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Thursday, May 31, 2012

There's always next week...

Today was Grace's first day at gymnastics. It didn't go exactly as I had hoped.

Also, when I say "the girl" that's her coach. She was probably about 18, and I never got her name, so she's "the girl" lol.

We got there 15 minutes early. I will never do that again because Grace kept saying "I want to go play!" Then once it was time for class they brought us out on the gym floor to call roll and explain what to do. By this time, Grace really wanted to go play. She wouldn't sit still or listen.

They had four different areas, and we spent a certain amount of time at each area. The first areas was two different bars, a set of ring, and a set of monkey bars. Grace did the rings perfectly. She would pull her knees up and swing just like the girl had demonstrated. She also did the higher bar really well. The girl even commented on how she loved how well Grace pulled her chin up and pointed her toes in preparation to flip over the bar. They didn't demonstrate those things, but the girl said that's exactly how they are supposed to do it. Grace is a natural! She loved the monkey bars too because she's used to those from the playground.
They were supposed to push up on the shorted bar, but no one was ever at that bar to help her, so we just kind of skipped it for this week lol.

Then, we moved to the second station, which did not go well because Grace didn't understand why she couldn't play on the bars anymore, and she didn't want to sit still again when they were showing what to do. This area had a short rock climbing wall (about 3 feet long) that was at an angle, and once they climbed up, they could slide down the other side. There was a regular slide, then there were these things they called stepping stones. They were different colors, and the first one was really short, the next three gradually got taller, then the three after that started gradually getting shorter again. There was also a cartwheel mat. It was a blue mat with hand and foot prints on it to how to do a "cartwheel" (it was more of put your hands down and jump to the side lol). She liked the rock wall the most. She also liked the step stones. She gave the cartwheel a try a couple of times, and every time she did it she had to have her hands and feet exactly where they were on the mat. The girl commented on how she always had to be perfect as well, and that was a natural thing for a gymnast.
Grace tried to run back to the bars a couple of times, but she did pretty well.

After that, we moved to the next station, which involved more sitting and listening that Grace was not into. This station was mostly flipping and jumping, and there was a snake shaped colorful balance beam. She did really well with the flipping. She would put her hands down, tuck her head under, and roll. They had to help most of the other little girls do it. She was not much into it though because we were close to the in-floor tampoline, and she wanted to jump very badly.

Finally, we got to go jump. They jumped off the trampoline and into the foam pit. She would jump in and then say, "Mommy. look at me!" She LOVED this part, and unfortunately, she threw a fit when it was time to stop. However, she did sit attentively for the hand sanitizer. This girl has a love affair going with hand sanitizer lol. They also got a stamp and a sucker.

Also, let me just point out that although it seems like Grace was a terrible child, she was not the worst child there. There was a boy and another little girl that were worse than her. They were actually the reason she was acting so terrible because their mom's were letting them run wild, and she didn't understand why she couldn't do that as well. And most of the kids didn't want to sit still and kept trying to run back to previous areas. I mean, it was a class of 10 2-3 year olds, so it was definitely chaotic, but fun none-the-less. I didn't get pictures of her during class because of having to follow her so closely, but I will try to get some next week.

Oh, and a cute story. Chris stayed home with Brentley, who was asleep when I left. Chris said he woke up, so they sat together on the floor, and after about a minute Brentley crawled to the hall, then to his room, then our of his room and into our room, then out of our room, back through the living room, and into the kitchen, then Chris says he started crying because he realized I wasn't there :( Bless his heart. He's not used to me being gone since I'm not in school right now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prayers please!

We have an awesome opportunity to potentially get a much nicer vehicle then what we have now... only problem is we have to come up with a good bit of money in just three months. I have no idea how we are going to do that. My car is worth a fraction of what this one is, so selling it wouldn't help much, and we only have the one car, so we can't sell it until we have another one.

