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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just a little, but it makes me happy :)

A couple of weeks ago I talked about trying to be healthier.. I have pretty much only been drinking water since then. I have the occasional coke here and there, but definitely not more than one everyday like I was.. not even one everyday :)
Also, I started buying things like granola bars and muffins instead of candy bars and donuts, and I don't eat fast food as much.
We don't get to walk everyday like I wanted because we just have too much to do everyday, but I always park in the parking garage at my school.. it has an elevator, but I have never once used it. I always take the stairs.. plus walking to and from class everyday gives me about ten minutes of walking. I know it's not much, but it's better than nothing.
And all of this is paying off.. I have lost 3 pounds! No "freshman fifteen" for me :)
And seeing that I have actually lost some weight gives me the confidence to keep trying, and even try a little harder. I really hope I can lose some more! It has been forever since I lost any weight, so this little bit makes me happy :)

Also, made a 97 on my U.S. History exam!! That was the one I was worried about, and I made a high A!!
And I made $145 from selling Grace's old stuff at Kendall's Kloset! Loving that!! Now I can buy some winter clothes for grace :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dollar Tree is my new favorite store!!

We went  to Dollar Tree today, and I love that store! I had been looking for a cute candy bucket, but I had been to the Halloween store and several Wal-Marts and all they had were the ugly, normal plastic ones. We had also been looking for a halloween dor decoration, but couldnt find one of those either. Then, we went to Dollar Tree to look for batteries and an ice cream scooper and they had all sorts of halloween stuff! A vampire crashed into our door! Lol. And we got window decorations too (sorry.. the flash reflected..)!
And then we got Grace the little collapsable pumpkin.. I figured it was lighter so it would be easier for her to carry, and then we got the bigger one to dump the candy in when the small one gets full.. there are A LOT of trunk-or-treats around here :) I can't wait to take her trunk-or treating! Also, Chris and I are going to take her to a pumpkin patch with Erica, Adam, and Cayle sometime in the next couple of weeks.. excited about that too!!

I also found this..
We are going to have little tea sandwiches at her birthday party and this is going to save me so much time!! It cuts the crust off and cuts it in half diagonally at the same time.. I hope it works good.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It felt so nice out today!

Today was the first day in months that it felt nice outside. It has either been a mllion degrees or rainy.. So when I got home from school we decided to take Grace to the park. We found a little park just down the street from our apartment and taking her to the park is so much more fun now that she can walk!

We had so much fun! She even made a little friend :) I tried to get her to waer her shoes, but she wasn't having it. She's not used to the yet, so she wants to crawl instead of walk..

And this is Grace's first time walking in shoes. She didn't now what to think. Any advice on how to get her used to shoes??

Monday, September 27, 2010

Grr.. stupid neghbors..

So Friday our internet and cable went out. Chris called and they said that there was an outage in our area and they were working to fix it, and since it was the weekend they wouldn't send anyone anyway. Saturday it was still out, so we called again.. they told us the same thing. Sunday it was still out, so we called the company again, and theysaid that the outage had been fixed, so they didn't understand why are stuff was still out. They set it up for someone to come out this morning. This morning it was still out so we confirmed that we needed the guy to come and when he got here he started trying all sorts of stuff, and nothing was working..
Long story short.. we had seen the people down stairs messing with the cable boxes on the side of our apartment building. So had the boy that lives in the house across the street and the people that live downstairs across from them. But no one had any proof so we couldn't do anything about it. Now, we have proof. The cable guy went out there to check it and said that ours had been broken into and that our Charter cable had been plugged into our Dalton Utilities port. He said that no one who worked for Charter of the City of Dalton would have been dumb enough to do that, and he sees that sort of thing all the time with people trying to steal cable. Those stupid people were trying to steal our cable!! We work hard to pay for that, and they are trying to steal it from us. You never realize what the big deal is with something like that until it happens to you. And to top it off the made us lose connection for 3 days! Luckily the cable company was nice enough to give us those three days for free since we weren't actually using their services.
Anyway.. as soon as the cable guy left we immediatel called our landlord and told him about it. We also told him about all the other problems they have caused. He didn't sound too happy, especially since they have only been here about 2 weeks.. it is just ridiculous!

