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Monday, February 28, 2011

Making some progress!

 I got the baby's crib and dresser assembled today! Seemed like it took forever, but I did it :) So far, besides the crib and dresser, we now have a mattress, Boppy playgym, monitors, and a laundry basket for the baby. It's a start. I already have bedding picked out for both a boy and a girl, so as soon as we find out I will be finishing the room :)

This room is closed off for now, so that Grace doesn't get in there because she likes to mess with the dresser lol. It was so cute because she was "helping" me clean everything off. She would take a wipe and wipe it off with me. She is becoming quite the little helper. She was also taking the used wipes and throwing them away.

Sad :(

Now I don't know what to do.. I called my school and they said that HOPE and PELL are still available the summer, but since I went full time in the fall and spring PELL will not pay me anymore, and HOPE will only cover part of it.. that pretty much means I cannot go in the summer, and I will fail if I go in the fall. What am I supposed to do?? I hate the thought of having to completely skip a semester, and my family is going to be very upset because they aren't going to believe that I am going to go back in spring of next year. I'm hoping I can possibly take just a like 2 classes if nothing else. I have to talk to them more about it.

Plus without that PELL money, like I have talked about before, we are going to be tight for money when it comes to special occasions.. I do have one option for money, but I am not to fond of it. Chris's mom work in a nursing home and says she can get me a weekend job, but it's a full time weekend job. I would have to quit my other job.. I have been there for 4 years and I do not want to quit. I like it there, and even though it's only one day a week the pay is good.
The pay is good at this other place too, but that means I will have no time with Grace.. I will be out of the house every single day of the week. The weekends were my free time with her. Plus after the end of this year I won't need that job anymore, and then I would be out of my other job that I would like to keep.
Also, the job is like helping elderly people do stuff.. I am not good with vomit, so if any of them throw up I will be throwing up too. And I have never changed an adult's diaper.. I just don't know if I can do that. These are reasons I decided not to go into the medical field.

My dad has a college fund for me, so I could go to college with the money. It could cover what HOPE doesn't.. I am really leaning more toward going to college with those two things combined, and then possibly trying to find a one day a week job at another place.. a job that I would only have to work on Saturday or Sunday.. of possibly after 3 on a week day. And then any money I get from that would be put away for birthday's, baby shower's, and Christmas. I know a job like that is hard to come by though.. one that will only make you work one day a week, plus with me bein pregnant it'll be even harder to find.. I really think that is better for me though. Then I wouldn't have to quit my other job, we would still get some extra money, and I would have time to spend with Grace.. I would have at least one free day a week.
Even working in a fast food restaurant is not beneath me if it means giving my children a good life.
Chris' friend is possibly going to be able to get him another job, but we are not counting on it.. I just don't know what to do..

I need advice guys! Which option do you think is best for me??

UPDATE: I just looked at the options I have for classes, and the best options for me would be to just take two classes. I will be there from 12-3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the middle of May to the middle of June.. which isn't so bad, but then starting in the middle of June I will have to be there from 12-7. I don't want to be gone for 7 hours a day, but it's only two days a week, and I will only have to be gone for 7 hours for one month. If I don't do this option I really have no other options except going every single day and having to come home in between class due to how far apart they are. If I did that it would cost me a fortune in gas. I think I am just going to plan on doing this and possibly looking for a one day a week job. Do you guys think that sounds like a good idea?

Friday, February 25, 2011

A good beginning to my spring break :)

We deicded to take Grace to the mall play place and out for lunch today.

It was a good day, but now we are home, and I need to get down to business. Get some more things in place around here. I am still waiting on my pictures I ordered online.. I have empty picture frames and I want to fill them. I have actually resorted to hanging them up empty so I can get them out of the way.

Also, my baby ticker thing has changed on me and now says that I change weeks on Saturday instead of Sunday, so apprently tomorrow I will be 14 weeks! Not sure how it changed, but it's fine with me lol. 4 weeks until we find out if it is a boy or girl!! And it is the size of a lemon now. I have another appointment in a week, so I will know more then. I don't think I am getting an ultrasound then though.. Does anyone know what the absolute earliest they can tell the sex of a baby is?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our new place..

