She told him about her jerk of an ex, and about how the guy she was interested now is acting like he's not interested in her anymore. She was telling him about how she like motorcycles and Hondas and stuff. Ohh and also how the guy she liked had a little girl, and she loved that. He also said she made it clear that she was single, and made it clear that she likes to have sex, but her ex didn't and that's why they broke up.
Ohh and the reason they started talking was because she had the password for the internet, and he asked her what it was so he could bring the computer next time. Instead of writing it down, she asked him for his number so she could "text it to him."
I tried to tell Chris that girls do not just pour their hearts out to anyone, talking about how they like sex, and asking for phone numbers, and they definitely don't spend an hour doing so.. UNLESS there is some other motive. He swears they were both just bored, but I think this girl thought he was hot, and she sees that it's going no where with this other guy, so she thinks she might see potential in Chris.
What do you guys think?

I am not jealous here.. I am just wondering if I am right, and this girl was basically hitting on him or I'm just digging too deep into this and it really was innocent.

If it wasn't innocent it sort of upsets me that a girl would act that way around someone who she knows is engaged, with one child, and another on the way.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank Goodness!

Chris is going to be the one following the lady around at the nursing home now. I just couldn't agree to do that anymore. I literally had a nightmare about that place. I was lost in there and I couldn't find my way out. Every time I opened a door there was a dead person behind it.. and they looked nasty like they were decomposing. It was one of the worst dreams I've ever had.
And now Chris is going to be doing it lol. At least the money will still be coming in because I will say it is easy money. Unfortunately that means our schedule is going to be even more busy.. We have to drop Chris off at 10 am, then I have to drop Grace off at my moms by 11:30, so I can go to school. After school I have to go pick Grace up at  3:30, and then we have 4 hours to kill before we have to go pick Chris up at 8:00 pm. We aren't sure how often he is going to be work there. probably just 2-3 days a week. At least it does fit around our schedule. We aren't having to try to find rides or anything. And I am so thankful that my mom is here for me and is willing to watch Grace. She is such a good Grammy :) And Grace loves going over there because she loves to play with my sister and her millions of toys lol. I have a feeling my mom is not going to be very happy when I tell her Grace is no longer allowed to have a bottle though. That is what gets Grace to go to sleep easy, and now she's not going to have that.

Speaking of which, Grace has not had a bottle for three days now! I am sticking to this. I realize that if I give in to her then we'll just have to go back through all of this again, and it will just make it harder on her, so I haven't given in. Unfortunately that means I am barely getting any sleep because Grace fights sleep to no end now. And she breaks my heart because she will look at me and say "ba ba" in this pitiful little voice. I just keep telling her we don't have that anymore. I will also give her a sippy cup.. that helps some, but for the most part we just have to wait it out until she is too exhausted to keep her eyes open anymore. I've tried everything.. rocking her, laying down with her, laying her down and patting her (that worked once, but didn't work last night). I know several of you have gone through this already.. any suggestions for how to make this process easier on us??

Monday, March 21, 2011

I feel like a horrible mom..

Okay, I know I'm posting AGAIN lol, but I have watched The Business of Being Born and Pregnant in America.. I am now DETERMINED to have a natural birth.. no drug intervention what-so-ever. If I had the money I would be finding a midwife and having a home birth. Unfortunately none of that is covered by insurance, so I won't be able to do that.

Unless there is a true medical reason that we have proof of I will NOT be induced. 50% of women who are induced end up having a c-section. 50%!!!
I feel so manipulated and used.. There was NOTHING wrong with me or Grace, but they said that she could die if I waited.. who is going to hear that and think "ohh I'll wait anyway." They played the baby in jeopardy card on me and she wasn't even in jeopardy! And then I thought 6 am was just a normal time for them to induce women.. well it is a normal time, but it's a normal time because they expect to have the baby out within 12 hours which mean they normally get to go home for dinner!! Ohh and they never schedule an induction or c-section on a weekend unless it's an emergency.. it's all about the doctor's lives. They don't give a crap about what you want.
I never knew that they would give a woman pitocin even if she wasn't induced. If her labor isn't going fast enough for them they will speed it up with pitocin!! It's just crazy.. there is no need for that at all. And looking back now I actually think that's what they did to me. I was 3 cms and 100% percent effaced. I went to the hospital to receive cervadil and pitocin, and I was already having contraction on my own.. strong enough contraction that they never gave me the cervadil, and by the time they came to give me the pitocin I had already dilated another cm. I think I was in labor all on my own (and I was feeling nothing. It was amazing). Then they had to come intervene because I guess 1 cm over night wasn't satisfactory for them, and like these movies say.. once they intervene once it's a domino effect. Next came the epidural. I honestly think I could have done it naturally because I wasn't even feeling a thing at 4 cms!

95% of home birth are 100% successful, and the other 5% generally make it to the hospital before anything get lifes threatening.. Only 53% of hospital births are 100% successful!! Basically half of all hospital births end in some sort of intervention.. vaccuum, forcepts, c-section, etc. It is just crazy!!! If I had know all this before I had Grace I NEVER would have agreed to induced when nothing was wrong.

At least my hospital was smart enough to use pitocin, which is an FDA approved induction drug. Some hospitals are using a drug called Cytotec because it's a lot cheaper than pitocin.. do you know why it's cheaper?? It's NOT FDA approved for the induction of labor.. as a matter of fact the label says NOT TO GIVE IT TO PREGNANT WOMEN. If you are ever planning on having another child make sure they do not get this anywhere near you!! It is actually kills women and/or their babies because it causes the placenta to swell like a balloon and potentially rupture.. Once it ruptures there is virtually no saving either one..

Ohh and also, some of the drugs given during labor have been linked to teenage depression and suicide, and there have been no studies on what effect the pitocin has on a child..

If you are going to have a baby or plan on having a baby in the future watch these two movies! Even if you aren't planning another you will be amazed at what you learn about your first labor. It really opened my eyes and I am appalled at what I saw. I streamed both of them instantly on Netflix, so if you have Netflix they are on there and can be watched at any time.