In other news.. I'm sure you all remember me telling you about Kevin awhile back. Well today I was sitting in class and I go a text message from a number I didn't know. It said "whats up" so I said "who is this" and the next message I got was "Chris Peppers"..... Oh Lord... That is Kevin's brother. Pretty sure the guy just got out of jail, and he is only 19. I was like "oh.. hi" and he asked me if I knew who he was and I said he was Kevin's brother and he sad yes, and then he started asking me all sorts of questions.. how I knew Kevin, how old I was, what school I go to, where I live in Dalton.. etc. I kept trying to ignore him, but if I didn't send a message back in five minutes he would send it again. Then he asked me if  could send him a pic "just to see what I look like" I told him I didn't have pic mail. Then like 5 minutes later he asked again, and I told him again. And he said "oh yea" then I quit texting him back. He sent me three text messages in an hour saying "whats up" then he said "Hey how about sending me a couple of pictures and I'll return the favor. Just wanna see what you look like." I didn't even reply this time, and like five minutes later I got a pic mail (I can recieve, but not send) of him with no shirt on. I immediately deleted it. That would cause major problems between me and Chris, and I didn't even ask for it. Then I got a text saying "Your turn lol"
I still never even said anyhing, but I just got another text message saying "hey" and another one saying "hey" again five minutes ago.
Grr... what is it with these Peppers boys? And I'm sure Kevin will start trying to text me again if he finds out that Chris is texting me. That is all I need. How did this kid even get my number? I have never even talked to him before. Thank God Chris and Kevin are the only boys.. next I'll be getting text messag from Tanya and Amy (their sisters).
I really don't know what to do about them. If I tell Chris he will just blow it out of proportion. And even though I ignore them they just don't take the hint... this sucks.

And as for school.. things are finally looking up. I had my frst geography exam awhile back and I was certain that I didn't do better than a low B on it.. got it back today and I made a 92!! Also got my second geography exam back today and I made a 90 on it!! That eases my mnd a little bit. No I am just worried about my history exam.. 
Also, if there are a lot of typos in this I'm sorry.. my keyboard is acting weird.. leaving out letters and not spacing sometimes. Not sure what to do about that either.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My little sickling..

Grace is sick once again.. a few days ago she started to get a runny nose, then she started coughing, and then something we had never seen before started yesterday.. her eyes started draining this yellow goop (best I can explain it), and it crusts up in her eye lashes.. eww. Then last night the corner of her eye turned red!

It completely freaked me out. So today I called her doctor on my way to school, and after like thirty minutes of the doctor's phone messing up, I finally got through. We made an appointment for her at 4:50.. The doctor said that she has a cold, and that she could have pink eye.. however he said this one was not contagious.. not really sure how that works, but okay. We have to give her cold medicine ever six hours, which she doesn't mind because it takes pretty good (I tasted it lol), but we also have to put two eye drops in each eye every four hours.. this she does not like at all, but if it helps her get better I will do it..

I have also been working on her baby book. I've been trying to get everything caught up.. I was almost 5 months behind! Wow. I didn't even realize that until I started working on it, but it is coming together nicely. I can't wait to finish it :) It is going to stop after she turns one.. after that I will just keep one of holidays and special events. I also want to have a separate one for all her school stuff when she starts school, but that won't be for awhile now. I just love scrapbooking.. I wish I had more time for it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just booked it!

I called about the Boyton Precinct this morning and the woman said that she had literally just booked it for the day I wanted an hour ago, but she had another precinct avaiable, and it is probably a better location actually. It's close to TN, so people coming from TN won't have to drive as far. Her party is going to be at the Graysville Precinct on Nov. 6th at 2pm. I will send out official invites soon. Probably during the second week of Oct. I am so excited now!! We officially have a place. I have to pay a $25 deposit by the first of Oct. to hold it, but that won't be a problem. Then you have to pay a $50 security deposit when you pick up the key, but you get that back when you turn the key in as long as you clean up, which we will, so I will get my $50 back. It's only going to cost $25! Better than what I paid to rent the place for my shower ($50). She also said we will get the place for the entire day, and they have tables and chairs there for you to use. It's perfect :)

I am getting a little more used to managing everything on my plate now.. I had a paper due and an exam Monday, a quiz and an exam yesterday, and a quiz and an exam today.. the only thing I am worried about is my History exam.. I am definitely going to do better on my next one though. I feelt pretty confident about the exam and paper I had Monday, and pretty confident about the quizzes and exam I had yesterday and today. I discovered that making flash cards really helps me out a lot.