But we seriously cannot pass up this opportunity. There is something wrong with my car where it keeps trying to die right after you start driving. It wasn't a big deal until yesterday... Chris had just gotten home, Grace was napping, it had just started raining, and Brentley and I were going to head to the store to grab some stuff we needed for dinner. We got to the stop sign at the end of our complex, and I didn't realize my car was trying to die at first. I pushed the gas, and at first it didn't go anywhere, then it caught, and jumped forward. When it jumped forward, my wheels didn't get traction (I guess because it had just started raining), so we slid across the lane we were supposed to be in and into the other lane with a car coming right at us. So, I turned the wheel in the other direction, then we kept hydroplaning back across the lane we were supposed to be in, and into a ditch. Once we hit grass I was able to get my car to stop (thank goodness because about ten feet infront of where we stopped was a concrete driveway). Luckily it wasn't a deep ditch, so it didn't mess up my car, but I was scared. I couldn't stop shaking because I was so rattled. At first I thought we were going to get hit head on, then I was afraid my car would flip when we hit the ditch. God was definitely with Brentley and me!
I know that is not completely my car's fault, but if it hadn't been trying to die, we wouldn't have lunged forward like that, and I doubt we would have hydroplaned.

We are going to figure it out somehow. Three months is a good amount of time, and I know we can come up with some, especially with Chris working extra like he has been, but I still don't know how we are going to come up with all of it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Brentley is 9 months old!!

Two days ago, my little man turned nine months old. It's so bittersweet. I've been working on his baby book, and looking at his baby pictures makes me want to cry. I'm also ver glad that I have a happy, healthy, growing boy at the same time though.

He weighs 25 lbs now, and he has been holding steady at that weight for over a month now. He's in 12 mon. and 18 mon. clothes, size 5 shoes, and size 4 diapers. Not much change since he has started crawling except in height and shoe size. I'm not sure how tall he is now, but I can tell he is getting taller.

He is learning quickly. He can say mama, dada, and yay. He crawls fast and with ease. He stands on his own, and has great balance when standing. He can take steps. He's taken plenty of steps now, but he only takes one or two before he falls, so he's not really walking yet.
He can clap and wave, as well. Oh, and he is starting to give those big, slobbery, open-mouthed kisses! I love those! Lol.

His eyes are hazel, his hair is strawberry blond, he has four teeth (the two bottom middle and two top middle), and he still has his dimples :)

He loves to play with his sissy. They are best buddies, and I hope they always remain close!

He's still pretty quiet and reserved. He's content sitting with me, and if he does get down, I have to remain in view lol. He's always happy as well. He smiles all the time.

I'm not ready for him to turn one, but I still have everything planned for it. I am going to start buying his cake stuff tomorrow. I'm buying the cake pans so that I can practice getting the cake out perfectly. I'm also buying cookie cutters that have letters and shapes in them, and some playdough, so that I can get a feel for how the shapes and letters are going to work, as well as practice making the bow that is going to go on top. I want his cake to be absolutely perfect, so I'm going to need all the practice I can get.
Also, planning ahead really does pay off. We are wanting to get Grace a child sized guitar for her birthday because she has been pretending everything is a guitar. Well, I went online just to see how much they are... found a Cinderella one that is normally $37 that is on sale for $15! I will be buying that tomorrow as well! I know her birthday is five month away, but I'm not passing up a sale for over 50% off!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bahaha, changing the date already!

Yesterday, while we were at 1890's Day, it occured to me that we had picked May 25th for our wedding date... Well, that is going to be the weekend that all the high school in the county graduate, the weekend of 1890's Day, and the weekend of Memorial Day. Just like it is every year. It just didn't occur to me until yesterday.
So, should we change the date??

I was thinking May 11th or May 18th. 5/11/13... 5/18/13...

I still like 5/25/13 the best, but I don't want that stuff interfering. Do you think it would?

Friday, May 25, 2012

LMFAO, anyone??