I just feel like a horrible mom for not knowing this stuff the first time around. I thought I was saving Grace's life when I was actually potentially putting it in danger. I have heard that the reason babies have bowel movenments when being delivered is because they are stressed.. I am now almost positive that even though I could no longer feel the pitocin working Grace was feeling ever last long and hard contraction to the point that she had a bowel movement.. Meconium aspiration can kill a baby! Not to mention for her entire first year of life we fought what seemed like every sickness there is because of her dampened immune system that is also linked to meconium aspiration.
After watching about 10 different women have a natural home birth, and seeing how empowered they felt and how much they actually seemed to enjoy the experience I now have 100% faith in my body that I can do this on my own.

Now of course if there is truly something medical I will not risk the babies life because of it, but I am going to look into it if there is supposedly something medical before I just jump the gun. There was one woman on Pregnant in American who was told that her babies head was too big to fit through her pelvis, and that she would HAVE to have a c-section, but she started to get suspicious when they refused to show her the measures of her pelvis, so she found another doctor 3 weeks before her due date! And she went into labor the next day.. you know what? She had that baby vaginally! Come to find out that her other doctor had scheduled her induction the day before he was supposed to leave for vacation!! She NEVER needed a c-section.. it was all about him making sure he could go on vacation.. he flat out lied to her. And they were also saying that nurses talk about how doctors won't let them check them women because if they do and they find that the woman has made progress they have no reason for a c-section. The doctors literally lie to women about them making progress! Gah.. all of this just makes me so mad.

Luckily I do trust my doctor to that extent. She never lied to me about anything like that. And this time I am going to hospital that says it has many resources for natural birth. I am determined that there will be no medicinal intervention unless it is 100% necessary!

Ohh and we are not letting Grace have her bottle to go to sleep anymore. We started last night, and you do not even want to know how late we stayed up fighting with her. She kept saying "ba ba" and crying. It was so pitiful, but she doesn't really need it anymore, so I want to go ahead and get her off of it before the new baby comes. Wish me luck because I will be doing the same thing again tonight :(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sooo excited!

You know those big sister/little brother shirts I posted awhile back? Well the ones I wanted aren't made anymore, so I had to search elsewhere.. cheapest thing I could find was $23 each, and it would be $6 shipping. $50 for two shirts they are going to grow out of in a heartbeat is not exactly my idea of a good deal. So I got an idea.. there is a local lady on my facebook who normally just did bows (and is where I got a lot of Grace's bows from.. in fact I'm getting Grace's Easter bow from her), she has just recently started doing shirts, and she's actually really good at them. I asked her if it would be possible for her to do the big sister/little brother (or sister) shirts, and she said she could, and then I asked her how much they would be.. $12 each!!! Plus she is local, so I just meet her, I don't have to pay for shipping! AND you can pick the color shirt you want from her.. the other place only did white shirts, and we all know white and babies/toddlers doesn't go well together. So I am going to get Grace's on a pink shirt and the new baby's on either a pink or blue shirt.

This is sort of what they will look like.. They are going to have a different pattern and of course they will have Grace's and the new baby's names, but they will be the circles with "big sister" in the outside ring like that. I'm so excited! Only $24 for both!! I told her I will definitely be ordering them after we find out what the baby is.

Also, since I mentioned it..
This is going to be Grace's Easter bow, but she is putting it on a headband because Grace won't wear regular bows anymore.

Ohh and I am 17 weeks as of yesterday! 11 days until we find out the sex of the baby!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Never again!

Okay, so I worked that job today, and I HATED it. I had to sit and watch this woman's closed door for hours on end with no one to talk to. I took some school work and Grace's baby book, but I ended up finishing both wayyy before I thought I would, so I had nothing to do. She didn't even come out of her room until 2 pm (I had been sitting there since 10 am)! When she did come out I was elated.. I had something to do!! She went downstairs and sat down to listen to some hymns.. this part I actually liked.. there was these two old men playing their guitars and singing and everyone was singing along. It was so cute. We sat down there for about an hour, then she got up, made a lap around the building and went back to her room. She came out again around 4:30 pm. She made a lap around the building, sat down and talked to some other ladies for a minute, made another lap, then went back to her room. It was about 5 at this time. She never came out again.. some escape artist this woman is huh? At one point during her laps around the building she walked right past an open door.. she didn't even pay it attention! She's not going anywhere. But anyway.. as I said she never came out again after 5. At around 6:30 a nurse went in to give her medicine, came back out and that was the last time that door opened. However, while I was sitting there waiting for it to open, I heard one person screaming over and over like he or she was in agony, another person groaning and moaning like he or she was in extreme pain, and another person banging on the wall over and over and over for about 15 minutes straight. Then I had a lady come by and ask me where the lady from Chattanooga was.. you could tell she was senial (I am not being mean here.. just honest). I told her I didn't know. Then she came back by and asked me how to get out of there. I told her I didn't know again. She came back by again with a small ouch, and started telling me what was in it. Then she said "Do you want me to show you so you know I'm telling the truth?" I told her I believed her, but she showed me everything in it anyway. Then she came back by again and did the same exact thing. This time a nurse saw her and told her to go to her room (in a nice way). She walked off, then came back and asked me where her room was. Again, I had to tell her I didn't know. That was the last time I saw her. Then I saw someone else out of the corner of my eye. This person came right up and stood beside me, so I looked up at her and she said "Can you help me find some pants?" I looked down and the poor lady was in a diaper.. no pants! Who was watching these people?? This lady was senial as well. I told her I didn't know where her pants were and I asked her if she knew where her room was because that was probably where she could find some pants. She just stared at me.. like she was going to hurt me. Then she walked off. A few minutes later, she comes back with pants, and walks up to me and just stands there. So I was like "You found your pants. That's good." I swear she had it out for me.. she just stood there for literally 5 minutes staring at me, and then she walked on by giving me the death stare. Finally at 8 I went and found a nurse and told her that Chris' mom told me to leave at 8, but I wanted to make sure they didn't need me. Do you know what this woman said?? "Oh yea, she was in bed when I went in there to give her her medicine." Seriously?? An hour and a half ago?? I am not cut out for this at all. My nerves were so rattled when I left there. I cannot sit for 10 hours talking to no one, staring at blank walls, listening to and witnessing people not being cared for.. I just can't. I will go tomorrow because I said I would and they have no one else, but I am never going there again after that. And I am taking a LOT more stuff with me tomorrow. I am going to make sure I'm busy the whole time. Ohh and they never gave me a break.. ten hours with no break! I am lucky I had brought some snacks with me. I was starving when I left. I will be packing food tomorrow.