Also, the girl from downstairs has come up the last two nights, and Grace and Andy (her little boy) really like playing together, so while they are here I usually try to get some of my cleaning done since Grace is content. That has been helping me out some too.

Anyway.. I just really can't wait until Grace's party!!! It is going to be so much fun :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My wish was granted!

When the people below us moved out I was praying that someone with a baby would move in, and I would get to know them.. down the stairs and across the hall a 19 year old girl moved in with her parents, and she has an 8 month old boy named Andy! I met her the other day, and I told her she was welcome to come up anytime. Today Chris was outside changing my oil and talking to her dad, and she came up with her son. Him and Grace played together pretty well! He is a big boy.. about Grace's size, and he can crawl so him and Grace were all over the place. At first Grace didn't like him touching her toys, but I kept telling her to share, and giving them both toys, and a little while later she would walk over to him and hand him a toy. It was precious! She catches on so fast!
Also, the girl and I talked the whole time. We got along so well, and had so much in common! I am so excited that Grace will have a new friend and so will I. I love having friends with children. They know what you are going through and don't require compromise. I will probably invite her and her son to our next play date. I bet her little boy would get along well with the other babies!

In another way.. my wish were denied. Right under us a blakc family moved in (I don't have anything against black people, but I don't like these particular black people). There is like five of the down there.. like 3 guys, a girl, and a baby, but since the day they moved in the girl parked her truck and it has not moved since. And I never see or hear her or the baby.. it's like they don't let them out of the house.. on the other hand.. the guys can't keep themselves in the house. They like to stand out next to the truck playing their music as loud as they can (and it is parked right under our bedroom wall), and they drink alcohol. I kid you not.. they stood out there for five hours on Friday drinking! Five straight hours! And then apparently they got so drunk that they were sitting on our neighbor's car, and when they asked them to get off of it one of the guys started threatening them.. saying he would kill them, blah, blah, blah.. IT WAS NOT HIS CAR! They had no right to be on it, and definitely no right to start a fight over the car.. it was just ridiculous. Chris said that if he ofund one of them on our cars there would be no asking.. he would make them get off the cars. This worries me.. what if Chris gets in a fight.. gets hurt.. goes to jail?? I really hate this.. they have been here less than a week..
 Then, the night before last at 2:30 in the morning a bunch of voices woke me up.. I looked at the window and I am pretty sure I witnessed a drug deal.. I am terrified. I don't know what to do. It's on the news all the time about innocent people getting caught in the crossfire of drug deals gone wrong. What happens if someone pulls a gun?? What if the bullet came through our wall. I feel like I want to call the police, but I have no proof, so I can;t do anything.. it makes me feel helpless. I feel like I could be putting my daughter in danger by doing nothing. Again, they have been here less than a week! And there are already so many problems. I am praying to God that they don't pay their rent this month and get kicked out. I don't feel safe in my own home anymore. I knew apartment life wouldn't be easy, but I never dreamed it would be this bad. We don't even live in a bad neighborhood. The only reason they can afford the rent is because there are so many of them chipping in.. and probably by selling drugs.. does anyone know if there is anything I can do?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My little girl is learning so fast!

I haven't posted anything about Grace specifiacally in awhile. In the past couple of weeks she has learned so much! She can walk wherever she wants now! It is still a little wobbly and slow, but she can walk without falling now :)
She is also getting a lot better at understand words now. She understands yay, no, clap, wave, byebye, her name, dance, and she will look at Chris if I say dada, and look at me if Chris says mama.

