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Sunday, February 6, 2011

My wonderful fiance..

Apparently a few months ago I said something about wanting someone to throw me a surprise birthday party (I don't even remember saying that)... and yesterday he did! He contacted all of my closest friends, my mom, my dad, and his parents. He did leave out one friend lol.. she wasn't too happy about that, but I can't blame him because apparently he would grab my phone when I was in the bathroom or taking a shower and try to go through and find numbers. I have a TON of numbers in my phone because I never clean it out, so I'm sure it was hard to go through.
He did such a good job though.. he cleaned the house, got decorations, cookie cake (my favorite!), pizza, drinks.. it was so sweet of him to do something like this for me :)

My mom, dad, sister, and brother were there. His mom, brother, and step dad came. And then for my friends: Ashley and Haley came (they don't have kids), Morgan came with Christian, Erica came with Cayle, Kendra came with Micheal, Crystal came with Andy (all of my friends have boys!!), Crystal's cousin came with her, and Wesley (one of Chris' friends) came. I felt kind of bad because everyone with kids ended up in Grace's room because all the kids were playing with toys. Ashley and Haley got left out in the living room. I tried to mingle between everyone, but Grace was in her room playing so I had to stay in there most of the time. It was still a lot of fun though!! He really did a great job!!

I knew something was up though because he made me go stay the night at my moms. He never does that. But I still didn't catch on lol. I am just oblivious like that. I thought he was just going to clean the apartment or something because we are supposed to be moving this week. Grace had a ton of fun staying at my moms though.


  1. That is AWESOME. I didn't get an invite:(
    He did a good job of hiding it from you. I always figure out any surprise drew has planned. I guess don't let him know.

  2. Christina: Ya. Chris has been planning it for almost a month now. He called me forever ago and asked. I told him I wouldn't know until the day before. I am still sorry we didn't get to come. It looks like he tried really hard. Who did he forget to invite? I know it sucks every time I invite people to some sort of party at my house, the kids end up in Samantha's room, and the people without kids don't really know what to do. =(

    Jessika: Nobody has your number, silly. =p Did you ever get a new phone?

  3. I did get one but it was recently turned off. I had one through the lady I was babysitting for and since im not babysitting no more I no longer have a phone. = ( just a house phone. Sucks....

  4. Lol I wish we could have invited you. I would have if I had known about it lol.

    And Brittany I promise I understand. Believe it or not he forgot to invite his own cousin.. the girl I have been really good friends with forever and I met him through her lol.

  5. Christina: That is who I thought it was. You didn't say that she came and I was like, "Wait a minute..." lol. That is terrible.

    Jessika: I am sorry. =( That really must suck.