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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yay for new friends!

First off, we went to Grace's new little friend's second birthday party on Sunday. Grace had a blast because it was at the playgroung, and she LOVES the playground.

I didn't get any pics of her because she was on the go the whole time, but here's one of me and my serious little man.

They live in the same apartment complex that we do, and the girl (we'll call her H) said that we could come over anytime, and that her daughter loves Grace :) The amazing thing... Chris actually does like her husband! Blow me away, lol. Chris typically does not get along with guys, but him and this guy are like best buddies now lol.

Chris has to work everyday this week, including Saturday and possibly Sunday... He has to leave at 6:30 am, and doesn't get home until 5 or 6 :( I'm not used to him being gone in the mornings like that, or for that long everyday.

So, I decided to try to set up a few playdates to keep us busy.
We ended up setting up a playdate with one of my old friends. I used to play softball with her, but hadn't talked to her in forever. I found her on facebook awhile back, and I knew that she had a baby,  but still didn't talk to her. Then, we ran into her at the park. Turns out her little boy isn't even three weeks older than Brentley. We went to her house today. I thought it might be awkward since we hadn't seen each other in forever, but it wasn't. It was so nice to have someone who I can relate to about Brentley. I've always had people who have kids close to Grace's age, but this is the first person who I've gotten to know with someone close to Brentley's age.
She also didn't mind Grace being there, which is great because I know Grace can come off as a little wild sometimes.
They all three played in a her son's kiddie pool together, then they played in her living room for awhile. She even made us all lunch. Such a sweetie!
I met her husband. He apparently went to school with me and said we had classes together. I felt like such an idiot because I could not remember him for the life of me :( He was nice though. Hopefully someone Chris will like him if we start hanging out with them more *fingers crossed!*
When we were leaving she said she would love to set up another playdate, so yay!

We're going to hang out with Brittany and Sami tomorrow :) And we'll probably go over to H's apartment sometime this week.

On Saturday, we're going to 1890's Day (a festival they hold in our town), and my cousin is coming and bringing her son. He's 7 weeks old, and I haven't gotten to meet him yet, so I'm super excited about that! Chris isn't going to get to go with us though :( And we're going to have to get up super early to take him to work that day, so that I can have the car. His friend who works with him took him to work Mon. and yesterday, but his friend is off for the rest of the week, so if I want/need the car, then I have to take him to work. Otherwise, he has to take the car. I definitely do not want to get the kids up everyday at 6 am, so we'll just be taking him on Saturday. Luckily, we can walk to Brittany's and H's apartment, so we won't be completely stuck in the house for the rest of the week :)


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    I wish we lived closer to people who were even 10 years older than us. Everyone around us is way older... And I never even see them outside.

    Yay for Chris liking H's husband!

  2. **That sounded funny when I read it back. Lol. I mean people who are close in age to us, but I would settle for people that are even 10 years older.

  3. I'm glad you had fun! Making new Mommy friends is always good, especially when their kids is in the same stage as yours because you can relate at the same time. And Brentley will need some friends his age too, so that is also nice. Kylie Jade is Samantha's closest friend agewise and they usually go through the same stages back to back. I like it.

    Blah. I can't imagine getting Sam up at 6. She would scratch my eyes out. lol. That sucks you are stuck without a car. And I know you aren't used to Chris being gone, but admit it, it's kinda nice, isn't it? ;) I would pull my hair our if Jessie was home during the day. I Love him, but I also like my time to get stuff done, and I don't get that when Jessie is around. lol

    Who is that chick's husband? Have you looked him up in the yearbook to try and remember him?

    I hope Grace doesn't mind playing in the living room. I have a bunch of toys out still. It is just all the boxes in Sam's room are packed to the edge. And now I have to get all this cleaning done before we move, and I am being set back by two days, so now I really have to get going.

  4. Megan, that sucks that you don't have anyone close to your age! It stinks that it's so hard to make friends when you're a young mom :(

    Brittany, they aren't going to like it, but they'll probably (hopefully) both go back to sleep in the car. We usually get up around 8 am. Brentley and I were up at 7:45 this morning.

    His name is Tyler Wyatt. I haven't looked in the yearbook. I'm think he may have been one of the ones who went to Heritage. If I didn't talk to them before the Heritage switch, then I don't really remember any of them.

    She won't care. If she tries to go back to Sami's room, I'll stop her.