Okay now for what I can come up with for Grace..

1. Most of you already know this, but Grace is her middle name. Her first name is Amberlee, which is my middle name (Amber) and Chris's middle name (Lee) put together.

2. She gives the BEST hugs in the world.

3. She kisses Barney (on the TV) more than she will kiss me, but she's doing this because she thinks it's funny. When I ask for a kiss she will turn away and laugh.

4. She is scared of carousels.. which is really weird for her because she's not scared of being tossed in the air, turning upside down, doing flips, going down slides by herself, and anything like that, but she is scared of basically the simplest amusement park ride there is..

5. Nothing is child proof with her. She can open child proof bottles like they were already open. We learned this quickly and she never injested anything.

6. She loves dogs! It doesn't matter how big and/or ugly they may be.. she LOVES them

7. She will dance to any music from Christian, to children's, to rock, to country, to heavy medal lol.

8. She loves the Geico commercial about the little piggy who cried wee wee all the way home although they don't really play it anymore. I found it on youtube though, and I will randomely play it, and she drops whatever she is doing to watch it lol. I'm not really sure what she likes about it.

9. She is my best friend in the world. I love coming home and getting a big huge hug for her. It is so precious to watch her face light up when I was walk through the door and to hear her say "hey!" and run to me. I think I'll have to video that and put it on here for you guys. It is so cute! And I tell her everything.. I am that weird lady in the store who's like talking about the weather to her 1 year old. Everyone looks at me funny, but I really don't care. Like have you guys ever seen that commercial where that woman is in the laundry mat saying all sorts of weird things, and then it shows that she is talking to her baby.. that IS me lol. She can't talk back yet, but one day she will. I'm just waiting for that day!
That's all I can think of for now..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Some more facts..

1. I HATE driving over bridges.. Bridge collapses are actually a lot more common than people might think, especially small bridges because they aren't cared for as much.. so therefore, I am terrified that they are going to collapse when I am on them.

2. I can write. I want to write a book someday. I think I would be a pretty good romantic novelist because I can come up with some really sweet love stories. But those don't hit the best seller list usually, so I probably wouldn't make a lot of money, and at this point I don't have the time. I can also write poetry.. used to write it all the time when I was in high school, but now I don't really like to.

3. I have been to Disney World 3 times (ages 2, 6, and 9), I have also been to Sea World, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, Ghost Town in the Sky, and Epcot. My grandmother used to live in Orlando, so we would go stay with her and go amusement park hopping lol. Ghost Town was in NC though, not FL.

4. Chris was my first and only. Not my first kiss though.. however he was my first kiss where you get the butterflies and fireworks go off.. you know what I mean?? He was also the first person I kissed that I wasn't dating. He asked me out four times before I said yes.. longgg story.

5. I am not a jealous person. Chris will tell me about girls who hit on him at the store or on facebook, or something, and I just find it funny. I think it's because I know he's mine and that he wouldn't cheat on me now.

6. I can kick some butt in COD Modern Warfare. I LOVE that game, but rarely have time to play it. When I do I always make people mad though.. my screen name is Baby_momma on Xbox and PS3, so they all know I'm a girl and apparently it really upsets guys when a girl can beat them.. you would not believe some of the things I have been called on there just because I was a girl with a higher score lol. HOWEVER.. I stink at all other video games LOL.

7. I have never snuck out of the house, but I think it's because I didn't have to.. my mom pretty much let me do whatever. One time I did tell my mom I was staying the night with a friend and I went on a campout with my boyfriend (not Chris) instead. I still feel guilty about that to this day.

8. As I said before Chris was my first and only, but if you were one of my high school classmates you would NOT believe that. I was a HUGE flirt. I didn't even mean to do it, it's just part of my personality. Plus I rarely hung out with girls. Almost all of my friends were guys, and everyone knows that guys and girls can't just be friends. Which I find true because they all wanted to date me at some point. Even my own mom thought I was sleeping around.. probably because I had three different guys over in one day though. After that she always thought I was up to something. When the truth is I just liked the attention lol. I was horrible in high school until I met Chris, and even after Chris and I were dating it took me a long time to control my flirtation. I have never cheated on him though.

9. I am easily offended. And I cry easily if someone hurts my feelings. I am a huge cry baby in general though. I cry over movies allllll the time. Even cried over books before lol. However, I don't cry when I'm happy. I cannot think of a single time something happy has brought me to tears. I didn't cry when Grace was born.. it's not that I wasn't thrilled, it's just that I don't cry when I'm happy. I doubt I will cry at my wedding either.. that's just the way I am.

Now Chris's turn..

1. He loves video games, and he is REALLY good at them. He has like a natural talent for it.. no matter what game it is, he is good.

2. He also loves cars. He is really good at fixing them too. I think he should be a mecanic.

3. The only vegetables Chris will eat is corn and tomatoes and he RARELY eats those.. he'll eat tomoatoes more than corn, but it has to on something like a burger or sandwich.

4. He is NEVER serious about anything.. everything is a joke to him, but I don't like it because half the time he sounds dead serious, so I never know when he is being serious. He is also blunt and not afraid to speak his mind. He will say whatever he wants whenever he wants, and he doesn't care what people think about this.. I get easily embarrassed, so I hate when he does this.

5. He is one of 19 children, and only one of those is his mom's. His father is a rabbit to put it nicely.. The woman he is with now only has one child by him, so basically he goes from woman to woman having a child and then leaving for the next. Chris has only met a handful of them, and is not in touch with any of them except Dylan (who is his mom's).

6. He has 7 tattoos. A champion star on each shoulder, one has each suite of a deck of cards (diamonds, hearts, spades, etc.) and the suicidal king in it. The other is purple with a halo and wings.. He got this one to get me to let him come to my house before we were dating, and he did it in purple because it's my favorite color. He has a red cross on one wrist. On the other wrist he has the Chinese symbol for love, and it is purple. He got it for me too, but after we were already dating. He has "Gracy" on the top of his back just below his neck. He has a scorpio symbol on his chest because both him and Grace are scoprio. He wants to get this one covered up though because they did a crappy job. And then his newest one is a flaming Superman symbol.. don't ask lol.