I know I haven't really talked much about it, but that is because I feel like we have only been here a day. With school I have been so busy that I could barely unpack anything. Finally today was my last day of school.. 10 days of Spring break!! I got started pretty much as soon as I got home.. I got a good bit done. I am finally beginning to feel like this is our place. So far I only have one room completely done.. the bathroom lol.

As I said I am still getting used to it here.. For the most part I like it.. Chris has already made friends with one of the neighbors.. seems like a nice guy. The neighborhood seems even more safe then our old neighborhood.. where we are is actually sort of a private community type thing. There are no gates or anything, but there is a sign when you come in that says "Residents and authorized guests only." Plus I am still stoked about the pool. Can't wait til it is open!
I also love that we have more space here and three bedrooms! Plus we don't have people who can hear our every move and basically stalk us. And we don't have to fight over parking anymore either.

The things I don't like.. the storage space. The closets are smaller and there is way less cabinet space. There are actually no cabinets at all in the bathroom. We had to buy something to put our stuff in. And some of Chris' clothes are taking over the new baby's closet for now. The other thing I don't like is that it is 20 miles away from my school whereas the other place was 3 miles away. Which sucks now that gas is supposed to go up to about $4 a gallon (HOLY CRAP!!!). I have to drive 40 miles 4 days a week.. at least it's not everyday though.

However, I LOVE where we live. We are back in Catoosa county!!! That is where I have lived absolutely all my life. I know everything about this area. Plus now the kids are in the Catoosa county school district, which is supposedly one of the most saught after in the tri-state area. We are also closer to all of our parents, the mall, downtown.. just everything! We are even closer to Brittany and much, much closer to Erica.  We were 45 minutes from Erica before. And this also means that Grace and I can start going to church again! It's probably 5 minutes from where we live now :):):) I really want my babies to grow up in church. I wish I could get Chris on board.. but that is another story for another day.
Ohh and we are closer to my work. About five minutes from there too. I only go there once a week.. starting next week.
Ohhhh and we are closer to my doctor, Grace's doctor, and the hospital I want to deliver at.. so I guess some of that evens out how far I have to drive for school. Plus most of my extended family (and my dad) live in Tn, so we are much closer to them. And all of Chris' family lives in Tn, so we are closer to them too. Only my mom lives in Ga, but she lives in Catoosa county, so we are closer to her too.

Anyway.. I am determined to get the house completely finished over my break. I got off to a good start, so I am going to keep going with it. It stinks though because even though I am off school I have 2-3 pg paper to write, a short story to read, a lab to do, and test to study for (because we are having the test the day we go back.. booo). But I'll get it all done.

Here are the pics of our finished bathroom (Grace was taking a bath lol). It is huge compared to our old bathroom. Literally twice the size!

Please ignore the dirty clothes under the sink.. we don't have our washer and dryer yet. We are getting it in March though! That is another thing I love about this place!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ok so I'm posting again..

I know.. post overload, but I am royally p-ed off.. my dad got me a camera for my birthday. A brand new nice camera. I set it down and lost it for a couple of days in all of the moving clutter, but I found it and it's not working?!? I tried to turn it on and it makes a funny noise and the lense goes in and out, then nothing. Chris got it to work for a minute, but then I tried to take a video and now it's completely gone. Chris can't even get it to work again. I am going to call my dad tomorrow and hopefully he still has the receipt so I can attempt to exchange it. I really didn't do anything to it except not touch it for a few days.. I've barely even used it.. only had it for 19 days for crying out loud! It was such a good camera too. The newest Kodak Easyshare. I really hope I can exchange it, but I don't want to give back the memory card that came with it because I already have lots of pictures on it.. I figure that is going to cause problems too.

Here are some pics of Grace to go along with her update I posted yesterday..
We were playing dress up today. I want to get her picture made in this before she grows out of it. I bought it at a consignment sale last year just for that purpose. I thought it was SO cute!

Apparently she did too because she was prancing around the house in it.