Grace's favorite band is LMFAO, lol! She loves both "I'm Sexy and I Know It" and "Party Rock Anthem." I know, I know... not the best songs for a two-year-old to be listening to, but she has no clue what the songs are actually talking about or mean. And she is just so darn cute when she dances and sings to them.

Today, she woke up from her nap, looked at me, and said, "Party rock mommy!." I said, "What?"  and she jumped up and started running in a circle saying, "Party rock, party rock, party rock!" It was too cute. She also loves to sing, "get up, get down, get up, get down" while she raises her hands up and down lol.

And she loves to bump to the beat of "I'm Sexy and I know It."

I have a video of it, but blogger won't upload if (of course), so I uploaded it to Youtube. You can check it out here if you'd like :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yay for new friends!

First off, we went to Grace's new little friend's second birthday party on Sunday. Grace had a blast because it was at the playgroung, and she LOVES the playground.

I didn't get any pics of her because she was on the go the whole time, but here's one of me and my serious little man.

They live in the same apartment complex that we do, and the girl (we'll call her H) said that we could come over anytime, and that her daughter loves Grace :) The amazing thing... Chris actually does like her husband! Blow me away, lol. Chris typically does not get along with guys, but him and this guy are like best buddies now lol.

Chris has to work everyday this week, including Saturday and possibly Sunday... He has to leave at 6:30 am, and doesn't get home until 5 or 6 :( I'm not used to him being gone in the mornings like that, or for that long everyday.

So, I decided to try to set up a few playdates to keep us busy.
We ended up setting up a playdate with one of my old friends. I used to play softball with her, but hadn't talked to her in forever. I found her on facebook awhile back, and I knew that she had a baby,  but still didn't talk to her. Then, we ran into her at the park. Turns out her little boy isn't even three weeks older than Brentley. We went to her house today. I thought it might be awkward since we hadn't seen each other in forever, but it wasn't. It was so nice to have someone who I can relate to about Brentley. I've always had people who have kids close to Grace's age, but this is the first person who I've gotten to know with someone close to Brentley's age.
She also didn't mind Grace being there, which is great because I know Grace can come off as a little wild sometimes.
They all three played in a her son's kiddie pool together, then they played in her living room for awhile. She even made us all lunch. Such a sweetie!
I met her husband. He apparently went to school with me and said we had classes together. I felt like such an idiot because I could not remember him for the life of me :( He was nice though. Hopefully someone Chris will like him if we start hanging out with them more *fingers crossed!*
When we were leaving she said she would love to set up another playdate, so yay!

We're going to hang out with Brittany and Sami tomorrow :) And we'll probably go over to H's apartment sometime this week.

On Saturday, we're going to 1890's Day (a festival they hold in our town), and my cousin is coming and bringing her son. He's 7 weeks old, and I haven't gotten to meet him yet, so I'm super excited about that! Chris isn't going to get to go with us though :( And we're going to have to get up super early to take him to work that day, so that I can have the car. His friend who works with him took him to work Mon. and yesterday, but his friend is off for the rest of the week, so if I want/need the car, then I have to take him to work. Otherwise, he has to take the car. I definitely do not want to get the kids up everyday at 6 am, so we'll just be taking him on Saturday. Luckily, we can walk to Brittany's and H's apartment, so we won't be completely stuck in the house for the rest of the week :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wedding bells :)

Okay, I know I have talked about Chris and I picking a date on here before, but looking back on that now, that date was just not realistic for several reasons. Obviously, we did not get married in February. We just didn't have enough time to plan or enough money.
Now, we have gotten everyone on board, including my dad. I'm not really sure if that is all good because Chris' mom and my nana are both trying to take over. Chris' mom has decided that we are going to do an exact replica of Bella's wedding in Breaking Dawn. Make me gag.. Don't get me wrong, I'm a "Twihard." I'm just not THAT big of a Twilight fan. Plus, I have NEVER wanted an outdoor wedding. And my nana keeps finding things in her storage unit that she says we can use to decorate. All of it looks like it was pulled straight out of an 80's romance movie. Definitely not my thing.
I like subtle, modern, and indoors.