7. He loves History.. especially learning anything and everything about World War Two.

8. He wants to go into the military really bad, but can't because of his medical problems (I am secretly thankful for this).

9. He is a foot taller than me. We have literally had several people as us how we have sex LOL.

10. It takes a lot to make him cry, and he HATES crying. I have only seen him cry in public once and it was at his grandpa's funeral.. even then he was all stiff and just standing there trying to act like he wasn't crying. He says that crying is a sign of weakness and men aren't supposed to cry. That's how he was raised. Ohh and I just remembered, he cried when Grace was born :) He has a soft spot for her.

These are his tattoos..

This is the one he wants to have covered up.. it's going to be hard to cover up though.

These stars are not as dull as the pictures make them look.

I don't have one of the flaming Superman symbol..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good or bad?

Well Chris' mom has me coming in as a temp this weekend. I am going to be working from 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. It's $8 an hour and it's under the table, so I'm going to get $160 for two days of work. Plus it is supposed to be in the 80's here tomorrow so I will be working my normal job tomorrow and get $50 there.
And working with Chris' mom is going to be easy. She said all I have to do is sit outside of the lady's room, and wait. While I'm waiting I can do my school work, read a book, work on Grace's baby book, whatever I want. And then when she comes out of her room I have to follow her. This is at a nursing home by the way, and she said that this lady is DETERMINED to leave. The other day she acutally got out and somehow convinced a random stranger to drive her to her son's house, so now they have to have someone watching her 24/7, and they didn't have anyone this weekend, so I'm their person. I'm glad to be getting the money, but I'm not liking the thought of this at all! I am used to having my weekends to sleep in and spend with Grace. Now I am going to have to spend basically the whole weekend away from her!! I have only been away from her for 10 hours one other time and I DID NOT like it. I'm glad it's only this weekend, but she is trying to get me to "see if I like it." The money is good for us, but is it worth my time with Grace? I just don't know. They won't put men watching women, so Chris can't do it. He offered, but they just don't do that. She said if they ever have a man that needs someone to sit with him then Chris could do it. I would much rather prefer that.
I just never realized how spoiled I was with having so much time with Grace. I'm only away from her for 3 and a half hours 4 days of the week.

Anyway this money will be good because now we can pay to have the 4D ultrasound done. They won't do it at this next one because they like to wait until after 22 weeks for a good picture, but that just means I get an extra ultrasound! It's $150, and I'll get a disc with pictures as well as a tape of the session.
Another thing that gave us a little extra money.. our electric bill. I was flipping out because the people who lived here before us had a $200 electric bill.. I was thinking $150 max, so I was sort of shocked. Then we got our electric bill and it was $74.. phew! What did the people here before do? Turn every light in the house on, as well as every appliance, and leave them on constantly? I know it's going to go up a bit.. maybe even double as it gets warmer, so we run the a/c more, and when we get our washer and dryer, but still I don't think it will be $200. But anyway.. the weird thing was, we got our first bill say we had a $17 fee for them turning it to our name, then we got another bill for $8.?? and it didn't really say what it was for, then we got our actual bill for $74.??. So I went down there today expecting to pay about $100 with the extra fees, but I didn't remember to bring the bills with me, I only had the account number. The lady pulled it up, and confirmed that I was Christina Eason, so I know it was our account. I was telling her about the $17 and she said it should be included in our bill, so I'm thinking "cool we only have to pay $74." Then she says "Your bill is $64.05. Is that the amount you want to pay?" Huh???? So I'm like "I want to pay everything we owe." and she says that's all we owe. How can our bill go down? I'm not complaining. $10 extra is $10 extra, but still why would our bill say one thing, and their computer say something different?
But in actuality we saved over $100 because when I found out their bill was $200 we set aside $200 for the electric bill, and only had to pay $64.05, so we have $135 that we didn't think we'd have. I hope our bill stays pretty low like this!

Also, this makes me feel a little less guilty because on the 25th Erica and I are going to get our nails done for her birthday! I know.. her birthday and I'm getting my nails done, but we both feel that we need a little pampering to take some stress off, and I promised her I would make her birthday fun. Plus, for Christmas Chris's mom gave me $50 to spend on myself and I used it towards moving in here. She made me promise that I would use it on myself and I didn't, so I feel sort of bad because she was trying to do something nice for me. I have been feeling sort of guilty about it because we didn't really have the money, but now we will. It's going to be so fun to have a few hours to sit and relax. I feel like since I found out I was pregnant I have been going non-stop. Then we are going to go eat somewhere afterwards. It's going to be so much fun!! You know what Erica.. while I'm sitting here thinking about it, we haven't hung out just me and you since the babies were born!! It's going to be like old times :) Chris agreed to watch Grace for me, so I could have some time for myself, which I have only had one other time since Grace was born. Chris and I have gone on a few dates, but I have only hung out with a friend by myself once since Grace was born.

Then the Saturday after that is the gender reveal party! Only 15 days until we find out!! Basically just two weeks! I need to start prepping for that too. I'm planning on making some decorations to hang up.

Also, just yesterday Grace started biting her nails and picking her nose. What the heck? Okay, so I do bite my nails some, but not a lot. Only if I have a broken one. And I definitely do not pick my nose lol. How do I get her to stop these bad habits in the making??

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So sweet :):)

Chris is pretty much addicted to video games. He plays EVERY night, and it really bothers me because I feel like I don't get any alone time for myself. Yea, I go to school, but that is not how I would choose to spend my free time if I was given any. I come home and am immediately on mommy duty. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about being a mom, I just don't see why he thinks it's okay for him to have all of this time to himself when I don't have that opportunity. Well anyway.. we kind of got into it over all this last night, and I went to bed before he did, and when we got up this morning he gave me a not he had written last night. Now let me state.. he NEVER writes anything. He has pretty bad dyslexia.. he can read fine, but cannot write very well, so him writing me something is really a big step for him, and it was a whole page! He said one of the people on his game had heard our fight because Chris mic was apparently on, and he said the guy pretty much explained the facts of life to him. Apparently this guy neglected his family for video games and eventually his wife took their kids and left. Now he only gets to see his kids on weekends, and he hates himself because he caused all of it. Apparently this really got through to Chris because in the letter he was saying that he was really sorry for treating me like crap, and that he loved me and Grace and the new baby and he would never want to lose us. He also said that he would stay off the game for an entire day one day a week, and for most of the day on the other days.. this may not sound like a lot, but it is a BIG step for him. He also said that he wants to do more things together as a family, and that when I ask him to do something he will work on just doing it instead of complaining. And today he actually took us for ice cream and to the park! And then we came home and watched a movie while Grace napped (G-Force lol). It was amazing because he really didn't hop right on his game like he usually does. I really hope he keeps this up because it would be great to have more days like this! I think it would really benefit our relationship because the ONLY thing we fight about is him playing video games.. that is literally the only thing.

