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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today was a fun day!

One of Chris' cousins (by marriage) is going to the Navy Seals, and his family had a going away part for him today. They had a giant water slide there! It;s one of those blow up things that you rent for the day, and they also have a pool, and a cook-out. Chris's mom was playing with Grace so we got to play on the water slide for awhile, and then I took Grace in the pool.

Later Chris came and said he had been taking Mason (a little boy about Grace's age) down the water slide. I really didn't think it would be safe for Grace, but Mason weighs a pound less than Grace and he was fine. So the first time I took her down everything went fine and she really liked it! I took her up again, but this time somehow we went over the barriers at the end. I shot out like a rocket and we landed in the mud whole the running water was creating. Grace hit her head on my head, but I was the one that was in real pain.. I made sure she didn't hit the ground because I held onto her for dear life so she landed on top of me, but everything hurt, and I was so dizzy. I ended up stepping on my own towel and getting it filthy.. I am pretty sure I almost passed out. Needless to say, I did not take Grace on it again. But Chris did lol.. he was better at stopping at the end.

And then.. this was Chris' last slide of the day..

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