Speaking of understanding wave and bye bye.. when I say either one of those she will now wave! It is adorable!!

And when I tell her to dance she will shake her booty.. it actually looks like she ia dancing now :)
Chris has also taught her how to head bang lol. It is sort of slow when she does it though.
Another thing she has learned is what a door knob is. When she is tall enough she is going to be a little escape artist. If she wants to go outside she will go to the door and reach for the door knob. She can touch the bottom of it, and she will just stand there hitting it, trying to get out.
And today I realized that she knows what knocking is. We got new neighbors below us, and they kept hammering something, but it sounded like knocking. The first time she heard it she was sitting in my lap on the couch and she wanted to get down.. she went over to the door and started saying "hey" because she thought someone was knocking on our door and I guess she wanted to let them in. It was precious.

Random fact.. she has six teeth now!!

Last thing.. she like to play chase. When someone is sitting in the floor she will crawl off really fast and then stop, turn around and look at you, wait for you to come towards her, and then take off. She does the same thing over and over again. She busted out laughing when she does it too. It is so much fun to get to play with her now. I love that she can actually interact!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trying to cope..

I think I am going to lose my mind.. now that we are getting into the semester I see how much more fast pace college is. I have already had two quizzes and one exam in algebra, one exam and one quiz in geography, one quiz in history, and one quiz in lit. Then, I had a history quiz today, a geography quiz tomorrow, and a lit quiz Thursday. Next week I have a geography exam, a history exam, an algebra quiz, and a 1,500 word essay due. I am really starting to feel the stress and I honestly feel that I am falling behind. I think I am doing pretty well in my algebra class (made a 100 on my exam, wootwoot!), and my lit class, but my other two classes.. ehh... I made a 100 on my geprgraphy quiz, but I am think low 80's on the exam.. I just didn't have the time to study that I wanted to. As for my history class I made a 90 on the first quiz, and I think I did pretty well on this one today, but I am terrified about the exam. I have to have a 100 page book read by Tuesday, and I haven't started it! I am going to try to start reading it between classes and at work on Firday and Chris' mom's on Sunday.. and keep reading it Monday and Tuesday, but I am just terrified that I won't finish it.. There is a short essay question about it on the exam..
Also, Grace has developed a cold and she is extra clingy (she always is when she is sick), so she won't play while I study. I have to wait for her to nap, but with her being sick she doesn't nap very long (has always done that too). Chris has tried to take her to play some, but she will only play for a little while and then want me, and if she doesn't get me she will throw a fit.
Plus trying to keep the apartment clean, cooking dinner.. my stress level is probably an 11 out 10 right now, and I am not someone who gets stressed easy. I actually welcome going to work and to Chris's mom's now because I can study there.
Can someone please tell me how they manage... I feel like everything is falling apart. What am I going to do if I end up failing one of my classes? Found out that Dalton State is ranked like 3rd in Georgia for their level of academics.. no wonder it is getting me. It really wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't so much reading. I just do not have time for that much reading, and I don't know how I am going to make time.

Also, to add one more thing to my plate.. I decided just a few minutes ago that on Saturday we are going to go to my mom's, price all Grace's old stuff, and put it in a local consignment sale coming up. Saturday is the last day to drop stuff off, and you can drop it off until 5pm so I am going to price as much as I can before 5pm and take whatever I have.. That will give us a little extra money.

Anyway.. sorry for ranting, but I just needed to get some of that off my chest, and if anyone has ANY tips I will be glad to take them :)

P.S. Tips about how to make your significant other understand that you are stressed will be welcomed as well..

Monday, September 13, 2010

Finally figured out everything for Grace's birthday!

