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Friday, May 18, 2012

MTV's 16 and Pregnant.

I have to admit, this show is my guilty pleasure. I don't know why, but I watch it every week. I guess it's just that I feel that I can relate to the girls, and I don't feel that 16 and Pregnant is scripted and fake like Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 are. I couldn't even watch Teen Mom 2 last season. I watched one episode and just couldn't get into it. I might try watching Teen Mom's last season since it's the last, and I like Farrah, Catelynn, and Maci...not so much Amber, but can't do anything about that. We'll see.

Well, to my surprise, there was a girl on this season who lived just about 30 minutes from me (they sure do get a lot of girls from this area). I was really interested in her episode because she lived so close. Then, crazy thing, it shows her at her doctor's office, which just happened to be my ob/gyn's office. We had the same midwife! Lol.
She seemed like a good mom with a good head on her shoulders. The dad was a dead beat, and as far as I can tell, he still is :(
Later that night, I noticed one of my friends on facebook had "liked" her fanpage. I decided I would too because I really liked her episode. And yes, she has proof that it's really her on her page.
I noticed that she was actually commenting back to people, so I mentioned us having the same midwife. We ended up talking, and she is such a sweet girl! She is graduating high school this year, which is great! I didn't ask her about the dad, but other people had, and I don't think he has gotten any better since filming almost a year ago :( But that just makes her that much stronger. I cannot imagine being a single mom!
Unfortunately, she says she didn't make the Teen Mom 3 cut, but that's probably for the best because I think it goes to their heads a little bit too much.
Anyway, her little girl is adorable, and just a couple months older than Brentley. We got to talking about playdates and may be setting one up soon. So crazy how small this world can be lol.
Just thought that was neat :)

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  1. Oh yay! How awesome! That is so funny! Hope playdate goes well. :)