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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Newborn pictures :)

We bought the CD, so we have the rights to the pictures. Plus we got a free 8x10 for buying the CD :)

This is the one we are going to get the 8x10 of.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A little update..

I'm up for a feeding, so I figured I would post while he's eating... We are home now and much more comfortable. We got home around 12pm, and my mom brought Grace around 4pm.

Brentley is doing very well. He passed his hearing test in both ears!! And breastfeeding is going really well so far. My actual milk came in today, and he has been sleeping really well for a newborn since then. I have to wake him up to feed him lol. His eyes are a dark gray/blue and his hair is blondish-brown. He can already smile and is holding his head up better than Grace was at birth! Probably because he's a whole two pounds bigger than she was lol.

As for Grace.. she is really warming up to Brentley. She has not been mean to him at all. She helps me throw away his diapers, and she likes to pat his back. I can really tell she loves him. One time he was laying on my chest sleeping, and she started touching his face. I asked her to stop because it was waking him up. Well, too late because it did wake him up. I was trying to pat him to see if he would go back to sleep, but he was making the cry face, and then started crying.. It broke Grace's heart. She started crying and latched on to Chris. She would not let him let go of her. I think she thought she hurt Brentley, and it was so pitiful! She cried for ten minutes straight :( We kept telling her that it was okay, he was just hungry, but she didn't understand.

Oh and also, I just thought this was sweet.. while we were in the hospital Chris randomely looked at me and said, "Thank you for giving me two beautiful babies." He's not usually a sweet talker like that.. That is something that I think I will remember for the rest of my life :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

He's here!!

So, I went to the doctor yesterday because she wanted to check me before my due date over the weekend. She stripped my membranes while I was there. She was really pushing induction, but it wouldn't have been needed anyway.

Around 8pm I started having contractions. They were random, and not really timeable, but uncomfortable. They were the first things that I felt that I knew for sure were contractions, so I decided to get things ready just in case. By 10pm the contractions were coming more and more frequently, so we decided to go in. We dropped Grace off at my mom's and headed to the hospital a little bit before midnight. On the way there the contractions got much stronger and timeable. When we got there I was 3 (almost 4) cms, 80% effaced, and having contractions every three minutes.
A little before 2am the contractions were pretty much killing me. I have come to the realization that I am a wuss lol. I do not take pain well. I got an epidural at 2am. It kicked in almost instantly, and I was able to get some rest.
My mom left Cheyenne and Grace with my grandmother and got to the hospital at about 7:30 am, which is about the same time that my midwife came in and broke my water. I stared pushing around 8am, and at 8:19am my baby boy was born!

However, he was not breathing.. the cord had been wrapped around his neck twice. When I pushed his head out she asked me to stop pushing, and the nurse shoved the mirror I had away. But I saw the cord wrapped around his neck. They laid him on my stomach, my midwife cut the cord, and handed him to the nurses. He was blue and didn't cry for over a minute :( But they finally got him to breathe!!
Then my midwife found a knot in his cord, and my very blunt nurse told me that if that would have tightened he would have died :(

We attempted to breastfeed shortly after birth, but he had a lot of mucus that was making it hard for him to breathe. They had to run a tube into his lungs to suck it out, then they took him to the nursery for almost 3 hours for tests.

I have my beautiful baby boy now though :) Our second attempt at breastfeeding was a success!
Oh and did I mention he was 9lbs, 15ozs, and 21 and 3/4 inches long!! Every time I get a new nurse she will ask me where I was hiding him, how I pushed him out, am I sure I didn't have a c-section, or something along those lines lol.

Grace was not thrilled in the least lol, but she will come around.

Here he is :)
Daddy's first time getting to hold his son :)

My first time getting to hold him.

Look how big his feet are!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brentley's room is ready!!

We decided to rearrange his room to better suit the wall decorations, and it ended up opening up the room more. Also, those little black plastic storage drawers in the corner are the ones I got for free out of the neighbors stuff. They work really well in his room :)

And this is me today at 39 weeks and 3 days along. I am absolutely huge! Lol. Definitely ready to have my little man!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Well I went to the doctor today..