We are going to have a birthday half-week lol.
On her actual birthday we are going to take her to PlayWorld, and let her open her Snow White DVD and doll.. I also decided that I am going to make her a cupcake cake for her to have on that day. It will be something special from me to her. I am also going to give her her birthday card on that day, so I can read it without the chaos of the party. The next day we are going to go get her one year/halloween pictures. On Friday we decided that we are going to take her to Shogun for lunch(it's one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook the food right in front of you). I know that sounds weird for a baby, but she has been twice before and she loved it! She loves watching the fire and smoke, and tossing knives and food, etc. and then we are going to take her back to the Discovery Museum because she had so much fun last time! And then of course her party will be on Saturday, and I am pretty sure I found a place for it! I haven't called yet, but I just talked to a girl I know who had her daughter's party there. She said you have to deposit $75, but as long as you clean up you get $50 back, so it really only costs $25, and she said with me doing it two months in advance I should have no problem reserving it. For people who live near here it's the Boynton Preceinct.
Also, I found a place that does the type of cake I want for $1.50 a serving! All the other places I looked at were $2.50 per serving and up.. I am still not entirely set on getting a fancy cake like that though..
Everything is coming together well, but not exactly cheap..
About $100 for the cake (if I get the fancy one), $100 for the decorations, $115 for the presents, and $25 for the reservation.. Almost $400! At least I am breaking it up over several months... presents last month, hopefully reservation this month, decorations next month, and the cakes in November..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yet another Bristol Palin blunder..

This girl is following in Kate Gosslin's footsteps, and letting the fame go to her head. The commercials were bad enough, then she made appearances on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and now I just saw a commercial showing that she is going to be one of the stars on this season of Dancing With the Stars. Who is taking care of her son through all these TV appearances?? Gahh.. she just gets annoys me to end. No wonder she has no problem degrading teen moms in her commercials.. she doesn't know what really being a teen mom is. She stated that in her own commercials.. if she "didn't have famous parents" and "all those opportunities" she would be no where.. and now she is leaving her son who is still very young so she can become famous? She is just awful..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today was a fun day!

One of Chris' cousins (by marriage) is going to the Navy Seals, and his family had a going away part for him today. They had a giant water slide there! It;s one of those blow up things that you rent for the day, and they also have a pool, and a cook-out. Chris's mom was playing with Grace so we got to play on the water slide for awhile, and then I took Grace in the pool.

Later Chris came and said he had been taking Mason (a little boy about Grace's age) down the water slide. I really didn't think it would be safe for Grace, but Mason weighs a pound less than Grace and he was fine. So the first time I took her down everything went fine and she really liked it! I took her up again, but this time somehow we went over the barriers at the end. I shot out like a rocket and we landed in the mud whole the running water was creating. Grace hit her head on my head, but I was the one that was in real pain.. I made sure she didn't hit the ground because I held onto her for dear life so she landed on top of me, but everything hurt, and I was so dizzy. I ended up stepping on my own towel and getting it filthy.. I am pretty sure I almost passed out. Needless to say, I did not take Grace on it again. But Chris did lol.. he was better at stopping at the end.

And then.. this was Chris' last slide of the day..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Officially lost all faith in the police department..