I originally wanted a winter wedding, with a somewhat of a "winter wonderland" theme, but I started thinking about how many birthdays and holidays we have between August and February, and we decided we didn't want to add another celebration in between those months. So, we narrowed the window to May or June. We looked at the dates, and decided on May 25th, so 5/25/13. Set the date because that IS the day we will be getting married!!! Pretty much exactly a year from now, I will be a Mrs., and I will share the same last name as my children!!

Saying that brings on all sorts of emotions... happiness and elation, and then fear. I am terrified that I will plan everything, buy everything, and then it won't happen. I love Chris to death, and I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else, and we talked about it the other day, and he said that he feels the same way, but it all just seems so surreal. I want it so badly that I am worried I'll never get it.

Either way, I have begun planning. Since I had a winter wedding planned, I have to go back to the drawing board. I started thinking of spring/summer colors. First, I stumbled upon yellow. I started toying with it, and decided that I really like either yellow lilies or yellow calla lilies. But I didn't want just yellow and white for our wedding, but I couldn't think of anything that really went with yellow. Like I said, I like subtle. I didn't want lots of colors, and if I found something that I thought I might like, I would show it to Chris, and he wouldn't like it. Then, I found it (on Pinterest of course), yellow and gray! I mentioned it to Chris, and he liked it as well! I can see it all in my head. Me in the white dress with a bouquet of yellow and white flowers (either one of the lilies mentioned earlier), my bridesmaids (if I have any) in light gray dresses with a single yellow flower, and my flowers girls (for sure Grace and probably Cheyenne) in yellow dresses with white petals to scatter. Chris will be in a black tux with a yellow flower in the pocket, a either a gray vest and yellow tie or a yellow vest and gray tie, and the groomsmen will be in whichever one he is not.

Only thing is, he doesn't have a lot of local friends, so we aren't sure if we will have actual bridesmaids and groomsmen, or just a maid of honor and a best man because I don't want to be standing up there with several bridesmaids and him only have one person.

I know how I want the cake to look as well. I still want to incorporate the design of our rings around the bottom of the top tier, then I would like sugar flowers that match the flowers in the wedding to be on top, and I think I would like a big pretty E to be in the center of them. The cake itself will be white.

I'm not sure on the decor yet. I have lots of ideas in my head, mostly taken from Pinterest as well. I know that I would like to have a chocolate fountain.

For my dress, I know I want it to be white, but I do NOT want strapless. I don't like the way I look in strapless. I really like cap sleeves, but I would settle with a halter neck as well.

I would like to incorporate Brentley somehow, but he will not even be two yet, so I'm not sure how. Any ideas would be wonderful!

Oh, and instead of a pillow to hold the rings, we are going to tie them to a Bible.

That's as far as I've gotten for plans right now, but more will come!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

MTV's 16 and Pregnant.

I have to admit, this show is my guilty pleasure. I don't know why, but I watch it every week. I guess it's just that I feel that I can relate to the girls, and I don't feel that 16 and Pregnant is scripted and fake like Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 are. I couldn't even watch Teen Mom 2 last season. I watched one episode and just couldn't get into it. I might try watching Teen Mom's last season since it's the last, and I like Farrah, Catelynn, and Maci...not so much Amber, but can't do anything about that. We'll see.

Well, to my surprise, there was a girl on this season who lived just about 30 minutes from me (they sure do get a lot of girls from this area). I was really interested in her episode because she lived so close. Then, crazy thing, it shows her at her doctor's office, which just happened to be my ob/gyn's office. We had the same midwife! Lol.
She seemed like a good mom with a good head on her shoulders. The dad was a dead beat, and as far as I can tell, he still is :(
Later that night, I noticed one of my friends on facebook had "liked" her fanpage. I decided I would too because I really liked her episode. And yes, she has proof that it's really her on her page.
I noticed that she was actually commenting back to people, so I mentioned us having the same midwife. We ended up talking, and she is such a sweet girl! She is graduating high school this year, which is great! I didn't ask her about the dad, but other people had, and I don't think he has gotten any better since filming almost a year ago :( But that just makes her that much stronger. I cannot imagine being a single mom!
Unfortunately, she says she didn't make the Teen Mom 3 cut, but that's probably for the best because I think it goes to their heads a little bit too much.
Anyway, her little girl is adorable, and just a couple months older than Brentley. We got to talking about playdates and may be setting one up soon. So crazy how small this world can be lol.
Just thought that was neat :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Special Olympics :)

