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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grace's flower project :)

This was such an easy project and Grace had a blast! All I did was buy a flower pot from Dollar Tree, then I let her paint it.

After that, we picked out a flower (which I mentioned on our girls' day out post). I gave her a choice of the cheap small flowers. I think she ended up picking petunias if I remember correctly.

We also bought some potting soil. So we were set.
I didn't have any sort of shovel, so we used a spoon lol. I let her scoop the dirt and put it in.

Then I put the flower in and let her cover it with more dirt.

She is very proud of her flower. I promise that is her "cheese" face.. She is not in pain lol.


  1. Cute!!!

    I let Paige pick out some flower seeds for our flower beds... I can't promise they will ever live... And if they do live I can't promise it will be for long. I have never taken care of a flowers before. Lol.

  2. So cute!!! I remember having a picture just like that of Sam last year when we did her first flowers. :) I am sure she will enjoy taking care of something with you.

  3. Megan, I didn't do seeds because I knew they would never grow for me lol. And there is no guarantee that this flower will make it very long lol. I am pretty sure I have a black thumb.

    Brittany, she got really excited when she got to help me water it today lol.

  4. Christina: Ha Ha Ha. I know! It is like magic to get a seed to grow! But if I buy it already grown, I can keep it alive. lol.

    That is cute! Hopefully she will continue to get excited about it.