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Monday, August 1, 2011

Overdue baby shower pictures..

As promised, I finally got the rest of the baby shower pictures from my mom. These are my favorites.


 Iwas 34 weeks exactly here (I'm 36 weeks now!).

The two preggos! My cousin and me. She is having a boy too! She only about 22 weeks compared to my 34 weeks lol.

The diaper cake my nana made.

My baby girl :)

Here she is testing out her present lol.

Gracy again.

Grace, my sister, and me :) Grace was not cooperating lol.

My sister and me :)

The bow my nana made for the hospital door :)

Chris opening a present.

Cheyenne was helping to give me the presents.

And Grace was helping me open them lol.

We had our maternity pictures done last weekend, but in all honesty I was none too impressed. We were going to take the pics by the aquarium, but there was some festival, so we decided to move to Coolidge Park instead. Well her car broke down on the way there. I know it wasn't her fault, but we had to stand in the heat forever, so I wasn't looking too hot for pics and Grace was ready to go. She took a bunch of pics, but for some reason she is only giving my 14 of them as an option to buy. I like a couple of them, but then I found out that the prices are not what I thought they were. She had told me $8 for prints, but in reality it's $8 for a sheet of minis or a sheet of wallets. The bigger you want, the more expensive it gets. She was really nice, but I felt sort of jipped. Plus the pictures were not anything amazing. My mom takes just as good of pics.

So my mom and I decided that we would all go back downtown today, and try to get some more pics over at the aquarium where I orginally wanted them. It was going pretty good for about 5 minutes, then this kid walked up like 10 feet away from us, and puked all over the place. EWWW!! My pregnant nose could smell it immediately, and I couldn't handle it, so we decided that we would walk a little further over to get away from the smell.. Umm no such luck because there was freaking puke everywhere. I understand if you get sick you can't help it, but there were also garbage cans everywhere, but he apparently just kept walking and puking on the sidewalk a few inches from the garbage cans. And his parents were doing nothing.. they were just standing there watching him. It definitely ruined my picture experience. We finally got away from it all, but since we were away from the water Grace had no where to play, so she got antsy. We didn't get many pics after that. I guess it is just not meant to be for me to have maternity pictures :(:( Oh well.. I'm still planning on buying a couple from that one lady just to be nice, and hopefully my mom was able to get a few good ones too.


  1. Cute pics! I am telling you, I LOVE Grace's outfit! where did you get it? Oh gosh. That is awful. :( I didn't get good maternity pics either. I didn't know much about who and where to get pics from back then. That is dumb the way the pricing worked, and she should have given you something free or a discount for having to stand there out in the heat with a toddler and a pregnant belly. :( That is why I like to get the ones that sale cds. We are having a friend's aunt do the ones for Samantha's birthday and she is only charging us $50.00 to take a ton of pics. She said she will take them until we get tired and put them all on the cd, some edited. And give us a brag book. But some times people get rediculous with their prices. One lady we talked to wanted $225.00 FOR BIRTHDAY PICS! Samantha isn't going to last long enough to make $225.00 worth it. Did ya'll get some done with Grace too?

  2. Lol actually my grandmother got Grace's outfit. She gave us the pants awhile back, and I really liked them, but we didn't have anything to match them. Then a few days before the shower she brought the shirt. She got the pants at a thrift store here, and the shirt at a store in FL. They were same brand and went together perfectly!! Lol.

    As far as the pictures, she does offer a CD. She said it's normally $199.99, but that she would sell it to me for $99.99. I personally think that is outrageous for only 14 pictures!!
    We did get some with Grace, but none of them were very good because Grace was so tired by the time we actually got to take the pictures. We got one that I would consider, but Grace isn't smiling in it, so I don't really like it.

    I'm not sure what pics my mom got last night. I haven't gotten to look at them yet. She tried to get some of us together, but Grace was wayyy too busy wanting to play in the water with Cheyenne lol. I think my mom got some really good ones of Grace playing with my sister though. I saw a couple of those and they were really cute! Plus my mom isn't going to charge us anything. She said that if I can figure out how to get them put on a disc (she doesn't know how to), then we can have them :)

  3. That would be cool. If your Mom is good at it, it would save money to just keep having her do pictures. :) I don't really care about the cd. I usually just put it on my flashdrive and just store the cd somewhere. Ya. That is too much for 14 pictures, but people pay it.

  4. My mom does pretty good. She has a nice camera and she did our prom pictures both times.

    I am wayyy too cheap to pay that :p