As most of you know, my brother has Down Syndrome and Autism. He is currently in high school in a severe-profound special needs class. Last week, he got to participate in the Special Olympics, which was held just down the street from us at the high school that I graduated from, which I must say, they have done a wonderful job of fixing it up since the tornado torn it apart last year.

We took the kids out bright and early to support him. First, there was a parade. Sadly, there were not as many people out for the Special Olympics parade as there are for the other parades our town throws. Granted, it was a weekday morning, so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Either way, it was a neat parade, and the kids got TONS of candy lol. Also, a lady came, and gave the girls flags, which they LOVED playing with.

Brentley really enjoyed the parade. He just sat quietly, watching everything go by. Grace was a little scared of the marching bands. There were three in the parade; one from each of the high schools in the county.

After the parade, we went to the high school, where they had the opening ceremonies, and then began the events.

Here we are waiting for the events to start. Brentley was playing with the flag.

 I only got a couple of pictures of Cody (my brother) doing his events because my camera died :( I wasn't really happy with the way they did it. My brother's first activity was a little race. He can walk for a short period of time, but prefers his wheelcahir. He didn't want to get out of his wheelchair. You can kind of tell that the two women are struggling with him. So, what did they do? Another woman grabs his wheelchair and ran it to one end, then when he got to it, and tried to grab it, she took off with it again. It was like a dog chasing a bone. People were laughing, but I really didn't find it funny.

The other thing that I wasn't too thrilled about was that they actually placed them. Like 1st, 2nd. 3rd. I don't think that was right at all. These kids do the best that they can. I think they should all get ribbons and medals of the same standing. Especially since they didn't even do it fairly. My brother threw the ball the furthest in one of his events, but the lady that was supposed to call it wasn't paying attention, so she gave him second place. It was like she didn't want to be there or something.
In the end, my brother seemed to enjoy it. We didn't get to stay the whole day because Brentley wasn't feeling well (turns out he had a virus called roseola infantum), but we did get to see all of Cody's activities, so that was good.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bubble day!!

Well, we finally had our bubble day. I think Grace was still a little too young for the picture part of it. She didn't understand why we were popping all the bubbles on the paper. She wanted to see them flying through the air lol.

So, Chris and I made pictures, and she helped us with all the other stuff.

This one was mine.

This one was Chris'.

The pictures looked even better when they dried completely. It was a really fun little activity that even Brentley enjoyed. It was sort of messy though because you have to put food coloring in the bubbles to get the pictures to work. We were very colorful when we were done lol.
Our next activity is going to be a water balloon fight!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Brentley's birthday.

My little boy will be 9 months old in less than two weeks!!! 3/4 of a year!
And I have come to the realization that I am addicted to event planning. Not only do I have Brentley's entire party planned, but I also have most of Grace's planned lol. We'll stick with Brentley's for now though. I find that planning early gives me lots of room to make changes, get new ideas, and find great sales!

All together, including location, decorations, food, cake, presents, pictures, etc. I have estimated that it's going to cost us around $200.

His party is going to be on August 25th, and we are going to have it at the same place that we had his shower at.

The theme is going to be a 1st birthday theme simply because we can never have another 1st birthday. This is the one we picked...

As far as decorations, we are going to get one balloon to match, and then several multicolored balloons. Also a couple of matching table cloths. And maybe some wall decorations, but we're not sure on that yet.