Luckily she didn't push the induction. She asked me what I wanted, and said that all she asks is that I come back on Thursday or Friday since my due date is over the weekend. I am a loose 2 to tight 3 cms dilated (that's how she explained it). She said she is surprised I haven't had him yet. So it could be any day now!! Here's the bad news.. my doctor decided last week that they are no longer going to go to Women's East (the hospital I really wanted to go to). I am going to have to deliver him a East Ridge, which is closer to us. It's literally down the street, but it's no where near as good of a hospital in my opinion. Sadly it's better than my other option though..
It's not a bad hospital, but they aren't really big on natural deliveries like Women's East is.. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. I delivered Grace at East Ridge and she was a happy healthy baby, so Brentley will be too.

Now this has nothing to do with the doctor, but I am excited about it.. We had a neighbor a few spots down from us. She was wayyyy behind on her rent, so she just took her kids (whom she let run wild) and took off. They left notice on her door that she needed to pick up her stuff, but she never did. Again, they left notice that her stuff would be thrown out if she didn't pick it up.. Well she never came for it, and today they set it all out in her drive way. We call the main office and they said that whatever we wanted was up for grabs. I got two umbrella strollers (one girl one and one boy one), 3 pairs of shoes for Brentley, 2 pairs of shoes and an outfit for Grace, over 100 movies (good movies too!), two of those plastic drawer storage bins, a Baby Phat purse, a Christmas candle holder, a bunch of really nice decorative pictures for our wall, and probably more stuff I can't remember lol.
Plus Chris got a whole surround sound set, a webcam, and a bunch of Marilyn Monroe stuff (for his mom because she likes that stuff). All FREE!!!!
There is a TON more stuff out there, but it is about 25045745 degrees outside today. I started getting wayyy too hot, and had to come inside. There are still bags and some boxes of stuff that I didn't even get to go through. If the stuff is still out there later when it cools down I'm going to go back out there and see what I can find because they had some really nice stuff. I can't believe they just left it! I feel really bad for her kids because they just left all of their stuff :( But hey, if she doesn't want it I will certainly take it!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is the final stretch..

We are down to the wire now.. Only 6 days until my due date!! Everyone seem to think they can control my due date.. not just the doctors, but my family as well :(
The one doctor is wanting my to induce on Monday, and Chris' mom is telling me I NEED to do it then because that is when she is off work, and she wants to be in there for the birth! I don't even want her to be in there, but I also don't want to cause a huge fight. I told Chris I will let her be in there, but if she starts causing problems I will have to nurse ask her to leave. I want this to be a stress free labor. I'm hoping that she will have to work, so she won't be able to come anyway. It's honestly not just the fact that it is her either.. I think 3 people being in the room with me is a lot for one thing. Then I am not comfortable with my body as it is, so I really don't want someone I am not close to seeing my lady parts.. ugg.. just the thought of it bothers me. Plus we don't always get along because she likes things to be done her way, and this is one time where I will not be putting up with any of that bullcrap.

Then there is my dad. He says that I need to have them wait until Thursday, so that he can take two days off of work to watch my brother and then be able to keep him over the weekend. Thanks a bunch dad! What does that have to do with me having a baby?? You want to be able to keep my brother for four consecutive days, so I need to schedule my giving birth around it? I have such a thoughtful family!

Then today my grandmother told me I need to have them wait until Wednesday because she is not going to be available to watch my sister and Grace until then.. Seriously?? Who the heck is going to watch them if you can't? The week of my due date was not exactly a great time to plan something! If she can't watch them my mom most likely won't get to be there for the birth :( Chris' mom says that her husband can watch Grace, but I don't trust that.. He has never had children. I don't trust anyone who has never had children to watch my baby girl. And even if I would allow him to watch her (which I won't) my mom still would not have anyone to watch Cheyenne, so she would have to stay with her.

Not to mention EVERYONE just assumes I am going to have an induction!! I do not want an induction! And if Brentley decides he wants to come tomorrow there is nothing anyone can do about it! And if he decides he doesn't want to come until my due date that is his choice as well. I just really wish people would consider how I feel and what I want. It is MY body. I am the one that has to push the baby out. My body will go into labor when it wants, you don't have to be in the room, you don't have to have my brother for four days, you didn't have to plan something the week of my due date when you already knew I needed you! These are the things I feel like screaming!
Sorry for the rant.. all of this is just stressing me out..
Even Chris was starting to say he's leaning toward induction because "then he would know when the baby is coming." He is just excited though. He really wants Brentley to come. Every night he will lean over to my tummy and say "Come out. I want to meet you!" He is so excited to have a son :) And I talked to him, and told him I really need him on my side with this. He hasn't mentioned inducing since then, so I think he actually listened.