So I was at work today.. there was a guy who came in and it was so obvious that he was drunk from the beginning. He kept going out to the parking lot and coming back in (which is what people usually do when they are drinking because we do not allow alcohol inside), but then I noticed something sort of strange (I can see the parking lot from where I sit), the guy was standing at a car about two cars down from mine, and he kept pulling at the door handle.. he pulled really hard one final time and then walked off. I thought it was suspicious, but I knew he was drunk so I thought maybe he was so drunk he couldn't figure out how to get in his car. Then, about 20 minutes later a man came up to my window and said that he just went to his truck (it was dark by this time) only to see someone standing next to it with the passenger door open.. he yelled, and the man ran. Immediately that drunk guy popped into my head. He had actually made it into someone's car, but I had no proof. A little while later the drunk guy came back in, but there was nothing I could do.. then he went back out so I watched him like a hawk. He was getting in a white car, then he started it and tore out of the parking lot like there was a fire. I was thinking well at least he's gone.. then about an hour later I saw him walking across the parking lot.. great he's back, and the weird thing.. he had changed from a black shirt to a red shirt.. even weirder.. he was holding what looked like a really bloody towel! About 5 minutes later he walked back out with a girl who could barely stand up, much less walk. It was ridiculous.. she looked like she was going to puke at any second. I watched them walk into the parking lot, but it was dark so I couldn't see them go very far (we had a security guard following them though). Then about 5 minutes later there he was walking from the other side of the parking lot.. we had called the cops and they were on there way, but they weren't there yet.. all of a sudden here came the girl.. she said that he couldn't remember where he parked and they couldn't find the car, and he told her to stay put and he would come pick her up.. by the time he got back to where we were the cop had come. He started asking the guy a bunch of questions.. the guy was studdering his words and could barely hold his eyes open.. he managed to tell my boss what sort of car he had and my boss hopped on his four wheeler to go find it.. he found it pretty quickly and they walked over there. The guy said he didn't think that was his car, and he had to be convinced to try his key in it (that is how drunk the guy was!), it was his car.. here comes the absolutely appauling part.. the cop let them get in and drive off!!! This is not a guy who forgot to put his seatbelt on, this is a guy who was obviously way over the legal limit.. not to mention we had eye witnesses to attempting to break into cars (btw, it was a bloody towel. His hand was messed up bad.. probably from busting someone unlcuky person's car window in) (and when the security guard was following him he tried to get into four cars, none of which were his). The cop just let the guy go.. if nothing else he wasn't protecting them from themselves, but he was also putting innocent people at risk. I could understand if he was trying to cut the guy a break and he let someone come pick them up so they didn't have to go to jail, but to let them drive off is just wrong! He didn't even perform any sobriety tests on him.. probably because he would have had to arrest him if it was proven that he was drunk. It was so obvious that the cop just didn't want to spend the time doing what NEEDED to be done.
I made the comment "I will be amazed if he makes it out of the parking lot without wrecking" but I didn't know how close to accurate I was.. he didn't even stop at the end of the parking lot. He just whipped it out in the road, cutting off another car, and almost making them wreck.
I really cannot explain how disappointed I am in that police officer. How can someone be that careless? I knew I had to drive on the road with the potential of having people like them, but I never dreamed that a police officer would allow someone like that to be on the road. Their job is supposed to take people like that off the road.. Gahh... this just really gets under my skin.

In other news.. I got my pell grant return today!! I don't think I have ever had that much money at one time before.. it's nice to feel secure in the event that an emergency happens.
Bad news.. the new place I was trying for Grace's party fell through. I have no idea where I am going to have it now.. I am really stressing about this. I know one thing.. I am glad that I started looking two months early!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Creative Discovery Museum...

It was so much fun!! The babies absolutely loved it!! I can't wait to take Grace back there.. the only thing that I was sad about is that upstairs they usually have some sort of special exhibit that changes from month to month.. well they were in the process of changing it over so there was nothing up there, but hey we didn't pay anything so I'm not complaing. All we had to pay was $5 to park. It is normally $10 per person to get in.
I got lots of pictures and some videos..

Pretend play: Grace loves driving!

Pretend play: the kitchen

Pretend play: Grace (front), Cayle (middle), and Christian (back).

Pretend play: getting ready to slide.

Pretend play: the turtle moved.

Pretend play: infant section

Pretend play: twins!

Pretend play: Christian and Grace

Pretend play: Grace and Cayle

Music section: Grace was trying to make music.

Music section: she didn't know what to think about this lol.

Science section: lightning ball.

Archeology section: Grace was being eaten by a dinosuar!

Rooftop: Grace loved the giant bubbles!

Indoor playground: sliding with daddy

River play: This was Grace's favorite! She kept trying to touch the boys and she was splashing everything. They all had to change clothes before we left lol. Cayle (left), Grace (middle), Christian (right).

Rooftop: Chris took this.. he has always been good at taking pics. I think this is beautiful!

I hate to say it, but...

