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Monday, August 15, 2011

What is their obsession with inducing??

I had a doctor's appointment today, and i have just not been having luck at the doctor's lately.
My appointment was at 2. We sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes, then they called me back to get my weight and blood pressure. After they did that she sent me back to the waiting room, and said they would call us to a room shortly.
Well at 3 we were still sitting in the waiting room! Chris went up to the desk to ask them what was going on, and the lady said she would go check. She came back, and said that they had skipped over me, and we would get the next available room. We still had to wait like 20 more minutes for a room to open up.
Then, since my normal midwife was on vacation I had to see the doctor. He is nice, and supposedly a very good doctor, but I don't know him well, and I am much more comfortable with my midwife.
I really wanted to know if I have progressed any, but he didn't check me :( He listened to Brentley's heartbeat, and checked the size of my tummy. My tummy is measuring 39 weeks, so a week ahead. After he measured it he said, "Look like we'll have a baby next week." And starts talking about how they can't induce me until 39 weeks, but that they will probably induce me after my appointment next week. He didn't even aask how I feel about it.
I'm anxious to see my regular midwife next week and see what she says.

In some ways I understand what they are saying.. I don't want to wait and let him get so big that I can't deliver him. In my family there are several women (including my mom) who cannot deliver a baby naturally. I really don't want him to get so big that I end up having to have a c-section. I would rather be induced then have a c-section.
Plus if I was induced it would be easier to prepare. We could make sure the whole house was cleaned from top to bottom, make sure we got Grace to my grandmother's, and my mom could make sure she got my brother to my dad's and my sister to my grandmother's, so she could definitely be there for the birth.

But I still really don't want to be induced. I would much rather just go into labor on my own. However, if I don't go into labor by next Monday (which would put my at 39 weeks and 2 days) I might consider an induction under several conditions. It would mostly depend on if I am farther dilated and effaced. If a woman is 3 cms or more when they give her pitocin she is much less likely to have her induction end in a c-section.

What do you guys think?? I'm really on the fence about this.


  1. There are a lot of what appear to be positive reasons for an induction. Personally I would wait it out. We are naturally capable of delivering naturally. There is o such thing as to small. Every other country does it AND have a lower infant and mother mortality rate. So right there tells us something. God made women for this. Drews mom carried all of her children pass 40 weeks. She carried Drew for 42 weeks and then had him naturally. He was almost 9 lbs. But she did it!!! She is only 5th nothing. Thats it. I have faith that you can do it. Dont let them talk you into a csection during labor. So what if it's been 20 hours....that is just how it goes sometimes.

  2. Unless it is absolutely medically necessary, I will never be induced. And I try to discourage inductions for convenience. I was never offered one with my first child, but was surprised that I was offered one at my 37 week appointment for the following Monday. I declined. It's just my belief that they can/do lead to some unnecessary C-sections due to the fact that if your body is not ready, pitocin is NOT going to work (just as natural remedies wouldn't work). And I know SEVERAL people that I feel had c-sections that I don't think would have had to if they had just waited it out. One in particular was on pit for 14 hours (with one 30 min break for the baby) and she never dialated one bit. She had a c-section she never wanted and I always regretted not talking to her about it.

  3. Thanks guys! I know you are right!
    I am just getting so nervous here at the end. I am terrfied that something is going to go wrong. I just don't understand why they are so ready to push inductions when I have nothing wrong with me. I guess they consider him *possibly* being big as something being wrong. He was acting like it was what had to be done. He didn't even ask about how I feel about an induction.
    I was having some contractions today after I posted this though, so maybe I won't even have to worry about this. Hopefully I am progressing all on my own.

  4. Unfortunately, we love knowing when everything is going to happen, and with Grace and everything, it makes things easier. Just go with what you think. Maybe wait until 40 weeks? Because after that you really want to be induced. You don't want him to be in there too long. idk. Mommy knows best. :) Good luck with your decision. I can't believe he is almost here.

  5. Yea I definitely think I will at least ask them to wait until 40 weeks. That will actually give me a couple extra days too because I will be 40 weeks on a Saturday, and they wouldn't be able to see me until the following Monday :) That would give me a whole extra week to go into labor on my own.

    I can't believe he is almost here either! It went by soooo fast. With Grace it seemed like it took forever for her to get here, but it seems like I should only be like 2 months pregnant right now!

  6. That is true. Hopefully you will go on your own.

    Ha Ha. You had Grace and school and your own house cooking, cleaning, and preparing to keep you busy while you were waiting for Brentley. :p