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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good or bad?

Well Chris' mom has me coming in as a temp this weekend. I am going to be working from 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. It's $8 an hour and it's under the table, so I'm going to get $160 for two days of work. Plus it is supposed to be in the 80's here tomorrow so I will be working my normal job tomorrow and get $50 there.
And working with Chris' mom is going to be easy. She said all I have to do is sit outside of the lady's room, and wait. While I'm waiting I can do my school work, read a book, work on Grace's baby book, whatever I want. And then when she comes out of her room I have to follow her. This is at a nursing home by the way, and she said that this lady is DETERMINED to leave. The other day she acutally got out and somehow convinced a random stranger to drive her to her son's house, so now they have to have someone watching her 24/7, and they didn't have anyone this weekend, so I'm their person. I'm glad to be getting the money, but I'm not liking the thought of this at all! I am used to having my weekends to sleep in and spend with Grace. Now I am going to have to spend basically the whole weekend away from her!! I have only been away from her for 10 hours one other time and I DID NOT like it. I'm glad it's only this weekend, but she is trying to get me to "see if I like it." The money is good for us, but is it worth my time with Grace? I just don't know. They won't put men watching women, so Chris can't do it. He offered, but they just don't do that. She said if they ever have a man that needs someone to sit with him then Chris could do it. I would much rather prefer that.
I just never realized how spoiled I was with having so much time with Grace. I'm only away from her for 3 and a half hours 4 days of the week.

Anyway this money will be good because now we can pay to have the 4D ultrasound done. They won't do it at this next one because they like to wait until after 22 weeks for a good picture, but that just means I get an extra ultrasound! It's $150, and I'll get a disc with pictures as well as a tape of the session.
Another thing that gave us a little extra money.. our electric bill. I was flipping out because the people who lived here before us had a $200 electric bill.. I was thinking $150 max, so I was sort of shocked. Then we got our electric bill and it was $74.. phew! What did the people here before do? Turn every light in the house on, as well as every appliance, and leave them on constantly? I know it's going to go up a bit.. maybe even double as it gets warmer, so we run the a/c more, and when we get our washer and dryer, but still I don't think it will be $200. But anyway.. the weird thing was, we got our first bill say we had a $17 fee for them turning it to our name, then we got another bill for $8.?? and it didn't really say what it was for, then we got our actual bill for $74.??. So I went down there today expecting to pay about $100 with the extra fees, but I didn't remember to bring the bills with me, I only had the account number. The lady pulled it up, and confirmed that I was Christina Eason, so I know it was our account. I was telling her about the $17 and she said it should be included in our bill, so I'm thinking "cool we only have to pay $74." Then she says "Your bill is $64.05. Is that the amount you want to pay?" Huh???? So I'm like "I want to pay everything we owe." and she says that's all we owe. How can our bill go down? I'm not complaining. $10 extra is $10 extra, but still why would our bill say one thing, and their computer say something different?
But in actuality we saved over $100 because when I found out their bill was $200 we set aside $200 for the electric bill, and only had to pay $64.05, so we have $135 that we didn't think we'd have. I hope our bill stays pretty low like this!

Also, this makes me feel a little less guilty because on the 25th Erica and I are going to get our nails done for her birthday! I know.. her birthday and I'm getting my nails done, but we both feel that we need a little pampering to take some stress off, and I promised her I would make her birthday fun. Plus, for Christmas Chris's mom gave me $50 to spend on myself and I used it towards moving in here. She made me promise that I would use it on myself and I didn't, so I feel sort of bad because she was trying to do something nice for me. I have been feeling sort of guilty about it because we didn't really have the money, but now we will. It's going to be so fun to have a few hours to sit and relax. I feel like since I found out I was pregnant I have been going non-stop. Then we are going to go eat somewhere afterwards. It's going to be so much fun!! You know what Erica.. while I'm sitting here thinking about it, we haven't hung out just me and you since the babies were born!! It's going to be like old times :) Chris agreed to watch Grace for me, so I could have some time for myself, which I have only had one other time since Grace was born. Chris and I have gone on a few dates, but I have only hung out with a friend by myself once since Grace was born.

