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Friday, March 18, 2011

Some more facts..

1. I HATE driving over bridges.. Bridge collapses are actually a lot more common than people might think, especially small bridges because they aren't cared for as much.. so therefore, I am terrified that they are going to collapse when I am on them.

2. I can write. I want to write a book someday. I think I would be a pretty good romantic novelist because I can come up with some really sweet love stories. But those don't hit the best seller list usually, so I probably wouldn't make a lot of money, and at this point I don't have the time. I can also write poetry.. used to write it all the time when I was in high school, but now I don't really like to.

3. I have been to Disney World 3 times (ages 2, 6, and 9), I have also been to Sea World, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, Ghost Town in the Sky, and Epcot. My grandmother used to live in Orlando, so we would go stay with her and go amusement park hopping lol. Ghost Town was in NC though, not FL.

4. Chris was my first and only. Not my first kiss though.. however he was my first kiss where you get the butterflies and fireworks go off.. you know what I mean?? He was also the first person I kissed that I wasn't dating. He asked me out four times before I said yes.. longgg story.

5. I am not a jealous person. Chris will tell me about girls who hit on him at the store or on facebook, or something, and I just find it funny. I think it's because I know he's mine and that he wouldn't cheat on me now.

6. I can kick some butt in COD Modern Warfare. I LOVE that game, but rarely have time to play it. When I do I always make people mad though.. my screen name is Baby_momma on Xbox and PS3, so they all know I'm a girl and apparently it really upsets guys when a girl can beat them.. you would not believe some of the things I have been called on there just because I was a girl with a higher score lol. HOWEVER.. I stink at all other video games LOL.

7. I have never snuck out of the house, but I think it's because I didn't have to.. my mom pretty much let me do whatever. One time I did tell my mom I was staying the night with a friend and I went on a campout with my boyfriend (not Chris) instead. I still feel guilty about that to this day.

8. As I said before Chris was my first and only, but if you were one of my high school classmates you would NOT believe that. I was a HUGE flirt. I didn't even mean to do it, it's just part of my personality. Plus I rarely hung out with girls. Almost all of my friends were guys, and everyone knows that guys and girls can't just be friends. Which I find true because they all wanted to date me at some point. Even my own mom thought I was sleeping around.. probably because I had three different guys over in one day though. After that she always thought I was up to something. When the truth is I just liked the attention lol. I was horrible in high school until I met Chris, and even after Chris and I were dating it took me a long time to control my flirtation. I have never cheated on him though.

9. I am easily offended. And I cry easily if someone hurts my feelings. I am a huge cry baby in general though. I cry over movies allllll the time. Even cried over books before lol. However, I don't cry when I'm happy. I cannot think of a single time something happy has brought me to tears. I didn't cry when Grace was born.. it's not that I wasn't thrilled, it's just that I don't cry when I'm happy. I doubt I will cry at my wedding either.. that's just the way I am.

Now Chris's turn..

1. He loves video games, and he is REALLY good at them. He has like a natural talent for it.. no matter what game it is, he is good.

2. He also loves cars. He is really good at fixing them too. I think he should be a mecanic.

3. The only vegetables Chris will eat is corn and tomatoes and he RARELY eats those.. he'll eat tomoatoes more than corn, but it has to on something like a burger or sandwich.

4. He is NEVER serious about anything.. everything is a joke to him, but I don't like it because half the time he sounds dead serious, so I never know when he is being serious. He is also blunt and not afraid to speak his mind. He will say whatever he wants whenever he wants, and he doesn't care what people think about this.. I get easily embarrassed, so I hate when he does this.

5. He is one of 19 children, and only one of those is his mom's. His father is a rabbit to put it nicely.. The woman he is with now only has one child by him, so basically he goes from woman to woman having a child and then leaving for the next. Chris has only met a handful of them, and is not in touch with any of them except Dylan (who is his mom's).

6. He has 7 tattoos. A champion star on each shoulder, one has each suite of a deck of cards (diamonds, hearts, spades, etc.) and the suicidal king in it. The other is purple with a halo and wings.. He got this one to get me to let him come to my house before we were dating, and he did it in purple because it's my favorite color. He has a red cross on one wrist. On the other wrist he has the Chinese symbol for love, and it is purple. He got it for me too, but after we were already dating. He has "Gracy" on the top of his back just below his neck. He has a scorpio symbol on his chest because both him and Grace are scoprio. He wants to get this one covered up though because they did a crappy job. And then his newest one is a flaming Superman symbol.. don't ask lol.

7. He loves History.. especially learning anything and everything about World War Two.

8. He wants to go into the military really bad, but can't because of his medical problems (I am secretly thankful for this).

9. He is a foot taller than me. We have literally had several people as us how we have sex LOL.

10. It takes a lot to make him cry, and he HATES crying. I have only seen him cry in public once and it was at his grandpa's funeral.. even then he was all stiff and just standing there trying to act like he wasn't crying. He says that crying is a sign of weakness and men aren't supposed to cry. That's how he was raised. Ohh and I just remembered, he cried when Grace was born :) He has a soft spot for her.

