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Thursday, May 31, 2012

There's always next week...

Today was Grace's first day at gymnastics. It didn't go exactly as I had hoped.

Also, when I say "the girl" that's her coach. She was probably about 18, and I never got her name, so she's "the girl" lol.

We got there 15 minutes early. I will never do that again because Grace kept saying "I want to go play!" Then once it was time for class they brought us out on the gym floor to call roll and explain what to do. By this time, Grace really wanted to go play. She wouldn't sit still or listen.

They had four different areas, and we spent a certain amount of time at each area. The first areas was two different bars, a set of ring, and a set of monkey bars. Grace did the rings perfectly. She would pull her knees up and swing just like the girl had demonstrated. She also did the higher bar really well. The girl even commented on how she loved how well Grace pulled her chin up and pointed her toes in preparation to flip over the bar. They didn't demonstrate those things, but the girl said that's exactly how they are supposed to do it. Grace is a natural! She loved the monkey bars too because she's used to those from the playground.
They were supposed to push up on the shorted bar, but no one was ever at that bar to help her, so we just kind of skipped it for this week lol.

Then, we moved to the second station, which did not go well because Grace didn't understand why she couldn't play on the bars anymore, and she didn't want to sit still again when they were showing what to do. This area had a short rock climbing wall (about 3 feet long) that was at an angle, and once they climbed up, they could slide down the other side. There was a regular slide, then there were these things they called stepping stones. They were different colors, and the first one was really short, the next three gradually got taller, then the three after that started gradually getting shorter again. There was also a cartwheel mat. It was a blue mat with hand and foot prints on it to how to do a "cartwheel" (it was more of put your hands down and jump to the side lol). She liked the rock wall the most. She also liked the step stones. She gave the cartwheel a try a couple of times, and every time she did it she had to have her hands and feet exactly where they were on the mat. The girl commented on how she always had to be perfect as well, and that was a natural thing for a gymnast.
Grace tried to run back to the bars a couple of times, but she did pretty well.

After that, we moved to the next station, which involved more sitting and listening that Grace was not into. This station was mostly flipping and jumping, and there was a snake shaped colorful balance beam. She did really well with the flipping. She would put her hands down, tuck her head under, and roll. They had to help most of the other little girls do it. She was not much into it though because we were close to the in-floor tampoline, and she wanted to jump very badly.

Finally, we got to go jump. They jumped off the trampoline and into the foam pit. She would jump in and then say, "Mommy. look at me!" She LOVED this part, and unfortunately, she threw a fit when it was time to stop. However, she did sit attentively for the hand sanitizer. This girl has a love affair going with hand sanitizer lol. They also got a stamp and a sucker.

Also, let me just point out that although it seems like Grace was a terrible child, she was not the worst child there. There was a boy and another little girl that were worse than her. They were actually the reason she was acting so terrible because their mom's were letting them run wild, and she didn't understand why she couldn't do that as well. And most of the kids didn't want to sit still and kept trying to run back to previous areas. I mean, it was a class of 10 2-3 year olds, so it was definitely chaotic, but fun none-the-less. I didn't get pictures of her during class because of having to follow her so closely, but I will try to get some next week.

Oh, and a cute story. Chris stayed home with Brentley, who was asleep when I left. Chris said he woke up, so they sat together on the floor, and after about a minute Brentley crawled to the hall, then to his room, then our of his room and into our room, then out of our room, back through the living room, and into the kitchen, then Chris says he started crying because he realized I wasn't there :( Bless his heart. He's not used to me being gone since I'm not in school right now.

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  1. First of all, poor Brentley. :(

    I am sorry it didn't go great. Hopefully she will get used to it and there will be less instruction as time goes on.

    We had the same problem in Kindermusik for awhile. SOme of the other kids were acting up, and that made Sam want to.