Then the Saturday after that is the gender reveal party! Only 15 days until we find out!! Basically just two weeks! I need to start prepping for that too. I'm planning on making some decorations to hang up.

Also, just yesterday Grace started biting her nails and picking her nose. What the heck? Okay, so I do bite my nails some, but not a lot. Only if I have a broken one. And I definitely do not pick my nose lol. How do I get her to stop these bad habits in the making??


  1. i cant wait its gonna be sooo funn. wanna do ocharlies or something like that afterwards.?

  2. Ohh yea girl. If we are going to treat ourselves we are going to do it right :)

  3. That sound like a good job. I know it's always hard to be away from our kids... But at least you'll still be able to get school work done and stuff.

    Out last electric bill was almost $500!! I wish we could have one for $60! I would probably have a heart attack. I don't know why it was that high either. I unplugged everything we weren't using, we kept the heat down as low as possible, and it seemed to make our bill higher!

  4. That job pays good but yea that is a long time away from Grace. I dont know if i could do it.
    Sounds like fun. I want to get my nails done but convincing Drew is the thing.

    Drew just read this and he got all defensive and said I could get them done. He will say he didnt say that this weekend if I bring it up so this is proof.

    But anyways the whole Grace biting nails and picking nose...well that is just a stage. Just take her hand away every time and tell her it is yucky. It may take awhile.

  5. @Megan (is it cool if I call you that or would you rather go by your blog name?).. $500!! Holy cow! I think I would have a heart attack lol. At our old place we only went over $85 one time and we lived there for 7 months, so I'm hoping we can keep that up, but this place is a little bigger, and we didn't have washer and dryer hook ups there, so we'll see lol.
    And I am really conflicted about the job.. the money really draws me in, but being away from Grace that long makes me want to run screaming lol.

    Hahaha.. Okay now Drew, Jessika is allowed to get her nails done. You said so. I've had my nails done twice before. Once when I was prego with Grace and then once for graduation (but I had a gift card that time), so I've never actually spent the money to get them done while I had Grace.. it's hard for me to do that lol. But I'm going to :p
    She's actually biting her nails more than picking her nose. She bites her nails almost constantly, and it makes this popping sound that drives me up the wall. I'm thinking maybe I should cut them really short, but I don't want her to keep trying to bite them, and make herself bleed or something..

  6. HAHA!! He said he will let me but lets see. Yea it is sooo hard to do something for myself. I mean super hard.
    Yea you could cut them down short but I would be afraid of the same thing. I just waited it out. But I feel you. I hate the sound.

  7. Kayelynn was picking her nose a few days ago... It's gross and I kept telling her it was icky... But I guess it's helping her with her coordination. Lol. Oh, and I would rather go by Megan.. :)

  8. Well I just noticed.. no need to cut them down, she has bitten almost every single one of them down!! I really hope she doesn't hurt herself.

  9. Ok Megan it is :) And yea I've been doing the icky thing with Grace too. She'll stop when I tell her that at least. She will not stop biting her nails though.

  10. It may take her awhile. And haha megan thats funny.

  11. It probably will be hard to be away from her, especially if you have to do the job a lot. I am spoiled too. I got 24/7 with this girl. Nobody ever watches her. That is why I am scared to work.
    Sweet! Our electric bill was $60.00 this month. I was so excited. Our neighbors has a $130.00 electric bill. I was like, "HOW?!" You have got to try because we don't do THAT much to keep the bill down. We still use as much hot water as we want. In the summer ours will go up to $100, but never go above. (Which is good because that is what I put in my budget.
    Oh ya, she probably has seen you bite your nails. Samantha picks her nose sometimes. I try to joke it off with her and say, "Eww! You're gross!" But she just thinks it's funny so she does it more.

  12. I know right? I cannot understand how someone would have a $200 electric bill here. We have two flat screen tv's that we leave on pretty much constantly, and one of them is a 42" so it takes up a lot of energy and we still didn't have even a $100 electric bill.
    But we have been making sure to turn the lights off when we aren't in the room, and we don't use the lights during the day. Just the sunlight, so I guess that helps keep the bill down. We still use as much hot water as we want too lol, but we try to open the windows before we turn the air on, and put extra clothes or blankets on before we turn the heat on.