My mom is on my side, but she says she wants him to come on Wednesday because that's my sister birthday lol.

I did have a productive day despite all of this though.. I got the house all organized this morning. It is ready for Brentley's arrival. Then I got all the hospital bags completely packed. Then we went to Wal-Mart, and I got the last few things we needed before Brentley comes. We went to my sister's birthday party.. she is turning 6! Then we went to Sprint and ordered me a new phone. I was eligible for my two year upgrade. Can't wait until it gets here! After that we dropped of my pre-registration papers at the hospital :) Then we went to the new Carter's store that opened up here. I was hoping it was an outlet, but it's not :( I did get Grace a $24 tutu for $10 though! It's going to be part of her halloween costume, but she can also wear it with other things as well :) After that we came home and Chris put up the valance in his room. All I have left in his room is to put up the signs Jessika made. That is literally the only thing I have left to do. After that I just have to keep the house clean, and wait.

We have our next appointment on Monday, so I'll know if I have progressed any or not. I'll update then if I haven't had Brentley yet :p

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grace is growing up..

She talks about everything now. She still can't say many sentences, but she picks up on words like a pro. Everyday she is saying a new word now. Yesterday her new word was "cool." Lol.
But on a daily basis we talk about the kitty. We lock him in the bathroom at night, and every morning I will ask Grace if she wants to go get the kitty. She runs to the bathroom yelling "KITTY! KITTY!" Then when we go in she will run up to him saying "Hi, kitty!" And she will follow him around saying "meow, meow."
She is also a big fan of going places. If I ask her about going bye bye she will go straight to the door saying "go" or "outside." And I tell her we have to get dressed first she will run to her room saying "clothes!" Lol.
And now she is getting pretty good at identifying people. She can of course say Mommy and Daddy like a pro, but now she calls my dad "Pa" from grandpa lol. And she calls my sister Chy for Cheyenne. If I show her pictures she will tell me who the people in the pictures are. She will point and say "Chy!" or "Daddy!" It's so cute!
And she LOVES Ollie. Every time she goes to my mom's house she comes back talking about "Ollie." Only thing is, every dog is "Ollie" now lol.

I also think we are getting really close to potty training! She takes her diaper off and throws it in the trash whenever she pees lol. And if she can't get it off she will come to me saying "pee!" And I'll ask her if she wants her diaper changed, and she will say "yay!" She does not like to wear a wet diaper.
Every time I tell her I have to go potty (because we all know I pee a lot right now lol) she runs in behind me saying "potty" and sits on her potty too. And then last night she just started "potty! potty!" So I asked her if she needed to go potty. She took off to the bathroom saying "yay!" I took her diaper off and set her on the potty. She didn't do anything, but she did sit there for awhile. I think it's a good sign.

It just amazes me how much her language has exploded in the last week or so. I've been teaching her to "use her words." She's getting really good at it too. She will say "eat" or "snack" if she is hungry. Or "cup" if she is thirsty. And anytime I figure out what she is trying to tell me she will say "yay!"

Her two favorite indoor things to do are dance and play with her dolls. She has an amazing memory for dancing! If I start singing any song from Barney she will do the moves. No one has to show her how to do them. I think she could remember more dances if she watched them.
And she just recently started playing with baby dolls. She puts them in their bed and covers them with her blankie. Or she will try to feed them her cup. It is precious! She also loves to push them around in the little stroller she has.

But her most favorite thing to do is be outside. She would stay outside all day if I could handle it. Unfortunately, at this point I can pretty much only handle going outside when it is starting to get dark. She doesn't mind though. She LOVES to ride her little four wheeler. She's not very good at steering it, so either Chris or I have to walk beside her, but she just sits there saying "wee! wee!" or "yay!" the whole time lol.

