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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Loss..

My daughter lost her Great Grandpa yesterday. He was her daddy's grandfather, but I cared about him very much too. He had a massive heart attack and passed away on February 24th, 2009. He was 74 years old. It saddens me to think that my daughter will never get to know her "grandpa." He loved her very much. He was a very nice man. For Christmas he gave me a card that called me his granddaughter. It made me feel accepted into their family.
We went over to his house to be with the family and it made me very sad when I walked through the door and he wasn't in his chair. He was always sitting in the same chair and when I would walk through the door he would say "hey gal" and ask me how I was doing, and I would ask him the same.
I know he is in a better place now. His wife of over 30 years died six years ago and he never let go of her, and now he is with her, so I know he is happy.
My fiance is taking it hard though. His grandfather was the only real father figure he ever had, and he raised him well. I just hope that Chris is not hurting too much. He is not one to show his true emotions, even to me, so all I know to do is stand by his side and be there for him.
I plan on taking one of the pictures that we have of Grandpa holding Grace and putting it in her baby book with a little something about him, so she knows who he was and that he loved her.
Rest in peace Richard "Dick" Roy Ferrel.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am 18 now! My birthday was February 3rd. I had a really good birthday. Chris' mom watched the baby for us while we went and ate lunch. Then we picked her up and went home to get ready for my birthday dinner. Grace and I dressed alike. We both had a pink shirt, black bottoms, and black shoes. She look adorable! We went and got a balloon blown up and then went and picked up my cookie cake (I love cookie cake!). Then we went to eat a Logan's for dinner. My Grandmother, 3 of my cousins, my cousin's boyfriend, my best friend Brittany and her daughter and husband, and of course Chris and Grace all came. Unfortunately my mom and sister have the flu so they couldn't come, but other than that I had a really great time! After we ate Chris, Grace, and I went over to Brittany's house and hung out for a while. She gave me the prettiest picture frame for my present! I can't wait to get some pretty pictures to put in it! And I got lots of money from the family lol. It really was a great birthday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The baby books.

I am a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to her baby book. I like to keep track of everything. I started a book for her before she was born, chronicling everything that happened while I was pregnant. I would write about every doctor's appointment we had, special outing we had, our baby shower, like I said, everything. I have expanded that book to make a baby book for her too. I have an actual baby book that you write things in that's really nice, but it just does not have everything I want in it, so I made my own. I want her to have something she can look back on, and know that I really did and always will love and care for her. I recommend that everyone do something like this. This way I can also look back and remember everything that happened. I work on it everyday at school because I always have free time. That way it doesn't take away from my time with her. It really is something I look forward to doing everyday. I can't wait until I get it caught up (I didn't work on it after she was born until I went back to school).
It's really easy to do. Just get a binder and some sheet covers to protect the paper. Type things on the computer and put them in. I got some paper with baby foot prints and some scrap book stickers and stuff to make it look nice. I am planning on decorating the binder itself at some point too. One thing I recommend is starting with a big binder. I started with a small one and now it is out growing it.

My daily routine.

I would like to tell you about my daily routine, but the truth is, we don't really have one. The only thing that is really routine about my days are that Monday through Friday I go to school from 8am to 11:10am.
The days I have school I leave the baby in bed with her Daddy. It works best when she stays asleep, but a lot of the time she doesn't. Regardless he takes care of her while I take a shower and get ready for school. I go to school and then come home. If the baby is awake I play with her for awhile. If she is not then I will either try to nap while she's sleeping, work on her baby book, do homework, or try to come post something on here. Then when she wakes up I will play with her. She doesn't have set eating schedule yet because she still only uses formula, so she just eats whenever she feels like it. I usually cook dinner around 6 or 7 for the rest of us. On Thursday's we go to eat at Chris' parent's house so they can see Grace. We have doctors appointments randomly. I do laundry and clean when it is needed. Every day is different.
Another thing that is always constant is that I always play with Grace, every day. Eventually this will change as Grace gets older and eats and sleeps on a schedule, and especially when we move out because I am big on routines, but my mom and siblings are not, so it makes it very hard for us to stay on a routine. Again, I go back to my desperate need to move out. I cannot wait until we can! We will know if we can or not in 16 days!