And these are the sunglasses I got her today. She loves them. She wants to wear them inside lol. I'm hoping she doesn't break them because she just broke the only pair I had the other day. She didn't mean to, but she did.

And then this is her attempting to do the motions along with Barney (which it seems like Barney has moved into our house because we see him everday lol).

I took this video with the other camera we have. It will have to make due until we figure out what to do about my new camera.

Warm weather..

I know I just posted too, but Jessika's post about warm weather reminded me.. the air conditioner in my car is out. I am terrified that it is going to be really expensive to get it fixed, but I can't make Grace suffer in that heat. It went out at the end of last summer and she was miserable. I didn't have to money to get it fixed, so we just had to sweat it out.. literally. This time I still have about $900 left from my PELL (we spent A LOT of it on getting my tires and alignment fixed and on moving in here). I want to at least take it and get it looked at because not only will Grace be suffering, but it stays hot through the end of Sept./beginning of Oct. here, so the new baby would have to suffer too. Only thing is, I'm worried it will go out again. I've already had it "fixed" once, and it went out again. I don't want to spend a boat load of money for nothing. Of course last time my grandmother got me to take it to a family friend.. I don't think he fixed it right in the first place. I want to take it to a shop this time. I just really hope it's not the compressor because that's like $1000! I don't want to use all of my PELL on this..
It is already getting warm here though.. cracking the windows works for now, but I don't know how quickly it's going to get warm. I just really hate the thought of using all of my PELL. Last time we didn't use it all until about 2 weeks before I got more. Now I'm afraid we won't have that to fall back on. I just hate that feeling.

Especially since we haven't gotten everything for the new baby yet. We do have the crib, crib matress, changing table, and dresser at least. But we still need a car seat, bed set, and clothes for sure. We have small things like a Boppy (it can be boy or girl), and we have some other small things like burp cloths and toys. I would also like to get a bouncer and a glider, plus the double stroller if possible. For the things we have to have at least $300. Luckily I will get somethings at the shower, but I doubt anyone will buy the car seat or bed set.. of course I recieved both of those things as gifts at Grace's shower, but this is the second baby. I don't know how people will feel about buying expensive things for us this time. If it is a boy they may be more apt to then not because they will know that we don't have boy stuff. I guess we'll find out.

And then there are things like the baby shower (my family said they would help with that though), Grace's birthday party, and Christmas. We are really going to have to save up our money this year. I know we'll figure it out somehow.

One the other hand, things are looking up with school! I made a 104 on my music exam, a 99 on my biology exam, a 92 on my liturature exam, and a 93 on my biology presentation!! I also took my American Government quiz today, and I think I did pretty good on it. All I have left this week is a short story to read by tomorrow and a music quiz.. the music quiz is looking pretty hard though. I'm nervous about it.. we have to remember over an hour of music plus the composers and titles of the peices. It's a lot, but I'll do my best. Then after that is my Spring break!!!!

My CRAZY dream..

So a couple of nights ago I had this really crazy dream..

Chris and I were in the car and he hands me a baby and says it's our baby, but it's a girl. Then we started talking about how my mom had gone into labor wayyyy too early and that it was amazing that our little girl survived. Yes, OUR little girl came from my mom.. apparently according to my dream, my mom was our surrogate, and she gave birth to quadruplets, but only one was ours and it was this little girl that Chris was handing me in the car.
I have the WEIRDEST dreams when I am pregnant.. you would think I was on drugs with some of the things I dream lol, and it was the same way when I was pregnant with Grace. Did any of you guys ever have crazy dreams when you were pregnant?

I also stopped by that consignment sale that Brittany was talking about. I stopped by on my way home from school, so I could get in and get out. They didn't have a ton of stuff, but what they did have was priced really well. I got a maternity dress, 3 outfits and a pair of sunglasses for Grace, and an adorable little baby boy hat (it was only $1, so I couldn't help myself).. all for $20!! I'd say that was a pretty good day of shopping. Of course I was smart and stayed away from the toys.. Grace has enough toys. I look at the books, movies, and dress up stuff, but there was nothing good. Speaking of dress up.. Grace is sitting next to me trying to put on my maternity dress :p She is so silly!

