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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grace is growing up..

She talks about everything now. She still can't say many sentences, but she picks up on words like a pro. Everyday she is saying a new word now. Yesterday her new word was "cool." Lol.
But on a daily basis we talk about the kitty. We lock him in the bathroom at night, and every morning I will ask Grace if she wants to go get the kitty. She runs to the bathroom yelling "KITTY! KITTY!" Then when we go in she will run up to him saying "Hi, kitty!" And she will follow him around saying "meow, meow."
She is also a big fan of going places. If I ask her about going bye bye she will go straight to the door saying "go" or "outside." And I tell her we have to get dressed first she will run to her room saying "clothes!" Lol.
And now she is getting pretty good at identifying people. She can of course say Mommy and Daddy like a pro, but now she calls my dad "Pa" from grandpa lol. And she calls my sister Chy for Cheyenne. If I show her pictures she will tell me who the people in the pictures are. She will point and say "Chy!" or "Daddy!" It's so cute!
And she LOVES Ollie. Every time she goes to my mom's house she comes back talking about "Ollie." Only thing is, every dog is "Ollie" now lol.

I also think we are getting really close to potty training! She takes her diaper off and throws it in the trash whenever she pees lol. And if she can't get it off she will come to me saying "pee!" And I'll ask her if she wants her diaper changed, and she will say "yay!" She does not like to wear a wet diaper.
Every time I tell her I have to go potty (because we all know I pee a lot right now lol) she runs in behind me saying "potty" and sits on her potty too. And then last night she just started "potty! potty!" So I asked her if she needed to go potty. She took off to the bathroom saying "yay!" I took her diaper off and set her on the potty. She didn't do anything, but she did sit there for awhile. I think it's a good sign.

It just amazes me how much her language has exploded in the last week or so. I've been teaching her to "use her words." She's getting really good at it too. She will say "eat" or "snack" if she is hungry. Or "cup" if she is thirsty. And anytime I figure out what she is trying to tell me she will say "yay!"

Her two favorite indoor things to do are dance and play with her dolls. She has an amazing memory for dancing! If I start singing any song from Barney she will do the moves. No one has to show her how to do them. I think she could remember more dances if she watched them.
And she just recently started playing with baby dolls. She puts them in their bed and covers them with her blankie. Or she will try to feed them her cup. It is precious! She also loves to push them around in the little stroller she has.

But her most favorite thing to do is be outside. She would stay outside all day if I could handle it. Unfortunately, at this point I can pretty much only handle going outside when it is starting to get dark. She doesn't mind though. She LOVES to ride her little four wheeler. She's not very good at steering it, so either Chris or I have to walk beside her, but she just sits there saying "wee! wee!" or "yay!" the whole time lol.

She is growing up wayyy too quick on me.. I think this picture shows it well..
First off, look at all those teeth! She has 14 teeth now, and two more growing in!
And then of course, the hair.. She needs her bangs cut bad. I have tried my hardest to get her to wear bows. She likes bows. She will bring them to me and say "pretty" wanting me to put them in her hair, but she won't leave them in her hair. I'm really sad to cut it. It's never been cut before, but it's getting so long now that it gets in her mouth. I think when she is napping I am just going to cut her bangs straight across. I really don't want to, but she needs it done :( Wish me luck! I'm scared I'm going to mess it up somehow.


  1. Oh gosh! She is! Look at her! The stage she is in now, was one of my FAVORITE stages! It's good that she is getting into her dolls. She will LOVE to help with Brentley. And that is awesome about her potty! Sitting on it is a great start. Once she starts, I don't think you will have a problem at all. She seems very willing. Told you she would just learn her words out of nowhere. :p We did the, "Use your words." with Samantha. Now we have to do, "Use your expressions." Because she will whine about something and we gotta get her to sit down and talk to us. She is very into emotions. She will say, "I just feel so sad because I miss my Daddy. He is at work, and I don't think he will ever come back." It's pitiful. An outdoors girl? Awesome! Ya'll should come camping with us sometime, of course after Brentley gets a bit older. We have a 3 room tent, so room for everybody. ;p

  2. She is soooo cute!!!! I remember Charleigh at that age. She was 21 months when Ellanoa was born! Here shenis almost 21/2. I tell the babies to use their words all the time. They are pretty good at sentences and stuff right now but I tell them to use their words instead of whining. To tell me what they want or how they feel.
    I still haven't cut Charleighs hair. But I did like you and trimmed the bangs. I kept the hair:)
    So many teeth!!! And such a pretty smile:D
    O and Charleigh did the same thing with her baby dolls at that age and still does. For the longest time she paid no mind to them really but right before Ellanoa was born she really got into them.

  3. Brittany, I think it's good that she is showing interest in baby dolls now. I'm hoping that means it will make the transition easier on her once he is here. Like helping with him will be something that makes her feel special you know?
    And I think Grace would love camping! Chris does. She gets her love of outdoors from him. I do like camping though. I'm not usually an outdoor person, but I love the campfire and sleeping in a tent. We should definitely do that when Brentley is old enough!

    Jessika, I didn't realize that Charleigh and Ely were 21 months apart. I mean I knew that, but I never realized that Grace and Brentley would have the same age difference as Charleigh and Ely. That's neat! Lol.
    I'm definitely not going to give her a real hair cut yet.. just the bangs. I don't think I could handle a real hair cut yet lol. And I will definitely save her bangs. I save everything. Heck, we were going to save her piece of cord that fell off, but we lost it lol.
    Grace hasn't cared about baby dolls either until just a week or so ago. It's like it's a sign that she's preparing for Brentley lol.

  4. Ya. I am sure it will. It will make her feel special, liek Brentley is her Baby too. :)