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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Picture post :)

I have lots of pictures I would like to post on here, so here we go!

First the ultrasound pics..
His heartbeat :)

He is definitely a boy! Lol.

He's such a chunky little thing lol.

He looked like he was trying to poke his eye out :p

These three pics are from 36 weeks and 6 days.

I think this is the first bare belly pic I have posted.

From the front.. you can sort of see my belly button sticking out lol.

We got his name up over his bed :)

These are some of the maternity pictures my mom took.

Proud parents :)

B for Brentley :)

His little shoes :)

And here are some of Grace being her goofy self.

She loves to stand like this on the chair :p

She loves her daddy's car.
Chris wet her hair and made it stick up lol.

Grace and my sister (Cheyenne). 

These are some pics of Grace that my mom took while we were downtown :)

This one is my favorite!


  1. Love all the pics!! Girl you are all belly!! Soon there will be a post about him arriving and then pics!!! Yay!!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to hear about your awesome drug free birth!!! I know you can do it. My favorite moment in that documentary was when the lady was giving birth and was telling her husband she wanted an epidural. Haha!!! But she got to the point where the oxytocin kicked in and pushed that baby out. Haha!!! I know you will stay strong. I hope you don't labor that long:(
    It's awesome that you are already progressing. I never dilated or effaced except with Kaedyn when I went into labor. My mom was the same way. She never dilated until labor and she all 5 of her kids naturally!!! No meds! And even delivered my little brother breech on her hands and knees!!! The power of a women!!!
    Praying health on you and your baby boy!! And for strength during labor!!

  2. I feel massive! Lol. I think it has to do with the fact that I have a hard time moving around though. There are literally times when I can't stand up straight because he is pushing down so hard. I have to walk like an old person with back problems lol.

    With Grace I was a tight 3 cms and 100% effaced the day before her due date. I think if they wouldn't have induced me on her due date I would have been in active labor on my own that night. When I went into the hospital the night before my due date I was supposed to get cervadil, but they couldn't give it to me because I was already having regular contractions on my own.
    I can't believe I am already 70% effaced though! That is a lot more effaced than I was with Grace at this point.
    And wow! You mom must be amazingly strong to have 5 babies naturally!! Go mama! Lol.
    And thank you for the prayers :) They are greatly appreciated!

  3. Your mom did a great job on pictures.!! Grace is so silly.!! I miss you guys. Hopefully we can all get together soon.! I can't wait to meet baby Brentley.!

  4. AHH!!! Loving the pics. Especially the maternity ones with the shoes and letter. :) Grace seems silly. I think her and Samantha would have a blast together now. :)