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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brentley's room is ready!!

We decided to rearrange his room to better suit the wall decorations, and it ended up opening up the room more. Also, those little black plastic storage drawers in the corner are the ones I got for free out of the neighbors stuff. They work really well in his room :)

And this is me today at 39 weeks and 3 days along. I am absolutely huge! Lol. Definitely ready to have my little man!


  1. I love his room its adorable i love how you have his name up on the wall.
    also your baby belly is really cute, just looks like you have a basketball under your shirt. :)

  2. Thank you :) I feel like a whale lol. It's so hard to move now.

  3. Looks sooo good!!! He will be here before you know it!!! And Girl you are all belly!!! So are cute pregnant:) I know you are thinking yea right but you definitely are!! Praying for you!! I know the Is bit is extremely uncomfortable!!

  4. well you dont have long now. and i agree with Jessika, u are all baby. cant wait to see some baby pictures :)

  5. His room is so cute!! That's so exciting.
    My best friend who is due the day after you is getting a C-Section Friday. I'm so jealous. Not of the C-Section... Just of the fact that your guys' wait is practically over and I still have 9 months left!!

  6. Jessika.. thank you! I'm just hoping I'll still be cute after he comes lol. My belly is literally stretching sideways because he is running out of room. I look pretty strange from the front. People stare at me like I'm some freakshow when I go out. I even hear people make comments about "not missing those days" and stuff like that. And today we pulled up to Chris's mom's house and her husband goes "Wow you are huge!" Oh gee thanks! Men..

    Chrissy.. thank God! I don't think I can take much more lol. I feel like I am being beaten from the inside.

    Megan.. Thank you :) And don't worry, it will go by fast! With Grace is seemed like my pregnancy went on forever, but this time, since I had Grace to keep me busy my pregnancy flew by!

  7. His room is so cute! I really like his bedding. It will be all ready for him when he gets home. :) If you ever put in the carseat so you can get him there! lol Kidding.

  8. Thank you :) And yes! We really do need to do that lol. Chris is not good at installing them, so I at least need to install the base before we go, but every time I think about it I'm busy lol.