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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My wish was granted!

When the people below us moved out I was praying that someone with a baby would move in, and I would get to know them.. down the stairs and across the hall a 19 year old girl moved in with her parents, and she has an 8 month old boy named Andy! I met her the other day, and I told her she was welcome to come up anytime. Today Chris was outside changing my oil and talking to her dad, and she came up with her son. Him and Grace played together pretty well! He is a big boy.. about Grace's size, and he can crawl so him and Grace were all over the place. At first Grace didn't like him touching her toys, but I kept telling her to share, and giving them both toys, and a little while later she would walk over to him and hand him a toy. It was precious! She catches on so fast!
Also, the girl and I talked the whole time. We got along so well, and had so much in common! I am so excited that Grace will have a new friend and so will I. I love having friends with children. They know what you are going through and don't require compromise. I will probably invite her and her son to our next play date. I bet her little boy would get along well with the other babies!

In another way.. my wish were denied. Right under us a blakc family moved in (I don't have anything against black people, but I don't like these particular black people). There is like five of the down there.. like 3 guys, a girl, and a baby, but since the day they moved in the girl parked her truck and it has not moved since. And I never see or hear her or the baby.. it's like they don't let them out of the house.. on the other hand.. the guys can't keep themselves in the house. They like to stand out next to the truck playing their music as loud as they can (and it is parked right under our bedroom wall), and they drink alcohol. I kid you not.. they stood out there for five hours on Friday drinking! Five straight hours! And then apparently they got so drunk that they were sitting on our neighbor's car, and when they asked them to get off of it one of the guys started threatening them.. saying he would kill them, blah, blah, blah.. IT WAS NOT HIS CAR! They had no right to be on it, and definitely no right to start a fight over the car.. it was just ridiculous. Chris said that if he ofund one of them on our cars there would be no asking.. he would make them get off the cars. This worries me.. what if Chris gets in a fight.. gets hurt.. goes to jail?? I really hate this.. they have been here less than a week..
 Then, the night before last at 2:30 in the morning a bunch of voices woke me up.. I looked at the window and I am pretty sure I witnessed a drug deal.. I am terrified. I don't know what to do. It's on the news all the time about innocent people getting caught in the crossfire of drug deals gone wrong. What happens if someone pulls a gun?? What if the bullet came through our wall. I feel like I want to call the police, but I have no proof, so I can;t do anything.. it makes me feel helpless. I feel like I could be putting my daughter in danger by doing nothing. Again, they have been here less than a week! And there are already so many problems. I am praying to God that they don't pay their rent this month and get kicked out. I don't feel safe in my own home anymore. I knew apartment life wouldn't be easy, but I never dreamed it would be this bad. We don't even live in a bad neighborhood. The only reason they can afford the rent is because there are so many of them chipping in.. and probably by selling drugs.. does anyone know if there is anything I can do?


  1. Oh gosh, I have no clue what to tell you. That is terrible. All I can say is tell the landlord about them drinking and maybe he will say something to them about that. And if they get in enough trouble about other stuff, they may get kicked out.

    Also, that is cool that they got along and so did ya'll! There is nobody my age around here, let alone anyone with a baby.

  2. yeah it can be hard to live in an apartment. You never know who is going to move in around you. In my experience people like that only stick around for a bit and then are usually kicked out. Never be afraid of the cops. There is curfew in the state of ga and the apartment complex may have a curfew time on it. If they are out past curfew than they could get in trouble. Plus they are drinking in public and are disturbing the peace by disobeying the noise ordinance. Believe me I have been through all of this multiple times.
    I even lived in a bad area where I had a gun pulled at my window where I was standing pregnant looking out. I looked out at the wrong time. I also had guys try to break in on multiple occasions but thats where my dogs come in handy.

  3. Jessika do you know what time curfew is? Is it 11?
    I have thought about calling the cops, but what if they found out it was us? I have a feeling they woud try to come trash our apartment.. they know which one we live in, and we have some nice stuff up here.. flat screen tv, my lap top, Chris's ps3, a dvd player.. we don't have the money to replace those things so I really don't know what to do.

  4. You can leave an anonymous tip and they wouldnt necessarily know if you did because apartment complexes are suppose to be regularly patrolled. But keep in mind that groups like that usually have a scanner so they may bail when they hear that cops are on the way. Even if that is the case and you continue to call they will see that cops come to that area a lot and are likely to move their crap some place else.I think it is 11. as for the breaking in...well our dogs helped with that.... but a loy of times since it is an apartment they know that there are people below,above,and all around so it is unlikely they will try because... to many witnesses unless they are really stupid.

  5. Where we live isn't actually a complex. Our landlord has a property company and he had the two buildings built here, so it's not really a complex.. they only come if they are called. However, a cop did come the other day to talk to our neighbor (she is supposed to be testifying against someone), and they were checking that this really is her new address.. they didn't take off before so I am guessing they didn't have a scanner, which is good for me.
    I am hoping they aren't that stupid, but if they are stupid enough to sit on someone else's car without asking there is no telling what they would do.