I am starting to think that Teen Mom is set up.. I really wish I didn't because I love watching these girls and seeing how they progress, but after watching this weeks episode there is almost no denying it..
When Chris and I were watching the prom scene with Catelynn and Tyler we could not get over how cheap their crowns looked.. Almost like paper or plastic. I do not know any high school that has paper or plastic, but we just figured their school must be really low budget or something. Then, I was at my mom's yesterday, and I had been telling her about Teen Mom (she has never seen it), and the end of it was on when we were flipping through the channels. It was the scene with Catelynn and Tyler winning and I noticed something I didn't notice before. In the background there was a couple dancing, their faces were blurred out, but it was unmistakable, they were both wearing crowns. Really nice crowns. At first I was thinking, well maybe they give the crappier crowns as some sort of underclassmen crowning, but Catelynn and Tyler are seniors. If there was some sort of underclassen crowning Catelynn and Tyler would not have been the ones to get the cheap crowns. This coupled with the fact that when they told Tyler's mom she acted as if it were a joke leads me to believe that MTV set the whole thing up.. probably for ratings. If anyone wants to see what I am talking about the episode is online.. I think the title is Prom Night and it is one of the very last scenes in the episode.

On another note.. Grace's birthday presents came yesterday!! We have them all now :) I am so excited for her birthday. I have been gathering addressed for her invites, but I called the place where I had my baby shower and they haven't called me back. If they don't call I have no clue where I am going to have her party..

Anyway.. we are taking Grace to the discovery museum tonight!! It is going to be so much fun!
I haven't seen Erica and Cayle in awhile, and Adam is going to be there too, so Chris will have someone to talk to :) And Morgan is bringing Christian so all the babies will get to play together. I will post lots of pictures later today.

Also, I had my first exam yesterday. It was in Geography. I didn't have as much time to study as I would have liked, and I know I didn't do as good as I would have liked. It was 25 questions and an essay. I think I did pretty good on the essay, but I guessed on about 10 questions.. I looked back at my notes and I know I got 6 of the 10 right for sure, but I also saw that I got 1 wrong that I was pretty sure I didn't.. I don't think I failed or anything.. it's probably going to be a B.
I have an Algebra exam today, but I am pretty confident about it.
I have also made a couple of friends.. one I have been talking to for a couple of weeks. She just moved here from out of town so she could go to Dalton State.
The other I just started talking to. We had to do a peer review for each others essay, and I found out that she has two kids.. a little boy who is 3 and a little girl who is 1. That is perfect for Grace because they are close in age. I really hope I get to know her better.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Very informative..

We took Grace to a Labor day festival today because I didn't have to go to school. We went with my dad and brother, and just walked around and looked at all the booths. Chris and I made Grace a sand art heart. I don't know if any of you have ever made them before, but I used to make them at every fair or festival that I went to when I was a kid, so I wanted to make her one. It's really cute!

But they had this other booth there that was a pro-life booth. We got to sign a petition that they are going to take to congress to try to have abortions made illegal. I have always wanted to be a pro-life advocate, and I feel that was my first step to becoming one. I could possibly be helping to make the change to save these precious babies lives. Chris, my dad, and I all signed it. Chris also bought a pro-life shirt to help their cause, and they gave us a bunch of free pamphlets and magazines, and inside of the magazine there was a cd called "Truth Unmasked" so when I got home I popped it in my computer, and it was the most informative thing I have seen about abortion. I have studied abortion and even written papers about it, and I wish I would have had this cd when I did those papers because it was not one sided.. It was true facts and actually gave statistics and talked about all the forms of abortions.. some I have never even heard of before! And they are absolutely awful.. they do show pictures too, which just broke my heart for those poor little children. They even sited where they got their information from, and it was studies done. It covered everything from the growth of a baby, different types of abortion and how they were done, at what stages the types of abortion can be done, and the possible effects on the mother. This booth should be everywhere a booth can be because these are real facts that pro-choice people cannot deny or refute..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grace's Halloween Costume!

I just ordered it online :)
I found it on a website.. for $7 less than, and the shipping was only $2.99. I paid less for the costume and shipping then I would have for the costume alone on I am pretty excited!!
It says it should be here sometime around Sept. 12th, but I pre-ordered the costume because they don't have it in stock yet, so they said it may take longer depending on when they get it in stock, but as long as it gets here before halloween I don't mind lol.
Oh and it's the rose one I posted about before.. She is going to look precious! I am hoping to find some shoes that match it pretty well because by halloween I am positive she will be walking full time. She can already walk across the room without falling.. she is still slow and wobbly, but she can do it!
@Jessika.. I am pretty sure I saw the costume that you want for Charleigh on that website too.. they had just about every costume in the world lol.. they probably have the one you wanted for Kaedyn too. You should check on there.. everything was cheaper! Chrissy.. you too because I bet they would have the ones you want for your boys as well. Even if they don't have them in stock they will let you pre-order them.. all the other websites I tried wouldn't.

