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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Everything is coming together.

Lately, we have been putting the finishing touches on our apartment. Like how we did Grace's walls.. well I have been working a little more today.
We got an end table, which has sort of become my little office space lol.

Then I moved to the kitchen.. This is what it looks like now.

This picture is hanging on the wall next to the table. Chris' Grandma painted it before she passed away. Chris' mom was going to throw it away so we took it. Also, the clock hanging over the table was made by Chris' Grandpa (who passed away in February). His mom was going to throw that out too, so we took that as well. I think they go nicely in our kitchen :)

This is a poem I hung in our room today. It is a poem about love that I wrote and gave to Chris a long time ago.. before Grace was even thought of. So I typed it up nicely and put it in a frame and hung it over our bed :)
And this is a little saying about what a family is that I bought at a consignment sale awhile back.. I hung it in the livingroom.

All we need now is curtains for the livingroom, and Grace's room, and we will have everything, but I will probably have to wait until Christmas for those.


  1. Its awesome that things are coming together nicely. Hanging stuff up on the walls does help with boring white walls. I really wish we could paint in apartments :).

  2. That looks good. We finally got curtains for all the rooms but Sam's because I know she will pull on them so we are just getting her a valance. And I absolutely LOVE the costume!