Also, I have a friend who was eating lunch today where MTV was filming Maci. She said that Bentley got something on his clothes, so Maci stripped him down to his underwear and went outside to get more clothes, then as she was coming back in the film crew told her to do all of it again because they had missed the shot, and she did.. seriously??? Talk about faking real life. Is there anything on the show that is real? While I'm at it.. has anyone noticed how AWFUL the editing is this season?? Like with last nights epi.. Leah has the darker hair and then "two hours later" she has the bright blonde hair. AND Chelsea calls her friend to ask her to go to that butterfly thing and she has solid dark brown hair, then "the next day" at the butterfly place she has those awful blonde highlights again. And I have also noticed that in some episodes Leah has a nice new car, and in others she has an older car.. They are piecing things together for ratings, and it's not even in order!!

This is Grace in her Saint Patty's Day outfit :)

It says "lucky" lol.

UPDATE: I just felt the baby kick!! Like a real kick. I felt it moving around so I put my hand on my lower stomach and it kicked my hand!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stealing the ten facts from Jessika :)

1. I am terrified of just about everything.. heights, falling, the dark, being home alone, spiders, snakes, losing my teeth, losing a child, failing, you name it I am probably afraid of it.

2. I am a chronic over-achiever. I made an A in every single one of my high school classes. Not only that though.. I do extra credit when I don't have to. I made a 120 on my last music appreciation class because I couldn't help but use every last bit of my extra credit. My teacher actually walked up to me and said my score was "ridiculous" because no one had ever made that high on any of her tests.

3. I cannot sit still. I am the person who swivles back and forth if the chair moves side to side. If the chair doesn't move side to side my foot is probably bouncing.

4. I am an acousticophobic.. which literally means "fear of noises" but I don't think of it that way.. I'm not afraid of the noises.. I just can't stand them. Anything repetitive is impossible for me to ignore.. like someone tapping a pen or their fingers, someone popping their gum over and over, someone chomping their food, a tv on when I am trying to sleep, snoring.. there are other things too, but these are the only ones I can think of right now. If someone is doing one of these things it is all I can focus on. I try my hardest to ignore it, but it's impossible. It's really hard to explain unless you have it yourself. If anyone is wants to know more about it True Life did an episode about phobias and there is a guy on there with acousticophobia. The show explains it better than I can.

5. I have only broken one bone in my entire life and it was only a hairline fracture. My "friend" pushed me off the monkey bars when I was nine because I was in her way, and I got a hairline fracture in one of my ankles. I can't even remember which one now. I had to wear an aircast, and I was walking again in two weeks.

6. I used to be a very active person. I played softball from the time I was 6 until I was 14. I started dancing when I was 2, but didn't really get into it until I was about 6 and I continued to dance until I was about 14. I did gymnastics on and off from the time I was 2 until I was 11. I played soccer when I was 10 and then again from the time I was 12 until I was 14. Dance and softball were my passions though. I graduated out of the top class where I danced when I was 14. I would love to teach a dance class one day. As for softball.. I was a natural. I played first base on almost every single team I was on and I batted at the top of the line up. I stopped all of that when I started high school though. Much to my parents dismay.

7. I am left-handed, and so is Chris, but Grace is right-handed.. it's going to be fun trying to teach her how to write lol. Random fact.. only 8% of people are left-handed.

8. Sweet tea is MY drink. I can't get enough of it.

9. The texture of food is and always has been a major issue for me. If something is really tough, slimey, hard, etc. it makes me gag. I cannot stand the texture of ground beef. You will never see me eat a hamburger or meatball or anything like that. My hot dogs have to be grilled, my balogna has to be fried, and I rarely eat those two things. I will only eat chicken nuggets from Chic-Fil-A, and I will only eat white fish. Pretty much.. I don't eat much meat at all, and when I do it is mostly chicken.

10. I am the oldest of 3 children. My brother is 13 MONTHS younger than me and my sister is 13 YEARS younger than me lol. And all of our names start with C. Christina, Cody, and Cheyenne.

So as you can see I am a pretty strange person. You guys probably didn't know many of these things about me.. I don't really talk about them because I try to focus on my daughter and pretend they don't exist. I would honestly love to not have some of these things, like the fears, acousticophobia, and food texture issue, but I just can't control them. Hopefully you guys don't think I'm weird..

Monday, March 14, 2011


Still trying to cope with this nausea.. This morning I woke up feeling like total crap. I didn't eat anything, but I took some water and saltine crackers with me to school. For my entire first class I was miserable... then by the time my second class started I was feeling a little better, so I ate some of the saltine crackers. This was at about 1:40. I felt fine after that and then in my lab class we had to go outside to this stream we have on campus. It is up a hill and when we got up there I was out of breath and my heart was beating really fast.. I started feeling like I was going to throw up and then everything started spinning. Then my eyes blacked out, I couldn't see a single thing, so I sat down right there on the driveway. I didn't care what people thought at this point.. I was seriously fixing to pass out. Once I sat down I got my vision back, but my hearing went. All I could hear was muffled voices, and the stream that was five feet from me sounded like it was just a drizzle coming out of a faucet. It scared me half to death.. I didn't know what was going on or if I was going to be okay. After I sat for a minute it all came back. I still felt dizzy, but not like that. This happened around 3:30. I am guessing that was my blood sugar screaming at me since I had only had a few crackers and water.. Should I call my doctor or is this normal? I just don't know how to balance this.. I can't eat when I feel like crap. I guess I am going to have to start carrying a candy bar or something with me like a diabetic person does. After class I went home and ate.. I have still been getting dizzy on and off all day though. Do you guys think I should call my doctor? I didn't have any of this with Grace so I have no idea what to do..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trip to the zoo..