I'm excited for halloween now!! I still need to find her a costume for Cayle's party, but my budget for that is $20.. no more. So I'll probably just go to Wal-Mart or Target.. I really need to stop ordering stuff online.. it's just so much easier now because the only thing we live near is a Wal-Mart.. all the party stores, Target, and Toys R Us are 30 minutes away, so we don't get to go out there very much anymore.

Speaking of far away.. Chris and I are going to take Grace to the Creative Discovery Museum on the 9th because it is free to anyone.. which means it will be crowded, but free is good.. especially since we live 45 minutes away now! We are going with Erica, Adam, Cayle, Morgan, Christain, and possibly Josh, so it is going to be fun!! Can't wait for that either :)

Everything is coming together.

Lately, we have been putting the finishing touches on our apartment. Like how we did Grace's walls.. well I have been working a little more today.
We got an end table, which has sort of become my little office space lol.

Then I moved to the kitchen.. This is what it looks like now.

This picture is hanging on the wall next to the table. Chris' Grandma painted it before she passed away. Chris' mom was going to throw it away so we took it. Also, the clock hanging over the table was made by Chris' Grandpa (who passed away in February). His mom was going to throw that out too, so we took that as well. I think they go nicely in our kitchen :)

This is a poem I hung in our room today. It is a poem about love that I wrote and gave to Chris a long time ago.. before Grace was even thought of. So I typed it up nicely and put it in a frame and hung it over our bed :)
And this is a little saying about what a family is that I bought at a consignment sale awhile back.. I hung it in the livingroom.

All we need now is curtains for the livingroom, and Grace's room, and we will have everything, but I will probably have to wait until Christmas for those.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank the Lord!!

The girl below us got kicked out! I mean I feel bad for her, but it's good for us. And aparently the girl that she got in a fight with awhile back had left all her stuff there, and then she left it there too, so Jeff (our landlord) put it all out beside our apartment. I noticed the people from the apartment building next to us were going through it so I asked them if he does this a lot and she said that anytime anyone leaves a bunch of stuff he will stick it out for people to get what they want and then take it to the dump. There was nice stuff out there! They took a foton (sp?) with it's matress, a dresser, and a chair. There was still a bunch of stuff left so I started going through it because there was a bunch of kids stuff. I got grace four toys.. a dancing elmo, and a couple of small toys and then this..
It works and everything. I looked it up and it is $40 at the store!!

Plus I got some clothes for Grace, but most of the clothes were dirty, so I didn't get much. I also found a shirt for my sister, and a sweater for me. Plus a pack of unused paper plates. I wish more people would leave that much stuff behind! It was awesome!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New stuff!

So today I went a little crazy.. but it was stuff I have been wanting to get for awhile.
First off we got Grace another car seat because I got tired of transferring it from car to car everytime we decided to take one car or the other. So now we both have one. I figured it would be a good investment since she will be in it for awhile (they are both convertable.. rear facing to forward facing). Plus there have been several times when Chris went somewhere and took the car seat with him or I went somewhere and took with me when I was suppose to leave it. Which never turns out well.
This is it :)

I also bought everything I wanted to decorate Grace's walls! I LOVE it :)
Here are some pics!

And then there's this..
This I did not buy! Lol. Chris traded his Neon for this. He is in love with it. It's a two door 5-speed. He was dying for a five speed so when the guy said he would trade him I didn't mind because we weren't losing any money and it was a pretty good car. My only request when he started looking at cars was to make sure it had a back seat, and it does, so I was fine with it. It's a Cavalier like my car except two door, and white lol.

So I'm excited I finally got Grace room looking good, and Chris is excited about his new car.. we are all excited! Lol.