Monday, February 21, 2011

With so much talk of the new baby..

I wanted to give an update on Grace..

She just had her 15 month check up this past Thursday (it was supposed to be earlier in the month, but we had to move it do to all the craziness we had with moving). It was amazing because she was all happy in the waiting room. She was being her outgoing self and pointing at the fish and trying to make friends with a little boy that was there, but then we got called back. I put her on the scale and she seemed fine.. then I picked her up and the lady tried to take her temperature, and she started leaning into me and fussing. Then we went back into the exam room and she freaked.. she started trying to get out the door, and was fussing the whole time we were in there. Then her doctor came in and she was fine until her doctor pulled out the light they use to look in their eyes.. she freaked out again, and it got worse when she actually had to touch her to listen to her heart. It was just so weird because this time she knew where we were, and I guess she was associating touching with shots (which she did have to get one and she was not thrilled at all). It is amazing to see her making connections like that though. She knew the exam room was the "bad" part. Good news though.. she's completely healthy and apparently ahead for her age. She is in the 75th for her weight and 95th for height.. she has finally gone down in the weight. Last time we went she was technically overweight. But she is still growing like a weed.. going to be tall like Chris (he's 6'2").

I can really tell she is growing up though. She is talking so much more now.. We have been working on the ABC's. She loves when I sing it to her, and we are making progress because at first she would say "a d d" but now she can say "a b" usually followed by "d d" but sometimes we get "a b c d." Also the day she got the "b" was the day that she said "ball" and "baby" for the first time. Ball is now her favorite word. She says it all the time! She also loves to say "here you go" "thank you" and "I love you"
And just yesterday she learned that if she grabs my hand she can get me to follow her. It's so cute!
Her favorite things to do are play with her balls, dance, watch Barney or Word World, and dress up. She absolutely LOVES to dress up. She likes hats, sunglasses, necklaces, and bracelets for now. She doesn't know how to dress herself yet, but she is really good at putting on those things. Oh and she also loves shoes. She can't put them on by herself yet, but she will make us put them on. It is not odd to come home from school and find her in her diaper with shoes and necklaces on lol.
She will dance to any music there is.. rap, rock, country, Christian, children's.. But just today she has actually started attempting to mimic the motions on Barney. She will try to do the motions to "The Green Grass Grows All Around," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "If You're Happy and You Know It." She was also clapping along to "BINGO." Oh and for several days now she has been dancing along to "I Love You" at the end of Barney. She will grab my hand and we have to sway back and forth, then she will give me and hug and kiss when it says to. It's so cute!
She also loves the baby in my tummy. She will come up and move my shirt and kiss the baby or blow on my tummy lol. The only thing is she thinks there is a baby in daddy's tummy too LOL! She will do the same to his tummy if he is sitting next to me. She will go back and forth between us.
She is also an outdoor girl... which I am not. I like to sit inside. She gets the outdoor thing from her daddy. I took her out to play with her big ball the other day, and she wanted nothing to do with it because she wanted to go exploring lol. We must have walked around our yard for 30 minutes. She wanted to go further, but I wouldn't let her because she would be going in other people's yards. Then yesterday, it was a little bit colder outside, so I didn't want to take her out, and she was furious lol. She kept going over to the door messing with the handle, and she would get so mad when she couldn't figure out how to get out.

Speaking of figuring things out.. there is nothing that is child proof around this child. She can get markers open, water bottles open, and now she can get child safety caps open. She got open one of the bottles of my prenatal vitamins and a bottle of mouth wash! Luckily I caught her with both before she could ingest either one. I am really going to have to watch her carefully now. Trust me I don't normally leave that stuff lying around, but it was when we were moving and had everything strolled everywhere.. We still have a lot of stuff everywhere, but I made sure to get that stuff put up quick.

She also has another tooth now. This tooth has been a nightmare.. she's had fevers, a runny nose, drooling, and fussiness, but it has come through finally. I think it was so bad this time because it was one of the bigger teeth in the back.