She is growing up wayyy too quick on me.. I think this picture shows it well..
First off, look at all those teeth! She has 14 teeth now, and two more growing in!
And then of course, the hair.. She needs her bangs cut bad. I have tried my hardest to get her to wear bows. She likes bows. She will bring them to me and say "pretty" wanting me to put them in her hair, but she won't leave them in her hair. I'm really sad to cut it. It's never been cut before, but it's getting so long now that it gets in her mouth. I think when she is napping I am just going to cut her bangs straight across. I really don't want to, but she needs it done :( Wish me luck! I'm scared I'm going to mess it up somehow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

What is their obsession with inducing??

I had a doctor's appointment today, and i have just not been having luck at the doctor's lately.
My appointment was at 2. We sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes, then they called me back to get my weight and blood pressure. After they did that she sent me back to the waiting room, and said they would call us to a room shortly.
Well at 3 we were still sitting in the waiting room! Chris went up to the desk to ask them what was going on, and the lady said she would go check. She came back, and said that they had skipped over me, and we would get the next available room. We still had to wait like 20 more minutes for a room to open up.
Then, since my normal midwife was on vacation I had to see the doctor. He is nice, and supposedly a very good doctor, but I don't know him well, and I am much more comfortable with my midwife.
I really wanted to know if I have progressed any, but he didn't check me :( He listened to Brentley's heartbeat, and checked the size of my tummy. My tummy is measuring 39 weeks, so a week ahead. After he measured it he said, "Look like we'll have a baby next week." And starts talking about how they can't induce me until 39 weeks, but that they will probably induce me after my appointment next week. He didn't even aask how I feel about it.
I'm anxious to see my regular midwife next week and see what she says.

In some ways I understand what they are saying.. I don't want to wait and let him get so big that I can't deliver him. In my family there are several women (including my mom) who cannot deliver a baby naturally. I really don't want him to get so big that I end up having to have a c-section. I would rather be induced then have a c-section.
Plus if I was induced it would be easier to prepare. We could make sure the whole house was cleaned from top to bottom, make sure we got Grace to my grandmother's, and my mom could make sure she got my brother to my dad's and my sister to my grandmother's, so she could definitely be there for the birth.

But I still really don't want to be induced. I would much rather just go into labor on my own. However, if I don't go into labor by next Monday (which would put my at 39 weeks and 2 days) I might consider an induction under several conditions. It would mostly depend on if I am farther dilated and effaced. If a woman is 3 cms or more when they give her pitocin she is much less likely to have her induction end in a c-section.

What do you guys think?? I'm really on the fence about this.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Grace's birthday plans.

I am trying to keep it relatively cheap. The max I want to spend is $150 for EVERYTHING. For her first birthday I went all out and we spent around $600!! Yea, definitely not this year. For one thing we have little extra money, and then we won't be having a birthday week for her this year because Brentley will only be right around two months old. I would still like to make her a cake and give her her presents from Chris and me on her birthday, but that is probably about all we'll do besides her party.

I'm assuming that we'll probably just rent the precinct again, since her birthday is in winter. That doesn't leave us with many options. The precinct will cost $25.

Then I am planning on getting her cake at Ingles because it is the only place I can find that has a Barney cake. It's $22 to feed 24 people. I'm not sure how many people will be there, so I am going to make some cupcakes with green icing and purple icing to make sure there is enough cake to go around.

Then I want a Barney balloon..
This one is on Amazon Prime for $4! And I want to have purple and green latex balloons everywhere. We already have purple balloons left over from when Chris threw me the surprise party, so we just have to buy the green latex balloons, which is like $2.

Then I decided that everything else would just be purple and green to save us more money (vs. having Barney plates, cups, etc.). I want to have purple plates, green cups and napkins, and some purple and some green table cloths. We have a bunch of un-used spoons left over from Brentley's baby shower, so I'll just use those. I know they don't match, but they are just spoons, so I think it will be okay lol.
I looked at one Dollar tree and they didn't have purple or green. I may have to try a bigger one, but I'm not sure if they sell those colors. If not, I will just go to Party City. They have really good prices on plain colored things anyway.

Then, I want to find her either a green or purple dress to wear. I have no idea how much that will cost me because I haven't looked into it yet. I have to wait until places start switching out their summer clothes for winter clothes. I'm thinking the mall would be my best bet for that though because they have tons of places with kids clothes.

