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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dollar Tree is my new favorite store!!

We went  to Dollar Tree today, and I love that store! I had been looking for a cute candy bucket, but I had been to the Halloween store and several Wal-Marts and all they had were the ugly, normal plastic ones. We had also been looking for a halloween dor decoration, but couldnt find one of those either. Then, we went to Dollar Tree to look for batteries and an ice cream scooper and they had all sorts of halloween stuff! A vampire crashed into our door! Lol. And we got window decorations too (sorry.. the flash reflected..)!
And then we got Grace the little collapsable pumpkin.. I figured it was lighter so it would be easier for her to carry, and then we got the bigger one to dump the candy in when the small one gets full.. there are A LOT of trunk-or-treats around here :) I can't wait to take her trunk-or treating! Also, Chris and I are going to take her to a pumpkin patch with Erica, Adam, and Cayle sometime in the next couple of weeks.. excited about that too!!

I also found this..
We are going to have little tea sandwiches at her birthday party and this is going to save me so much time!! It cuts the crust off and cuts it in half diagonally at the same time.. I hope it works good.


  1. Yea we love the dollar store too. We get a lot of stuff there. We also have the window decorations. We got them last year because Kaedyn was a year and he would understand better. He actually caught on to trick or treating fast...He would walk into people house when they opened the was so funny!!! this year he can say trick or treat this year. He'll point to pumpkins and say it. O talking about makes me so excited!!!

  2. Me too!! Only one month left!
    That also means Grace's birthday is only one month and 4 days away.. gahh! So close!
    Can't wait!!

  3. Ha ha. I told you that store rocks! I got a bunch of stuff there for Halloween the other day. Which pumpkin patch are ya'll going to? We are going to the Kid Station one again this year I think. But then again the one on Signal Mountain sounds cool. Oh, and I think that'll be cute for the sandwiches. I would be careful though because I bought one for Jessie, and he used it on a sandwhich with a lot of meat and it broke, the middle part did, so we had to buy another.

  4. Lol trust me.. I won't be putting a lot of meat on there.. I can't afford to feed a lot of people a lot of meat lol.

    I forgot about the one at Kid's Station! That is a lot closer than the Signal Mountain one.. that's the one I was thinking of going to because I couldn't think of a closer one..

  5. im putting that vamp. pic on faceboook. i have a joke for it....about that cullen kid.