My Spring Break is coming up after this week and we are hoping to get everything done in the new place and I want to take her to the Creative Discovery Museum. I am hoping that it is nice outside so maybe we can walk around and stuff. I just love going downtown. And I really think she will enjoy the museum even more this time because she is so much more interested in learning and she can walk really well now. Last time she was just learning to walk and they were in the process of changing the special exhibit they have, so we got jipped on an exhibit. This Spring Break will be nice.. thank goodness it didn't snow anymore because they were going to start taking days out of our break. I would have been so sad..

Sorry there aren't any pictures, but I am at school in between classes right now, so I don't have my camera.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

This website is awesome!! -- I recommend that everyone of you try it. It's completely free (you can get more stuff for $40 a year, but you don't have to).

Look what it can do!

Click to play this Smilebox announcement
Create your own announcement - Powered by Smilebox
Announcement created with Smilebox

You can completely personalize everything and they have thousands of backgrounds. You have to load it onto your computer, but my anti-virus said it was perfectly safe. I made Grace a long overdue announcement and I am going to make the new baby one too. Plus you can make holiday ones or birthday ones, or just about anything. I haven't play around with those yet, but I am fixing to lol.

UPDATE: Here is the newest one I made..

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook
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Make your own digital scrapbooking design

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The baby bump has arrived :)

I took this this morning.. 12 weeks and 3 days. Starting to show a lot earlier this time. Not sure if that is good or bad lol.

Also my pregnancy brain has officially kicked in. This morning I got out of my car, closed the door, and went around to get my bag. I still have absolutely no recolection of locking my doors, but apparently I did :p Completely locked myself out in the parking garage. God was with me though because I turned around to see my friend Ashley coming up. She was on her way to her car, and offered to take me to my house to get the spare key and then brought me all the way back to the college. Got to be the best friend ever! I missed my first class, but luckily we didn't have any exams or tests or anything. I did have a test in the next class though, and we got back 15 minutes before that class started :)
I have also made it through this crazy week of school.. made a 92 on my Lit essay, and I know I made an A on my music exam. I was stresing about my biology exam though, but I knew more than I thought I did, so I was excited about that. I know I made at least a B!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Change of plans..

We bought our own router lol. We were going to have to pay $7 a month to rent a router from the company, so we decided to just buy one for $55, which saves us money in the long run, and now I have internet again!! Unfortunately we can't get the internet to run through the xbox for some reason.. Now we can't stream Netflix in the livingroom.. only the bedroom. Which stinks because Grace doesn't go in our bedroom (there is too much stuff she can mess with in there so we keep the door shut. Netflix was supposed to be our alternative to cable, since we can't really afford it here. Now we are going to have to pay to get another cord to connect it to the router (and hope that is the problem because if there is something wrong with the xbox we are just out of luck).

Anyway.. as promised..

We have had a really warm week.. I LOVE it!! We took Grace to the playground in our neighborhood..

This was Valentine's Day at Chili's.
Grace was eating her chocolate covered animal cookies after she opened her presents.

This is her with her own cup.. growing so fast!

This is her Valentine's Day outfit.

Now I have a couple of videos that I took just a little bit ago.. I think you guys will enjoy them.
Please ignore the mess.. as I said earlier, we aren't completely set up yet..

This is Grace giving the baby a kiss :)

This is Grace dancing while I sing the ABC's, and then she sings her vesion of the ABC's :)

So upset..

So we were supposed to get our internet yesterday, but they didn't have a router, so they couldn't. They told us to go pick one up, but when we went there the people told us that we would have to order one and it is going to take 4-5 days to get here! That's why I never posted again yesterday. I am using the internet at my school right now during my time between classes. I have 20 minutes before my next class. We are pretty close to having everything set up. I managed to study for my music test and get some unpacking done yesterday. I was proud of myself :p And I think I did pretty good on the music test too. Just got done taking it. School is really stressful this semester though.. I had to turn in a 7 page paper yesterday, and I had an exam in my English class. I just took my music exam and I have a biology quiz I have to go take after my next class. Then tomorrow I have a biology exam (not sure how I'm  going to do on that). Then I have an American Government exam on Thursday. I also have a concert posting to due over the weekend as well as practicing for my presentation that is due Monday. SOOOO much work!! It has been really hard to keep up with it all during all of this moving business. After school I have to go return our cable boxes and old modem because we have to switch to a different company. I also have to go to the post office and have or mail forwarded and to our old landlords office to return the keys.. Again, so much to do!! Plus I have to study for my biology exam at some point today.
Luckily my nausea has pretty much subsided. I still can't eat a lot, but I don't feel sick all the time. At this point I have lost 9 lbs since I got pregnant. I do get a lot of heart burn though. And also, Chris and I both decided yesterday that my tummy is starting to stick out a little. I will post pics when we get our own internet at home because I don't want to fool with bringing the camera here.

