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Monday, September 27, 2010

Grr.. stupid neghbors..

So Friday our internet and cable went out. Chris called and they said that there was an outage in our area and they were working to fix it, and since it was the weekend they wouldn't send anyone anyway. Saturday it was still out, so we called again.. they told us the same thing. Sunday it was still out, so we called the company again, and theysaid that the outage had been fixed, so they didn't understand why are stuff was still out. They set it up for someone to come out this morning. This morning it was still out so we confirmed that we needed the guy to come and when he got here he started trying all sorts of stuff, and nothing was working..
Long story short.. we had seen the people down stairs messing with the cable boxes on the side of our apartment building. So had the boy that lives in the house across the street and the people that live downstairs across from them. But no one had any proof so we couldn't do anything about it. Now, we have proof. The cable guy went out there to check it and said that ours had been broken into and that our Charter cable had been plugged into our Dalton Utilities port. He said that no one who worked for Charter of the City of Dalton would have been dumb enough to do that, and he sees that sort of thing all the time with people trying to steal cable. Those stupid people were trying to steal our cable!! We work hard to pay for that, and they are trying to steal it from us. You never realize what the big deal is with something like that until it happens to you. And to top it off the made us lose connection for 3 days! Luckily the cable company was nice enough to give us those three days for free since we weren't actually using their services.
Anyway.. as soon as the cable guy left we immediatel called our landlord and told him about it. We also told him about all the other problems they have caused. He didn't sound too happy, especially since they have only been here about 2 weeks.. it is just ridiculous!

In other news.. I'm sure you all remember me telling you about Kevin awhile back. Well today I was sitting in class and I go a text message from a number I didn't know. It said "whats up" so I said "who is this" and the next message I got was "Chris Peppers"..... Oh Lord... That is Kevin's brother. Pretty sure the guy just got out of jail, and he is only 19. I was like "oh.. hi" and he asked me if I knew who he was and I said he was Kevin's brother and he sad yes, and then he started asking me all sorts of questions.. how I knew Kevin, how old I was, what school I go to, where I live in Dalton.. etc. I kept trying to ignore him, but if I didn't send a message back in five minutes he would send it again. Then he asked me if  could send him a pic "just to see what I look like" I told him I didn't have pic mail. Then like 5 minutes later he asked again, and I told him again. And he said "oh yea" then I quit texting him back. He sent me three text messages in an hour saying "whats up" then he said "Hey how about sending me a couple of pictures and I'll return the favor. Just wanna see what you look like." I didn't even reply this time, and like five minutes later I got a pic mail (I can recieve, but not send) of him with no shirt on. I immediately deleted it. That would cause major problems between me and Chris, and I didn't even ask for it. Then I got a text saying "Your turn lol"
I still never even said anyhing, but I just got another text message saying "hey" and another one saying "hey" again five minutes ago.
Grr... what is it with these Peppers boys? And I'm sure Kevin will start trying to text me again if he finds out that Chris is texting me. That is all I need. How did this kid even get my number? I have never even talked to him before. Thank God Chris and Kevin are the only boys.. next I'll be getting text messag from Tanya and Amy (their sisters).
I really don't know what to do about them. If I tell Chris he will just blow it out of proportion. And even though I ignore them they just don't take the hint... this sucks.

And as for school.. things are finally looking up. I had my frst geography exam awhile back and I was certain that I didn't do better than a low B on it.. got it back today and I made a 92!! Also got my second geography exam back today and I made a 90 on it!! That eases my mnd a little bit. No I am just worried about my history exam.. 
Also, if there are a lot of typos in this I'm sorry.. my keyboard is acting weird.. leaving out letters and not spacing sometimes. Not sure what to do about that either.


  1. That happened to us once. I was soooo mad!!!
    As for the guys..try telling them straight up that you dont want to talk to them. That you have a man and a beautiful baby girl and that no loser is going to change what you have or even live up to your man. Then you can show Chris the text maybe and he he may be able to help out with out you getting in trouble bc he would see that you didnt your part. IDK. I always just showed Drew. I dont like to hide stuff from him...most of the time...though not all... my hubby would just shrugg it off because he knew that I wasnt going to do anything.

  2. well you see Chris gets very jealous, and upset that someone else tried to talk to me. It's not that he doesn't trust me. It is just he gets very defensive over me. I would rather just not have those problems. I am just ignoring him. I would feel bad if I was avtually talking to the guy and not telling Chris, but if I'm not talking to him there is nothing Chriscan get mad about either. As soon as he texts I just delete it.

  3. Hello Christina,

    My name is Eric Ketzer, and I am a Manager at Charter. I am very sorry to hear that someone had attempted to steal your services. It is certainly frustrating when that happens. If you ever need anything from us, please feel free to contact my team at, and we will be happy to help!

    Good luck to you and Chris.

    Eric Ketzer
    Social Media Communications Manager

  4. Yea I see what you mean. Eventually they will get the idea.