Then, there's the cake. I'm still planning on making it, and I want it to look something like this...

Of course, this is the girl version, so it will be the boy colors, and I want to put his name on the bottom tier and a big red one on the top tier, then a blue bow on top, and there will be shapes like that all around the cake. I can do this! lol.

For food, we are going to do a veggie plate, chips and dip, mini sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, cheese cubes, and a fruit plate. Easy, but yummy lol.

As for presents, we are going to get him one of those bears that everyone can sign (like we had at Grace's party), and Tonka trucks (big and small).I would like to get him a Disney movie as well. We are trying to collect them all. I already bought him four bath toys that we are going to give him as well.

We will take him out to dinner and somewhere fun on his actual birthday as well.

Tiny update, we are signing Grace up for gymnastics tomorrow! And Brentley took two steps the other day!!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I just realized that I didn't do a post about school.
I finished three days ago. Thank goodness! I made three A's (YAY) and two B's (boooo). That's the first time I've never made a B, let alone two.

I made a B in pre-cal. That class was just plain hard. I also made a B in my American lit class, which really makes me mad. I worked my butt off in that class, and the professor just didn't like my writing style. I can tell because of my research paper. I turned it in early for him to review. He wrote two comments on it and corrected two grammar problems. That's it, out of the whole six page paper. I corrected everything he marked on there and turned it in, yet when he grades it, he gives me an 80??? I was mad, so I went to talk to him about it. He said that I did not use my secondary sources enough. Well, the guidlines were that we had to have four secondary sources. It didn't say anything about how much we had to use them. I had my four secondary sources, and I used three of them multiple times. There was not a single grammatical error or spelling error throughtout my entire six page paper, yet he takes 20 points off because HE feels that I did not use enough of my secondary sources. I could understand if he had said we had to use each source three times or something like that, but he didn't, yet he takes 20 points off for that??? It just really makes me mad. Guess I have to get over it though because he said he wasn't changing it.

I hate lit classes. I like that 2+2=4 and that the earth revolves around the sun. I am a concrete thinker, not an abstract one. I stink at finding hidden meanings in stories and stuff like that, and it didn't help that he was a TERRIBLE teacher. He would never tell anyone they were wrong. He would just say something like, "I guess I could see it that way." And he would let the class wander off on random tangents that would last half of the class, yet have nothing to do with the subject matter.

I'm just glad that I am done with his class! I will never take another class with him again!

I know that a B is not a terrible grade. I just feel cheated, and I hate that feeling. Okay, rant over lol.

I'm free until August!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grace's flower project :)

This was such an easy project and Grace had a blast! All I did was buy a flower pot from Dollar Tree, then I let her paint it.

After that, we picked out a flower (which I mentioned on our girls' day out post). I gave her a choice of the cheap small flowers. I think she ended up picking petunias if I remember correctly.

We also bought some potting soil. So we were set.
I didn't have any sort of shovel, so we used a spoon lol. I let her scoop the dirt and put it in.

Then I put the flower in and let her cover it with more dirt.

She is very proud of her flower. I promise that is her "cheese" face.. She is not in pain lol.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ohh myy.

Today was the last day of our yard sale. I only made a little over $25 :( So, I left all my stuff in my nana's storage unit. I took pics of everything to post online, but didn't anticipate selling much because no one bought anything over a two day period.
Well, now I have people want to buy my travel system, two pink car seats, basinett, swing, some of the shoes, and some of the clothes.
So, I texted my nana asking her if I could come pick the stuff up tomorrow... the place is closed on Sundays :( Now I have to ask all these people to wait until Monday. Hope they will still buy it. People on these sites usually like to get it that day or the next day. I think that's because a lot of people don't follow through if they ask you to wait longer than that. Wish me luck that they will! If they do, I will be getting at least $115! Almost enough to sign Grace up for gymnastics :)

The sign ups are the 14th, and we need $152 to enroll her.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our girls' day out :)

Today was my girls' day out with Grace.

