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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My little girl is learning so fast!

I haven't posted anything about Grace specifiacally in awhile. In the past couple of weeks she has learned so much! She can walk wherever she wants now! It is still a little wobbly and slow, but she can walk without falling now :)
She is also getting a lot better at understand words now. She understands yay, no, clap, wave, byebye, her name, dance, and she will look at Chris if I say dada, and look at me if Chris says mama.

Speaking of understanding wave and bye bye.. when I say either one of those she will now wave! It is adorable!!

And when I tell her to dance she will shake her booty.. it actually looks like she ia dancing now :)
Chris has also taught her how to head bang lol. It is sort of slow when she does it though.
Another thing she has learned is what a door knob is. When she is tall enough she is going to be a little escape artist. If she wants to go outside she will go to the door and reach for the door knob. She can touch the bottom of it, and she will just stand there hitting it, trying to get out.
And today I realized that she knows what knocking is. We got new neighbors below us, and they kept hammering something, but it sounded like knocking. The first time she heard it she was sitting in my lap on the couch and she wanted to get down.. she went over to the door and started saying "hey" because she thought someone was knocking on our door and I guess she wanted to let them in. It was precious.

Random fact.. she has six teeth now!!

Last thing.. she like to play chase. When someone is sitting in the floor she will crawl off really fast and then stop, turn around and look at you, wait for you to come towards her, and then take off. She does the same thing over and over again. She busted out laughing when she does it too. It is so much fun to get to play with her now. I love that she can actually interact!


  1. Ha Ha. Sami STILL Loves to have people chase her. She will run off and look back and if we just look at her, she will bust out screaming and laughing. It is hilarious. Gracie sounds so full of energy. I can't wait to see her again. Are you still coming to the party next Sunday? Your post gave me an idea for another one since Sami's birthday is coming up.

  2. Sounds like she keeps you busy. I just LOVE her and I have never actually met her :) Kaedyn and Charleigh both love to be chased. They will break out in laughter. But maybe they are laughing because my looks funny crawling or running after them with a big belly. I know that that is why Drew is laughing. LOL. Yeah they learn stuff fast. Mine surprise me so fast. Like Kaedyn has all of a sudden started saying "no thank you' when I ask him if he wants a cookie he will say "no thank you. No cookie." But yesterday he had to get a shot and he knew it was coming. He clanged to me with his arms around my neck and hie legs wrapped around crying, "No thank you mommy. No thank you." I about broke down. When Drew finally peeled him and he got the shot he looked at me like I betrayed him. It hurt me more than it hurt him.
    Oh and for the door(because soon she will learn to push a chair or something over to it to open it)there are safety covers to go over the door knobs. We have them all in our house. They sell them at walmart and target.

  3. We will definitely be there Brittany, don't worry lol. The world will have to end to stop us from being there.
    Also, we are coming to church Sunday :)

    I will definitely look into the door knob covers.. especially since our apartment is up stairs and the stairs are right next to our door.. I can't even think about that..
    That is so pitiful about Kaedyn lol.. I don't know if I could handle that.. I think I would have to leave the room lol.

  4. We have those cover for the doors. Jessie HATES them. lol. But Sami can reach the door now to unlock AND open it, so we have to have them. She likes to pretend like she is leaving and say, "Bye. I see you later. Love You. Be careful." And then go behind a door. Ha ha.

    Alright, cool. I am glad. Only a few people so far haven't been able to come because of work and stuff.