And also yesterday was valentine's day, but I had to spend the first part of my day switching the water to our names and then I had to spend 5 hours at school. When I got home we dressed Grace in her cute little valentine's day outfit and went to eat at Chili's (we had a $25 gift plus a coupon for a free kids meal,which Grace will eat now.. makes me sad that she is growing up so quickly. She even feeds herself with a spoon, and gets mad if you don't let her). Anyway.. Chris got me some tulips (I am not a rose person, so he gets me something different every year. Last year it was lily's), a stuffed monkey, and some chocolates. I got Chris a coffee mug that you can write on because he has just recently decided he likes coffee, and some Reece's because those are his favorite. Then we got Grace a valentine's balloon, some chocolate covered animal cookies, a valentine's rubber duck, and the book "I Am The Big Sister." I will post pics of our valentine's day as well when I can.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm back!!

Well we are officially in our new place, but we haven't gotten everything set up yet. It has been a crazyyyyy week.

I am officially 12 weeks now!! My risk of miscarriage decreased :):) Now we only have 6 weeks until we find out if it is a boy or girl. I'm not sure if I told you guys or not, but we are going to get to find out 2 weeks earlier than we originally thought! Hopefully the baby will cooperate, and not have its legs crossed. I reallly can't wait to find out!! I can't wait to go out and buy some clothes and have Grace help us make a bear for it.

But anyway.. I will try to post more later because I am at school right now and class is about to start..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My wonderful fiance..

Apparently a few months ago I said something about wanting someone to throw me a surprise birthday party (I don't even remember saying that)... and yesterday he did! He contacted all of my closest friends, my mom, my dad, and his parents. He did leave out one friend lol.. she wasn't too happy about that, but I can't blame him because apparently he would grab my phone when I was in the bathroom or taking a shower and try to go through and find numbers. I have a TON of numbers in my phone because I never clean it out, so I'm sure it was hard to go through.
He did such a good job though.. he cleaned the house, got decorations, cookie cake (my favorite!), pizza, drinks.. it was so sweet of him to do something like this for me :)

My mom, dad, sister, and brother were there. His mom, brother, and step dad came. And then for my friends: Ashley and Haley came (they don't have kids), Morgan came with Christian, Erica came with Cayle, Kendra came with Micheal, Crystal came with Andy (all of my friends have boys!!), Crystal's cousin came with her, and Wesley (one of Chris' friends) came. I felt kind of bad because everyone with kids ended up in Grace's room because all the kids were playing with toys. Ashley and Haley got left out in the living room. I tried to mingle between everyone, but Grace was in her room playing so I had to stay in there most of the time. It was still a lot of fun though!! He really did a great job!!

I knew something was up though because he made me go stay the night at my moms. He never does that. But I still didn't catch on lol. I am just oblivious like that. I thought he was just going to clean the apartment or something because we are supposed to be moving this week. Grace had a ton of fun staying at my moms though.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Good news!!

So we went and looked at the place I was talking about.. it is in a trailer park, but it is the nicest on I have ever seen! Everyone had nice cars and all of the trailers were new. It was like a little community.. there's a pool, a playground, and a basketball court. It was a 3 br, with a washer and dryer room, and it's a green home so it's supposed to be energy efficient.. saving something like $500 a year. We got there just in time.. there were two people that came in behind us, and they had to turn down the third person because they didn't have anymore open. Then two people called about it and he had to turn them down too.. We went ahead and put down our deposit.. it's soooo nice! Hardwood floors, washer and dryer hookups, nice sized rooms, a big bathroom, I could go on and on. Plus we will have a playground across the street and a free pool! I think the babies will love it! I am excited. I didn't think I would ever be able to except a trailer, but this is not what I was picturing when I thought of a trailer. We are supposed to start moving in on Monday. Only thing that sucks is we have to pay half of our rent for this place (at least he's not making us pay the whole thing). Luckily my Pell is going to help out with that.