Erica and I were going to take the babies to Rock City today, but Erica found out that they don't allow strollers. We knew that would not go over well, so we came up with something different. We went to lunch and then to the zoo. Grace enjoyed it a lot more this time. She is really into animals now, so she loved looking at all of the animals. I think her favorite part (and my least favorite part lol) was the petting zoo.

Checking out the goat before the petting zoo opened.

This camel was huge!

The peacock was opening his feathers.

I just thought this was pretty.

They were watching the animals dig. They were both fascinated.

It's kind of hard to see, but she has two babies on her back. You can only see the arm of one.

Better view. This monkey is only about a foot long to begin with, so the babies were tiny!

A butterfly sculpture.. new to the zoo.

I have always liked these.

And here is my fearless child. As soon as I put her down she went right for the goat. The first one she went for was twice the size of the one in this picture too!

And then there is this... a homicidal duck. You may think I'm joking, but I'm not. The duck was doing this for about four minutes total.. I only caught the last few seconds of it.

Also I am 16 weeks today!! 4 months :) :) Almost half way through!
20 days until we find out the gender!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Okay, you guys are going to hate me..

I had to move the date of the gender reveal party.. I didn't realize that April 1st was a Friday.. that is the only day of the week I work, so we can't have the party that night. We are going to have the party on April 2nd at noon instead. Which means I can't say anything until after that.. But I promise I will get on as soon as the party is over to post the news!

Also, for future reference, remind me NOT to watch videos of the tsunami while I'm pregnant.. That is just not good for my wacky emotions. My heart breaks for those poor people.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Had my ultrasound :)

She did give me two pictures, but I'll have to scan them, and my printer is still in the box since it hasn't had any ink since before we moved. Once I get it out I will scan them in. The baby was really active this time, it was kicking and wiggling.. so cute. Unfortunately though, my placenta is on top this time, the baby had its legs crossed, AND the cord was between it's legs! LOL.. I have a very modest little baby. She tried her hardest to look around all of those things though. She said once that she thought she saw girl parts, but she wasn't even 50% sure.. then towards the end of the ultrasound she pointed at something on the screen and said that it could be a scrotum. I looked and it really did. She said it was in the right place, but with all the obstructions she didn't want to say it was defeinitely a scrotum, and then it was really just part of the cord. So we are basically right back where we were in the beginning.. 50/50, but I wasn't expecting anything today anyway. I was just happy to see a healthy wiggling little baby in there. I could see the heart beating too. I always love seeing that. It has a really long spine and legs.. It's going to be another long baby like Grace was/is. And it has adorable tiny little feet and hands :) She gave me a picture of the top of the head and spine/legs. She said it was wiggling around so much that it was hard to catch really good pictures, but they work for me.

I really enjoyed talking to her. She told me I was welcome to come to her house anytime. I just feel that it would be awkward because her oldest is my age. Plus she has six kids.. two sets of twins! She makes me feel so inferior because of how experinced in parenting she is. And she is so beautiful too. She is in her 40's, but she honestly looks like she is in her 20's and you would never know that she has haad six children, much less two sets of twins. And she is so kind. She asked me if I would pray with her before I left. She asked me if I had any prayer requests. I asked her to pray that I have a healthy baby, and I also asked her to pray for your daddy Jessika. Been keeping him in my thoughts.. hope he is doing well. 

This is her and her husband. I would say she is one of my biggest role models.

Anyway.. I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'll just wait for April 1st to confirm it for me. 22 days!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I took a gender prediction quiz..

I tried to take one the other day, but I couldn't find one that would give me accurate results because there were questions that I didn't know the answer to, so I was getting 50/50 results. Well today I came across one that you only had to answer the questions you knew, and it just didn't factor the other ones in..
According to this I have a 29% chance of having a girl, and a 71% chance of having a boy!! Now I know these things are just based on old wives tales, but I took one with Grace and it was right, and Erica said she took one with Cayle and it was right.

I am going to get my free ultrasound on Thursday at 3:30. I don't know if they will give me pictures or not. I've heard you have to pay for them, but I'm not a normal client. I'm not just saying that because I am her friend.. I am literally called a "model client." I have no idea what that means, but maybe since I am her friend she will give me a picture. Either way.. at least I get to see the little orange (that is how big it is now). I will be 2 days away from 16 weeks when I get it.. If it's a boy they might be able to tell, but I'm afraid that if they do tell me one way or the other it will end up being wrong. I would almost rather them not tell me anything if they think they can. We'll see how all that goes.
I suppose that is all for now.

Monday, March 7, 2011

200th post!

15 weeks and 2 days :)
Still craving lemons like crazy.. either in tea or just a lemon itself. I was also craving chicken kickers from Domino's today.. called them, and they don't sell them anymore :( The craving will not go away lol. I have also been having dizzy spells lately.. Almost everytime I stand up I get dizzy. Any thoughts?

Grace can say eat and tea, and she said Barney for the first time the other day. She also knows how to do Ring Around the Rosey, and the movements to The Wheels on the Bus, and If You're Happy and You Know It. She will also give kisses and hugs and sway to the I Love You song. And lastly she says "ah ah ah ah" along with the Lemon Drops and Gum Drops song lol.

Now I have a question.. for those of you who have had a child around 18 months at Easter time.. what did you do? Did you child understand Easter egg hunting or should we hold off on that? I would love to do some egg hunting with her, but I don't know if I would just be wasting my money.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


By now I am well aware that being a teen mom basically means true friends are hard to come by, but I was thinking about something today.. us girls that are in the category of "good" teen mom probably have it the hardest of ANY type of person.

At my 17th birthday party (pretty sure this is the night I got pregnant with Grace) I had over 20 people there, and that wasn't even all of my "friends." That was just the ones that could make it. Now I can count my friends and it doesn't even take up two hands.. Erica, Brittany, Jessika, Morgan, Laura, and Ashley. Laura and Ashley don't have kids, but Laura has been in my life since I was 7 and she is Chris' cousin, so we are basically family. Then Ashley is just an amazing person. She loves Grace to death, and doesn't mind having her around when we hang out. Then the other four of you are "good" teen moms.

