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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New stuff!

So today I went a little crazy.. but it was stuff I have been wanting to get for awhile.
First off we got Grace another car seat because I got tired of transferring it from car to car everytime we decided to take one car or the other. So now we both have one. I figured it would be a good investment since she will be in it for awhile (they are both convertable.. rear facing to forward facing). Plus there have been several times when Chris went somewhere and took the car seat with him or I went somewhere and took with me when I was suppose to leave it. Which never turns out well.
This is it :)

I also bought everything I wanted to decorate Grace's walls! I LOVE it :)
Here are some pics!

And then there's this..
This I did not buy! Lol. Chris traded his Neon for this. He is in love with it. It's a two door 5-speed. He was dying for a five speed so when the guy said he would trade him I didn't mind because we weren't losing any money and it was a pretty good car. My only request when he started looking at cars was to make sure it had a back seat, and it does, so I was fine with it. It's a Cavalier like my car except two door, and white lol.

So I'm excited I finally got Grace room looking good, and Chris is excited about his new car.. we are all excited! Lol.


  1. I love her room it is sooooooooo cute. I love polka dots!!!

  2. looks like you've adjusted well to being on your own. im so proud of you. can't wait to see you next week.

  3. i love her room ive told thomas that if we ever have a girl her room will be pink green and brown polka dots :)

  4. Aw, very cute! I Love polka dots! GOod idea on the car seat. We got my second one out of my Mom's car and we keep it in the storage closet because I always forgot to get it out of the car before Jessie went to work on the days I went with Maria or something.

  5. I painted the letters myself lol.
    They came out pretty well though.