First we went to the mall to get her pictures done. She didn't do well with that at all :( We only got 3 picutres that I even liked, and I didn't love any of them :( She didn't want to have her pictures made, so she kept whining and laying down with her face away from the camera. Oh well.

After that, we went to eat at Shogun. She did really well there. She sat in her seat the whole time, and ate all of her chicken and some of her rice. While we were waiting on the guy to come cook the food, we sang all the songs from Dora. She loves Dora now.
Also, she picked out her fortune cookie, and it said, "You are the center of attention in every group." Not sure what kind of fortune that is, but that is SO Grace! Lol.

Then we went to Wal-Mart and got some potting soil and she picked out a flower. I bought her a flower pot and let her paint it, and now we are going to plant a flower in it that she will help me take care of. I'll do a post all about that soon.

Lastly, we went to Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream. She got cookie 'n cream, and I got chocolate chip cookie dough. She sat really well there as well.

I had a really good time with my little girl. I miss being able to spend a lot of one-on-one time with her like that. I think I'm going to try to make this a once a month thing now. And once Brentley is old enough, I will take him specials days out as well.

Car seats :)

We finally got our deposit back from our old place. That was a hassle, but I won't go into that.

The main thing we were planning on buying was the car seats. The ones we wanted were the Safey First Alpha Elite. They rf to 40 lbs, ff to 65 lbs, and booster to 100 lbs. I was excited because I thought we would get rf Grace again, but unfortunately, my tiny car won't allow it. Chris is so tall that he has to have the seat way back, which won't allow for Grace's seat to rf properly. We could switch it around, but then Brentley would have to ff, and I'm not doing that. I tried putting one of them in the middle, but the middle seat is too small for them to fit side by side like that. Oh well, at least Grace is over two.
I can't wait until I have a bigger car!

I feel safer with her in this car seat either way though! And they both seem to really like them. Grace calls it her "seat belt" lol.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My turn to rant about our landlord.

So, this week has been really hectic. It's finals week for one thing. And on top of that, my nana is having a yardsale that I am going to be putting a bunch of the kids' old stuff for sale in. So, I have been really busy with that. I had been dragging everything out to go through it all, so I could find stuff to put in the sale.
Well, our dishwasher broke, so Chris called our landlord, and he said he would send someone out the next day.
That day, I ended up having to go help my nana and mom set up, so I just left the toys and clothes that I had been going through out. Plus, it was the middle of the day. I don't clean up until it's close to time for bed because I would end up having to clean 50 times throughout the day.

Anyway... the maintenanace guy came to look at our dishwasher. That was yesterday. Today, Chris got a phone call from our landlord. The landlord told him there was a problem, so Chris asked him what it was, and the landlord told him that the maintenance guy told him that our apartment was trashy, and that "we don't do trashy."

Trashy?!? I was MAD when I heard that. Our apartment was not trashy! Messy? Yes, but it is not usually like that, and it even if it is, I clean it up every night. But it was far from trashy. There was not trash, or dishes, or dirty clothes. That is what I think of when I think of trashy.

And then he told Chris that if we continued to live like that, he would evict us! I mean really? The man didn't even step foot in our apartment. He did not witness this supposed 'trash' for himself, yet he is threatening to evict us???

I don't know who I'm more mad at... the maintenance man for flat out lying and saying that our apartment was trashy, or the landlord for not actually investigating it for himself.

I understand that if the apartment truly was trashy, then that would be a problem, but it wasn't.
I had already cleaned the entire apartment up before he even called us today. Chris told him he could come over right that minute and look for himself, but of course he wouldn't do it. Gah, it just makes me so mad! I don't like being accused of being something I'm not. Being accused of being trashy makes me feel like a bad mom :(

Let him have a toddler, a baby, be in the middle of finals week, and in the middle of a yardsale... I bet his place would be 10 times worse than what ours looked like.

If he did evict us, there would be a huge lawsuit on his hands because we have not harmed his dumb apartment in any way.