The reason I say it is the hardest for us is because we are too young for older moms. They don't understand us. We are too mature for people our age. They don't understand us. And we are too responsible for the moms that fall within the stereotype of a teen mom. They don't understand us either. We are left searching for people our age who are really understanding or people our age who have kids and don't act like a teenager is expected to act. These two things are extremely hard to find.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the friends I have and I couldn't ask for more, but that doesn't mean that I am not left hurting by my other "friends". The girl who was my BEST friend in high school has not said a word about me being pregnant again. I'm not even sure she knows. We just don't talk anymore at all. If we talked it was me texting her.. I did that for awhile, but I gave up. I'm not going to waste my time on someone who doesn't care. I invited her to Grace's birthday party, and she never said anything. Then she had her twin sister text me on the day of Grace's party to tell me she had to work. That is when I gave up.. Grace's birthday party was one of the most important days of the year to me, and she just blew it off.
Sad thing is.. her and Ashley were best friends in high school too. I ended up having a class with Ashley the first semester of my senior year and we sat next to each other. One day she asked me something about the other girl because she knew we were friends, and ever since that day Ashley and I have been friends.. You know what is even more sad? I had been friend with the other girl for 2 years.. I had only been friends with Ashley for 3 months.. and it was Ashley who came to the hospital the NIGHT I had Grace.. you know when the other girl came? 2 WEEKS later! I learned who my true friends were quickly. I think she is the one who hurt me the most.

I just don't think it's fair that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing and we get left out because of it. I guess there is nothing we can do to change it though..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We are done!!!

I just got the last box unpacked :) We are completely moved in :) My mom is supposed to be coming over to see the place for the first time tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure everything was in it's place. It gave me the last little bit of motivation I needed. I still need to do the dishes though.. I despise doing the dishes, I don't know why, but I do.
We were also going to shave Ollie today, but it has been raining all day :( Hopefully it will clear up tomorrow so we can get that done too. It is just so nice to know that I don't have to worry about unpacking anymore.

Also, I am 15 weeks today :) Not much has been changing.. I do have this weird thing where I feel really weak in the knees, and it only happened one time, but I was having some major joint pain in my hips and knees. I asked my doctor about it yesterday and she said it is probably because my uterus is growing, but it hasn't moved up over my pelvic bone, so it is pushing against my spine. She says that is probably causing both the weakness in my knees and my joint pain. My knees are already weak on their own.. I have popped my knee out of place twice.. but now it feels like it is about to pop out of place constantly. It's scary because it hurts SO bad when it does, and there is nothing they can do about it except pop it back in place, but mine have always popped right back on their own. I just don't want that to happen again. It doesn't just hurt when it happens.. it hurts to walk or bend it for days afterward. It has happened once while I've had Grace, but never when she was walking. It was bad enough without her walking..
Another change.. I have a true craving now! Before now it has always been random cravings, but for the last week or so I have been craving lemons, and sweet tea with lemon. Other than that everything is pretty much the same.

Ohh and one other cool thing.. we found out that even though we don't have cable we could still get come channels. We bought this fancy antinna thing at Wal-mart for $14, and all we had to do was plug it into our tv and now we get 19 channels.. a couple are in Spanish, but we get ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CW, Fox, and couple of different religious channels. I like it because now I'm not stuck watching Barney all day. We can turn on PBS during the day and watch Marth Speaks or Sid the Science Kid or something like that. Plus, I can watch American Idol now to follow Lauren. I don't know if any of you watch Idol.. I normally don't, but there is a girl on there named Lauren. I was in choir at our old church with her, and she has made it to the top ten! She is only 15 years old and from right here in Rossville. I would really like to see how she does. And I can watch the news too to find out there weather and stuff. Unfortunately, I still have to watch Pretty Little Liars and Teen Mom on the internet, but it actually works out because I can watch them when Grace naps. Those are my two shows I am pretty much addicted to lol.

Friday, March 4, 2011

So excited!!!

I had my doctor's appointment today. I didn't have an ultrasound or anything, but I did get to hear the heartbeat. It was 162. I have also lost 2 more lbs, but she said everything looked healthy. I was telling her how we wanted to know the sex really bad. I was thinking they were going to make me wait until 23 weeks because usually you go every 4 weeks, and 4 weeks from now I will be 18 weeks and 6 days (basically 19 weeks). I figured they would make me wait until after 20 weeks, but she said it was okay for me to come at 19 weeks and they are going to do the anatomy scan! In 28 days (April 1st), we will know the sex of the baby :) :) Per the thoughts of Erica.. I hope we don't have any April fool's jokes! Lol.
I still woul like to go get that other ultrasound just because it's a free ultrasound, and I would like to see Kim. She used to be like a second mom to me. She was the pastor's wife at my old church, but when she got pregnant with her second set of twins (yes, second set!) he retired because he had to get a job to afford their six children!! Two boys and then two sets of fraternal girl twins. And all completely natural! No invetro or fertility drugs or anything. But anyway.. after they were no longer the pastors at the church we quit going, and we kind of lost touch, so I would really love to see her again.

But anyway.. you guys will have to wait until after our gender party though. I am not posting it anywhere on here or facebook because I don't want any of the parents to find out before our party. It will be that night though, so it won't be too long to wait lol.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

These things really just get under my skin..

"All of the "good girls" I grew up with have had a baby now. They sure as hell had me fooled. What is happening to the world?!?"

My ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend posted this as her status on Facebook today.. When I read this all I could think was hypocrit!!!

This is the girl that I have talked about before that liked to try to get under my skin by bragging to me about being with my ex. She didn't act like she was bragging, but I could tell she was. I could have cared less though because he was a piece of crap. I tried to tell her that many times, but she wouldn't listen.. guess where he is now? Sitting in jail until his court date for stealing over $10,000 worth of stuff! You know what makes her a hypocrit though? SHE was pregnant with his baby and lost it!! She came crying to me about how she didn't want children, but they had gotten attached and were actually getting excited. Over the next couple of months she continued to tell me how they were trying to have a baby, but she wasn't getting pregnant. Must be a lucky girl... Heaven forbid it happen to her "world." And to think I actually felt bad for this girl back then. I wish I was a mean person.. I could call her out in a heart beat.. I just don't have the guts to do it.