Also the baby is doing well. They said it had a strong heartbeat :) I was glad  to see that because I was hurting some yesterday and it worried me, but he said that is pretty normal with women who have been pregnant more than once.
 It is measuring at 11 weeks and 1 day, which is like 5 days bigger then it is supposed to be lol. It's a big baby :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Uggg.. house hunting is sooo stressful!

We are going to pick up that baby furniture today.. Also found out that the baby be is convertible if we do decide to move Grace to a toddler bed. We just CANNOT pass this up! But unfortunately I feel that this forces us to get a three bed room. There is no way we can fit it all in one room with Grace's stuff.

We are going to look at another place today. We know that it is a trailer, and I looked it up on googlemaps and it appears that it is in a tailer park. Unforunately the more we look into things it is looking like all we will be able to afford is another apt or a trailer. We are seriously tired of living in an apartment, and it gets worse and worse everyday. Chris can't even play his Kinect because the people under us threaten to call the cops. Plus for some reason apartments around here are hard to find in a 3 bedroom. We just cannot afford a house. I really wish we could, but at this point we can't. I feel like a trailer is shaping up to be our only option. However, the one we are going to look at tomorrow is a 2005 model, and super nice! It also has washer and dryer hookups which would be a life saver with the new baby (we would only have to buy a washer because my grandmother has an extra dryer). It's a 3 br so they would have their own rooms, and even though it's in a trailer park if all the trailers are as nice as this one it will be a better area then we live now. It is also closer to my parents and Chris' parents.. but further than my school. It's in our price range, but more expensive than we pay now. I just don't know.. Chris says the newer trailers ar made a lot nicer.. this one has siding on it.. like the nice stuff on houses!
I just want the best for my children. I feel like giving them their own rooms is best, and I also feel like once I get my job in a few years we can find a new place, and they won't even be old enough to remember living in a trailer. I know trailers aren't the worst thing in the world.. I just don't want my children to be judged because of where they live. It's sooooo hard. Pray for us guys! I really need some guidance here.

I also have my doctor's appointment today at 2:10.. can't wait!! Watch for updates about the appointment, furniture, and house hunting :) Busy day today!

Stealing Brittany's idea..

My teen years before Grace.. I think this is fitting because today is my 19th birthday :) My last teen year.. kind of sad to think about, but at least I won't be the"teen mom" anymore.

Anyway.. lets start with some pictures..

Life was so simple then..

Proof that I was a size 0 lol. I do not have a tattoo..I drew that there. I was so cool :p

I used to take the weirdest pictures

And of course I had a million mirror pics.  

I was never very popular when I started school. I was shy and quiet. I waited for people to talk to me, and ended up with some pretty bad friends (trouble makers).. I was always a good kid though. I always made good grades, never drank, did drugs, smoked, or anything like that. Even though most of my friends through 9th grade did. By the time I hit tenth grade I knew they weren't who I wanted to be around.. I started breaking off from them.. I was actually sort of a loaner through the beginning of 10th grade.. started making some friends in the end of 10th grade though and these people put me on the map. I got nominated for Junior Princess and I thought I was all that.. I didn't win, but I was one of five girls who got nominated so I was proud. Then I became the talk of the school when I got pregnant at the end of 11th grade. I didn't want anyone to know, but I told my (at the time) best friend.. and she told EVERYONE.. some friend. She doesn't even talk to me now. But anyway.. I wouldn't confirm or deny because it wasn't their business.. My belly confirmed it for me when I came back after summer for first semester of senior year.. The rest is pretty much stuff you guys know..

