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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My turn to rant about our landlord.

So, this week has been really hectic. It's finals week for one thing. And on top of that, my nana is having a yardsale that I am going to be putting a bunch of the kids' old stuff for sale in. So, I have been really busy with that. I had been dragging everything out to go through it all, so I could find stuff to put in the sale.
Well, our dishwasher broke, so Chris called our landlord, and he said he would send someone out the next day.
That day, I ended up having to go help my nana and mom set up, so I just left the toys and clothes that I had been going through out. Plus, it was the middle of the day. I don't clean up until it's close to time for bed because I would end up having to clean 50 times throughout the day.

Anyway... the maintenanace guy came to look at our dishwasher. That was yesterday. Today, Chris got a phone call from our landlord. The landlord told him there was a problem, so Chris asked him what it was, and the landlord told him that the maintenance guy told him that our apartment was trashy, and that "we don't do trashy."

Trashy?!? I was MAD when I heard that. Our apartment was not trashy! Messy? Yes, but it is not usually like that, and it even if it is, I clean it up every night. But it was far from trashy. There was not trash, or dishes, or dirty clothes. That is what I think of when I think of trashy.

And then he told Chris that if we continued to live like that, he would evict us! I mean really? The man didn't even step foot in our apartment. He did not witness this supposed 'trash' for himself, yet he is threatening to evict us???

I don't know who I'm more mad at... the maintenance man for flat out lying and saying that our apartment was trashy, or the landlord for not actually investigating it for himself.

I understand that if the apartment truly was trashy, then that would be a problem, but it wasn't.
I had already cleaned the entire apartment up before he even called us today. Chris told him he could come over right that minute and look for himself, but of course he wouldn't do it. Gah, it just makes me so mad! I don't like being accused of being something I'm not. Being accused of being trashy makes me feel like a bad mom :(

Let him have a toddler, a baby, be in the middle of finals week, and in the middle of a yardsale... I bet his place would be 10 times worse than what ours looked like.

If he did evict us, there would be a huge lawsuit on his hands because we have not harmed his dumb apartment in any way.


  1. Does he own the apartments? Or is he just a manager type person?

    I would find out who actually owned them (If it's not him) and I would call and explain to them what happened. If it is him, I would be looking up information about who needed to be called to file a formal complaint on him.

    How DARE the maintenance guy go and call you trashy. How unprofessional of your landlord to call you and threaten to evict you.

    I am a full time SAHM. All I do is take care of kids, cook, and clean. My house still has it's moments when I pray no one knocks on my door because it's so bad... And that's with me cleaning all the time! I couldn't imagine going to school on top of trying to keep up with the house. Your landlord needs to stop thinking he's god.

  2. He owns it, and a bunch of other apartment complexes. I'm not sure there is anyone I could complain to. We found out that he is supposedly a drunk.

    He does have a god complex. I can tell that he thinks he's better than everyone who lives in his apartments. Brittany was telling me some things he's done to people... crazy stuff. Like one family who had a little girl with cancer, and he made them pay a late fee on their rent! I mean, the girl had cancer... how heartless can you be?? It's obvious that he only cares about money. I hate people like that.

  3. Oh yah. And about the family whose girl had cancer, the foundation helping them pay rent sent it out before the first, but it wouldn't get there until after, and he still told them to pay the late payment. Pft. Urg!

    I still can't believe he did that. If he did try to evict you, I would stay there until he had to take you to court and I would tell them everything. Keep it documented. That is what I am having to do with this notice thing. He won't answer my calls now! And he won't answer his office door. I told him I would come down today, and he either ignored it or wasn't there, so I had to put the stupid notice in the rent box with the rent. He can say he didn't get it. I really don't care anymore. He is so ridiculous!

  4. We were documenting today. The maintenance guy came to finish our dishwasher. He turned off our electricity "so he wouldn't electricuit himself." Took the dishwasher out, left the wires hanging there, then turned the electricity back on. There are live wires hanging out of the wall in our kitchen! He knows we have two small kids. He left at 11am and hasn't been back since! So we have been having to deter the kids from the kitchen all day long! Makes me mad.