Also, this is the girl that just a month ago on my birthday said, "Happy birhtday beautiful girl," comments on my pictures of Grace talking about how adorable she is, told me that Grace deserved to win the photo contest she was in, and "liked" my album of the new baby. I thought she was actually being nice since she broke up with my ex, but I'm guessing it was all just part of her sick game.. such a two-faced person.

Not sure we are going to..

get to find out the gender as soon as we thought.. The lady I know only works Thursday's and she wants me to come this coming Thursday because she is not going to be there the Thursday after next. I'm not sure what to do. I will have to miss school to find out, so I have to find out if I have any tests or anything on those days before I can go. We'll see. I'm hoping to wait until 17 weeks.. not 15 weeks. We'll see though. I guess I'll just have to call her back and see how it works out. If I can go at 17 weeks I will be finding out the sex 3 weeks from today though!!

Also, we went and had my air conditioner and tail light looked at today. He got them both working and only charged us $22! He says I may have a freeon leak though, so we will have to watch it, and call him if the air stops working again. If I do have a freeon leak he is going to put some stop leak stuff in there, and see how that works. But anyways.. I have a completely working car for now :) The air is really cold too! I had it on the lowest setting and I was still freezing lol. No burning up for my babies.

I have gotten almost everything on my list done.. The house will be completely finished by Sunday for sure. We got my car fixed for cheap! We took Grace out on not one, but two family outings. I kept up with my school work and will have it all finished by the weekend. I called all the places I needed to call to change our address.
There is only one other thing we need to do before I go back and that is shave Ollie, but that will have to wait until Saturday because I have a doctor's appointment and I have to work tomorrow.

Wish us luck that this will work out for the ultrasound. If it doesn't I am thinking it will only be one week longer til we can find out, so it's not a huge deal, but it's still another anxious week lol.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am accomplishing my goal :)

I have gotten the house almost completely finished. The bathroom, our room, the baby's room, and the livingroom are all completely done. The only thing I have left in Grace's room is to paint her E that I accidentally broke. The kitchen is my biggest challenge, but it is almost complete as well. I only have two boxed that are not unpacked and one of those will be done tonight (possibly both). We do have a few things that we have to get out of here though.. a few things going to my mom's, and then we have to take our Christmas stuff (tree and decorations), huge TV box, and table to Chris' mom to store them. We don't have room for them here. I really wish we had room for our table, but we never used it before so it's not a big deal. I just want a table for when the kids get older, so we are going to store it in her attic until we want it again.
We also have a huge pile of broken down boxes on our porch that we have no idea what we are going to do with lol. I guess we are going to have to throw as many away as possible each week when the trash gets picked up.
I am confident in saying that our home will be completely finished by the time I go back to school.

Here are some pics of our room and the livingroom.
Grace is still in our room unfortunately.. we are making some progress there

Our dresser/ Chris computer desk lol.
We moved the bookshelf to our room because Grace loved to pull every book off of it.

Grace is dancing to Barney lol. But this pic shows a lot of the picture frames and stuff. Ohh and that thing with the lock on it has all of our DVD's in it.. keeping Grace out of that too lol.

Just a little bit more of the living room.

This is Grace's version of helping me unpack.. taking out all of the leftover wrapping and packing herself in LOL. She is so silly.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a great day!

This was my little mini vacation since we can't afford a real one. We took Grace to the Creative Discovery Museum. We got there around 12:15, and stayed until about 2:45. She really loved it! I feel bad because one of my friends was wanting us to all go together, but I really wanted this to just be our family. I still feel bad about it though. Anyway.. Grace seemed a lot more interested this time. She was into everything, and did not stay in her stroller at all. She walked around the whole place.

After that we walked to TGI Fridays. You don't drive downtown.. You have to pay to park, so we weren't about to pay again. We just put Grace in her stroller and walked over there. Normally we don't go to restaurants anymore because Grace is a nightmare.. She wants to get up the whole time, but Grace was so warn out that I rocked her to sleep before the food came. I laid her in her stroller and Chris and I got to eat and talk. It was really nice.. like a date sort of. Since she was still asleep when we got done we decided to walk to the other side of downtown to Coolidge Park. You have to cross the Tennessee River to get there. We were about half way across the bridge when Grace woke up. She was a little disoriented because of all the loud cars whizzing by, but she stayed in her stroller. She stayed in until we actually got into the park. Then we let her out to walk around. She LOVED having free roam of the park. We took her to the place we call "our spot" in the park. Chris and I used to basically live in Coolidge Park. It was the first place we went on a date, and we have a spot we used to go sit and talk about anything and everything. It's right next to the water. Chris gave Grace some rocks and they were throwing them in the water.

After that we took Grace for a ride on the carousel. She liked it last time, but she was kind of scared of it this time. It was going really fast, and the operator said he had it turned up as fast as it would go (which I'm not really sure why he did because besides Grace there was only one other kid, and it was about Grace's age too.. not really looking for a fast ride).

Then we walked back across another bridge that is actually only for walking or bike riding. No cars allowed. On the bridge there were these two girls and they had this massive dog! It was Malimute.. very pretty though! And so sweet. Grace LOVES dogs, and it was letting her pet it and feed it. We used to have a Husky before Grace was born. Chris rescued it and gave it to me, but it either ran away or my ex-step-dad did away with it. We really think it was my ex-step-dad though. Notice I said EX.. I really can't stand him, and now neither can my mom. She was such a good dog though. Her name was Chanel, and she was so beautiful and prissy. She would lay down and cross her paws every time.. anyway I am getting off topic lol.

We just got home a few minutes ago, and I couldn't wait to post. Now for pictures :)

She threw a fit when she had to get out of this car.
She loved putting the magnets on the wall.

She was dressed up in scrubs :p

They were doing the lighting for the "play"

She likes to color now.

Chris made this for her :)

This is the view from the tower.

I thought this garden was adorable!

She loved the hula hoop.

We were swinging and she was saying, 'weee, weeee, weeee!" Lol.

She loved making bubbles! She also said "bubble" for the first time!

We were digging for dinosaurs :)

I think this is always going to be her favorite part.

We must have went down this slide ten times.

Sleeping after TGI Friday's.

Sitting in Coolidge Park

This is "our spot"

On the carousel.. she was on an animal, but she wanted off because she was scared so we sat down.. that is the operator sitting behind us lol.