As for her presents.. this probably makes me sound like a horrible mom, but I don't plan on getting her much. I have a good reason though. I figure for her birthday other people will be getting her presents, and since we are spending money on the party we aren't going to have much left for presents. I would rather save that money and be able to buy her lots of stuff for Christmas.
But anyway, I want to get her a disco ball.. something like this.

My sister has one, and Grace loves it. Plus it's something she will be able to use for a long time. Not something she will grow out of in a few months.

I'm not sure what else I want to get her. I was thinking about big girl panties, but that depends on where we are in the potty training process at that point. If anyone has any good ideas for things to buy a 2 year old please let me know!

I'm going to start buying some of this stuff little by little, so that I don't have to buy it all at one time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My first new recipe..

Was a success! It is definitely going to be something I make more often.
I'm proud of myself for actually doing this, and I am going to keep doing it.

So I made this thing called taco bake. I am not usually a beef eater. I usually make my tacos with chicken or just beans, but I decided I would try it because Chris and Grace both like beef.

This is the recipe:


1 4 oz. can crescent rolls

1/2 pound ground beef

1/2 pkg taco seasoning mix

1/2 cup sour cream

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup chopped lettuce

1 large tomato, chopped


- Preheat oven to 375ยบ. Spray 9" square baking pan with cooking spray.

- Unroll dough carefully (do not separate into triangles). Press seams together so dough is one piece. Place dough in pan. Bake about 5 minutes. - Remove from oven.

- Brown ground beef; drain fat. Add taco seasoning and stir well. Cook for about 5 minutes over low heat.

- Spread meat evenly over baked crust. Spread sour cream over meat.

- Sprinkle with shredded cheese.

- Bake 15 - 20 minutes or until crust is browned and cheese is melted. Top with lettuce and tomato.

Now, I did make a few changes to it. On one half I put lots of beef and a little sour cream (Chris' half), and on the other half I put a little beef and more sour cream (mine and Grace's half).
The next thing I changed was that I put a lot more cheese! We are cheese lovers and 1 cup of cheese was not going to cut it for us lol, but that really all depends on how much you and your family like cheese.
Then I only baked it for 10 minutes. I really don't think it should be cooked any longer than that. It would have burnt for sure if I left it for 20, and it would have been really crispy if I left it for 15, so I recommend 10 minutes.
The next thing I did, that I also recommend, is instead of actually putting the topping on I left them on the side. That way if everyone doesn't like the same toppings they can put on what they want after they have their portion. I also had more than just lettuce and tomato. I also had onions and taco sauce. You could do anything really though.. like peppers or beans.
On mine I put all the toppings. Chris only had tomatos and taco sauce on his. And Grace had hers plain.
But I really thought this was great because it's quick and easy to make, and if you do it the way I did it everyone can have it the way they want it.

This was definitely a successful recipe, and will remain in my recipe book, which I worked on today and already have 26 recipes in! :) Feel free to try it out if it sounds like something your family would like.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cooking :)

It's probably part of my nesting symptom, but I have a huge urge to start cooking more for my family. I feel like a bad mom for not making them very many things from scratch (thank you cafemom for doing that to me lol), so last night I went on a recipe hunt. I found this awesome blog that had tons of great family friendly recipes. Unfortunately her last post was over a year ago :( But still, I found 14 new recipes! Different types of fish, chicken, beef, homemade fries, fried rice, and more. I was really excited!

I have a binder left over from when I was in school, so I am going to turn it into my recipe binder. I'm going to print off all these recipes plus type up the recipes I already have and put them in there. My goal is to try one new recipe each week. Then I'm going to post the recipe on here along with how it turned out when I cooked it, whether I think any changes need to be made, and if I would recommend it or not.

I think one a week is a resonable goal with Brentley on the way. After he gets here I am not sure that I could take on more new recipes. Plus I would hate to make like 5 new meals and none of them turn out good, so we end up eating sandwiches five days in a row.
I'm excited about this though. We are going grocery shopping tomorrow, so I will get the ingredients for one of the recipes, and try it out sometime this week.