These are his tattoos..

This is the one he wants to have covered up.. it's going to be hard to cover up though.

These stars are not as dull as the pictures make them look.

I don't have one of the flaming Superman symbol..


  1. Sweet. I gotta do one on Jessie in a minute. I didn't know about his new tattoo.

  2. Yea.. he got it after he started playing that DC Universe game. He is practically married to that game lol. He has been a lot better about staying off of it though.

  3. I am scared of bridges to and living on the coast we had a lot of them. Really big ones across bays.
    I am not the jealous type either. Im more like whatever..
    Drew said I have a flirtatious personality but I have never flirted with anybody that I know of. I also had mostly guy friends but I think that was because I wasnt really interested in sleep overs and makeup and all that. I liked wheels...I was just another "guy" but with boobs. HAHA!! But like you said apparently guys and girls cant be just friends because I had the same problem with them asking me out. Its their fault...I can be just friends just fine.

    Glad my hubby isnt the only one that isnt a vegetable eater.
    I wish Drew was more "handy" with cars and such.
    WOW!! And I thought I had a lot of siblings.
    Drew is actually getting his first tattoo as I type this. HAHA!! He was jealous both Chris and Jessie had theirs. O and I love the tattoos for you. Thats so sweet in a manly way!!
    Both Drew and I love history!!
    And kinda weird but i have wondered the same thing about couples with size differences like that?!?
    Yea Drew HATES to cry to. he doesnt think men should cry. I have only seen him cry like once and that was because I was really mad at him...I cant even remember what for and he thought that I was going to break up with him.
    O and I dont cry when Im happy either not even when the babies were born but I do cry easily if I get upset. I was never like that until I got pregnant with Kaedyn. I guess I never lost all the hormones. HAHA!

  4. I hate driving over the big bridges just because I know if they do collapse there is no chance of living. I know you have no idea what I'm talking about, but I HATE driving over the Chickamauga Dam.. it's a huge bridge basically over a concrete dam.. that's like a doubly whammy if it collapses.
    Half the time I'm like Chris that girl is trying to get with you, and he swears she's not and then she says she is.. I find it hilarious. I am always right :p
    And you are right, it is their fault. I never had a problem being just friends either. And I never have dated someone who I considered just a friend.
    Haha yea Chris has tons.. those are just the ones we know of.. it's more like if you can call them siblings though. Like I said he only considers Dylan a true sibling.
    What is the tatto Drew is getting??
    Before we were dating Chris used to joke all the time that he was going to get the word PURPLE tattooed across his chest. I never though he would get any tattoo, so when he did get a purple tattoo it did impress me. It was a very smart move lol, and I did invite him over so I could see it. He had two before I met him (the first star and the cross), now he has seven.. be careful because they multiply quick! Lol.

    As for the different sizes, it's really not that hard. I will spare you the details, but basically you just line it up.. LOL. My feet don't touch his if that makes any sense :p

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't cry when my baby was born. I felt like a bad mom.. especially since Mr. Emotions of stone was balling and I wasn't. I felt like something was wrong with me.

  5. I dont think I could drive over it. OMG!! I would be freaking out.
    Drew had a girl hitting on him today and I told him and he denies it. But she soo was.
    Boys are dumb. How hard is it to be just friends. Seriously??
    AWW!! I just LOVE the purple tattoo thing. So Sweet!!
    Yay!! I figured it would multiply. He has always wanted tattoos. He wants one of my face. he has the pic picked out and all.
    HAHA!! The size thing! HAHA!!
    Yea I felt bad too. I was like waiting for it but nothing.

  6. Yea.. I had to drive over it today and have to again tomorrow. I HATE it!
    There was a girl on Chris's facebook messaging him. It was one of his ex's and she was telling him how great of a dad looked like he was (she had a kid of her own), and saying she wished they talked more and stuff like that. I kept telling him she was hinting, but he kept denying it. Then one day she said "Do you have any decent single friends or... I wish you were single." All I could say was I TOLD YOU SO! Lol.
    As far as the purple tattoo.. before he got it he kept saying "If I get it you have to let me come over so I can show it to you." He was making sure he didn't get it just for me to be like "ehh" lol. We didn't kiss that night though.. we kissed the next time he came over though :). He was so smooth.. the time after that we were out with his cousins and he got his cousin to tell me his truck wouldn't make it up my hill so Chris would have to take me home.. we ended up making out that night too lol.

    And yea the size thing is pretty funny. I think you are the first person I have even sort of explained it to. Most people I would just look at them like "Did you seriously just ask me that?" Because it was random people I barely even knew who were asking.

    I got that crazy feeling, but just no tears. I still can't put that feeling into words. I just don't think crying and being happy go together.. probably because I have always been a big cry baby when I'm sad, so I don't want to mix the two lol.

  7. AWW!! Ya'lls story is soo cute. I wish mine was cute like that. Drew wasnt smooth at all. HAHA!! He tried though.

    I would never really just come out and ask someone that though. It would be akward. HAHA!!

    I was just super happy to see my kaedyn bug a live. His birth was super scary!!