I think the one thing some of you guys don't know is that I have this thing about me that makes guys fall in love.. I am not trying to brag, and I don't even like it. I have only had five "boyfriends" and only two of those were serious (one being Chris). But I have had something like 10 guys tell me that they were in love with me.
My first boyfriend and I dated for a little over a month.. it was like dating a wall.. we never talked outside of school much less went on a date. I never talked on the phone with him once.. somehow though he started telling me he loved me.. what?? Okay.. and I "broke his heart" when I broke up with him. Then I started dating another guy (Devin).. I really liked him, but about two weeks in we had a major miscomunication and broke up.. The major thing was that his best friend told me Devin was going to break up with me, so I texted him and told him that if he was going to do it he needed to go ahead and do it. He asked me if that was what I wanted and I told him I didn't want to be with someone who didn't want to be with me. So that was it.. come to find out that when Devin asked me out it he did it behind his best friend's back who apparently wanted to ask me out. So the best friend told me that and it wasn't even true... I was so mad at Devin for like a month so I never knew that. He didn't even want to break up with me lol.
Then I started dating this guy named Derek T. This guy didn't go to my school, but he was the only other serious relationship I have had besides Chris. I really thought I loved this guy. Then he kissed another girl, so we broke up. It just broke my heart (or what I thought was broken at that time).
Then I started dating a guy at my school again named Derek P. He was definitely a rebound and I feel awful for it now because he wa totally in love with me. He wrote me a freaking song! Lol. But I broke up with him after about a month.. I had been talking to Derek T. again and he swore he would never cheat on me again.
I was dumb and I believed him.. we got back together and he ended up cheating on me with five girls that I know of (like actually sleeping with them), but that wasn't the worst thing.. I used to go to his house and his sister would leave us there alone. I had never done anything except kiss a guy, and Derek T. pressured me A LOT to do stuff. He would stick his hand down my pants or up my shirt and I would have to stop him (probably didn't help that we were macking on the couch :p but still when I say no it means no). (Caution.. TMI/awful) So one day he took me in his sister's room to "listen to some music" and we were laying on her bed when he got on top of me.. he was holding my arms down with one hand and kissing on my stomach. I asked him what he was doing and he said nothing. Then he asked me if I could "feel that" he was talking about a specific part of his body that he was pushing up against a specific part of my body. Then he started trying to unbutton my pants with his other hand.. I kept telling him to stop, but he wouldn't. I was terrified and I started crying.. when he saw me crying he finally stopped. He told me he was just messing around, but I do NOT believe that.. Now I know nothing actually happened, but for a girl who had never done anything.. I was tramatized. We broke up after that.
All of this happened in 9th grade. Then the summer between 9th and 10th grade is when I decided I wanted to be single.. but no one else wanted me to. I had Derek T. pressuring me to get back with him, and 6 other guys pressuring me to go out with them. All of who told me they were in love with me! So weird! Then I met Chris at the end of the summer and the rest is pretty much history. It took some convincing to get me to go out with him, but I did, and I can't imagine what life would be like if I hadn't.. We will have been together fo 4 years in July.

But that is me in a nutshell lol. My life is so different now that it amazes me, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it possible??

So today I was just sitting there and I swear I felt the baby move!! I didn't have gas and never did. It felt like about ten pieces of popcorn popping.. about five within a few seconds, then nothing for a few seconds, and then about five more. It was a feeling I have never felt before and it happened right there where my uterus is, but I am only 10 weeks and 3 days.. is it even possible to feel the tiny little guy in there already?? I tried to look it up on google and all I could find was that the normal was between 16 and 20 weeks. There were some women who were pregnant with twins that said they could feel that early, but I'm not pregnant with twins.. I didn't feel Grace until I was 20 weeks, so it's seems impossible that I would already feel this baby. I did read that you usually feel your second baby earlier then you did your first. And according to my baby tracker it can roll and stretch, so I guess if it got close enough to the side I could feel it.. I don't know. It felt different then what I felt with Grace, but that could be due to their size difference, and it didn't feel like anything I've felt in my body before (upset stomach, nerves, gas, etc. which I didn't have any of those anyway).

What do you guys think??