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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our new place..

I know I haven't really talked much about it, but that is because I feel like we have only been here a day. With school I have been so busy that I could barely unpack anything. Finally today was my last day of school.. 10 days of Spring break!! I got started pretty much as soon as I got home.. I got a good bit done. I am finally beginning to feel like this is our place. So far I only have one room completely done.. the bathroom lol.

As I said I am still getting used to it here.. For the most part I like it.. Chris has already made friends with one of the neighbors.. seems like a nice guy. The neighborhood seems even more safe then our old neighborhood.. where we are is actually sort of a private community type thing. There are no gates or anything, but there is a sign when you come in that says "Residents and authorized guests only." Plus I am still stoked about the pool. Can't wait til it is open!
I also love that we have more space here and three bedrooms! Plus we don't have people who can hear our every move and basically stalk us. And we don't have to fight over parking anymore either.

The things I don't like.. the storage space. The closets are smaller and there is way less cabinet space. There are actually no cabinets at all in the bathroom. We had to buy something to put our stuff in. And some of Chris' clothes are taking over the new baby's closet for now. The other thing I don't like is that it is 20 miles away from my school whereas the other place was 3 miles away. Which sucks now that gas is supposed to go up to about $4 a gallon (HOLY CRAP!!!). I have to drive 40 miles 4 days a week.. at least it's not everyday though.

However, I LOVE where we live. We are back in Catoosa county!!! That is where I have lived absolutely all my life. I know everything about this area. Plus now the kids are in the Catoosa county school district, which is supposedly one of the most saught after in the tri-state area. We are also closer to all of our parents, the mall, downtown.. just everything! We are even closer to Brittany and much, much closer to Erica.  We were 45 minutes from Erica before. And this also means that Grace and I can start going to church again! It's probably 5 minutes from where we live now :):):) I really want my babies to grow up in church. I wish I could get Chris on board.. but that is another story for another day.
Ohh and we are closer to my work. About five minutes from there too. I only go there once a week.. starting next week.
Ohhhh and we are closer to my doctor, Grace's doctor, and the hospital I want to deliver at.. so I guess some of that evens out how far I have to drive for school. Plus most of my extended family (and my dad) live in Tn, so we are much closer to them. And all of Chris' family lives in Tn, so we are closer to them too. Only my mom lives in Ga, but she lives in Catoosa county, so we are closer to her too.

Anyway.. I am determined to get the house completely finished over my break. I got off to a good start, so I am going to keep going with it. It stinks though because even though I am off school I have 2-3 pg paper to write, a short story to read, a lab to do, and test to study for (because we are having the test the day we go back.. booo). But I'll get it all done.

Here are the pics of our finished bathroom (Grace was taking a bath lol). It is huge compared to our old bathroom. Literally twice the size!

Please ignore the dirty clothes under the sink.. we don't have our washer and dryer yet. We are getting it in March though! That is another thing I love about this place!


  1. Oh wow! That bathroom is huge! I am glad you like your new place. Looks cute so far! Ya, when you moved to Dalton I couldn't believe how far away you were from everything but your school. That is awesome you live closer now. Maybe I will be able to come see this place. =)

  2. That bathroom is really big. It is awesome that yall are close to everything. We are too. Only like 10 minutes to the school but unfortunately my mom lives like 35 minutes in the opposite direction so i have to go all the way out there drop them off drive all the way back go to class and then drive back out there to get them to only turn around and come all the way back to the house. It is ridiculous.