Once I run out of these recipes I will search for a new recipe each week. That way, by the time the kids are old enough to actually have a sit down dinner every night I will have tons of recipes and know how to make them just the way we like them :)

Also, on a side note, I got Brentley's baby book in the mail today :) It's the Carter's Child of Mine - Thank Heaven for Little Boys one (Grace has the same one except for girls). It goes all the way up to five years old! And I found out yesterday that my midwife has gone on vacation. Her vacation started yesterday, and doesn't end until the 22nd! So nice of her to inform me. Now, if I go into labor between now and the 22nd I have no idea who will be delivering Brentley. I guess I still would rather go early then have them wanting to induce me though. It's just stressful to know that I may not get the person I'm comfortable with. I already have to see a different person at my doctor's appointment on the 15th, and I don't like that, so if I have a different person delivering Brentley I think it will make the delivery stressful for me :(

Monday, August 8, 2011


So today we finally got my motor mounts fixed.. $400 down the drain. That was pretty much the last of my Pell Grant. We have a little over $100 left.

Jessika's post got me thinking about our finances for the rest of the year. We are fine month to month with bills, but we don't really have much extra. When I work it gives us extra money, but after I have Brentley I am not sure what I am going to do. My boss actually okayed me to bring Brentley to work with me if I am breastfeeding him. I sit the whole time, and since he would be a newborn he would pretty much just eat and sleep. The most I am ever there is 6 hours, so it's really not that long. I'm thinking I will at least give it a shot because we could really use that money. If it is too difficult I guess I will just have to figure something else out.

I won't get anymore Pell Grant money until January. Between now and then we have halloween, Grace's birthday, and Christmas. For halloween Chris wants Brentley to be Superman. I really want Grace to be a ballerina, but I've never really seen any cute ballerina costumes for a two year old. I'm thinking about buying an actual tutu and leotard to let her wear.

For her birthday I want to do Barney. We are probably going to go pretty cheap with the decorations.. like more plain color things (purple and green), and then a Barney cake and some Barney balloons. I really want to get her a disco ball light for her birthday. My sister has one, and Grace loves it.

Then for Christmas.. I have about $500 saved up for Christmas time. I have been really good about not spending any of that, and I am determined to save it for Christmas time.
I already have a few things for them.. I have the pillows and pillowcases I made for them. Then I have several Barney books for Grace that I got awhile back.

I would really like to get Grace a portable DVD player and one of those basically indestructible kid cameras. And I know I want to get Brentley a children's Bible. I was also thinking about getting Brentley one of those jumperroo things as his big present. I'm not really sure what else to get the kids. Especially Brentley.. it's so hard to shop for a small baby. Grace only had like 5 presents and a stocking for her first Christmas. We just couldn't think of what to get for a newborn. And one of the things we got her I would never buy again. If anyone has any suggestions for what to get for a 4 month old that would be great!

And then of course we get ornaments. I am really big into the ornament tradition thing. Every year we get a family one, one for Grace, and one for Chris and me, and now we will need to get one for Brentley too. The family one we get will be personalized, so it won't be cheap.

And then there are pictures.. I want to get newborn pictures of Brentley, Grace's birthday pictures and halloween pictures of Grace and Brentley (can be done in the same sitting because they are so close to each other), and then our family Christmas pictures.. these are what I'm really worried about paying for. We always get them at JC Penneys which can be sort of pricey, but we'll figure out how to get them done somehow.

As long as I get to work some more after Brentley is born I can continue to save money, so lets just hope it really will work out to where I can take Brentley to work. It would be a blessing to be able to continue to make money without it interferring with breastfeeding. And if for some reason breastfeeding doesn't work, then Chris can watch him and Grace while I go to work.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Picture post :)

I have lots of pictures I would like to post on here, so here we go!

First the ultrasound pics..
His heartbeat :)

He is definitely a boy! Lol.

He's such a chunky little thing lol.

He looked like he was trying to poke his eye out :p

These three pics are from 36 weeks and 6 days.

I think this is the first bare belly pic I have posted.

From the front.. you can sort of see my belly button sticking out lol.

We got his name up over his bed :)

These are some of the maternity pictures my mom took.

Proud parents :)

B for Brentley :)

His little shoes :)

And here are some of Grace being her goofy self.

She loves to stand like this on the chair :p

She loves her daddy's car.
Chris wet her hair and made it stick up lol.

Grace and my sister (Cheyenne). 

These are some pics of Grace that my mom took while we were downtown :)

This one is my favorite!