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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The baby bump has arrived :)

I took this this morning.. 12 weeks and 3 days. Starting to show a lot earlier this time. Not sure if that is good or bad lol.

Also my pregnancy brain has officially kicked in. This morning I got out of my car, closed the door, and went around to get my bag. I still have absolutely no recolection of locking my doors, but apparently I did :p Completely locked myself out in the parking garage. God was with me though because I turned around to see my friend Ashley coming up. She was on her way to her car, and offered to take me to my house to get the spare key and then brought me all the way back to the college. Got to be the best friend ever! I missed my first class, but luckily we didn't have any exams or tests or anything. I did have a test in the next class though, and we got back 15 minutes before that class started :)
I have also made it through this crazy week of school.. made a 92 on my Lit essay, and I know I made an A on my music exam. I was stresing about my biology exam though, but I knew more than I thought I did, so I was excited about that. I know I made at least a B!!


  1. Awwww so cute!!!! You look great. But it may just be bloated right now. It may go back never know...
    Omg!!! Lol. I hate pregnancy brain unfortunately I am ditzy by nature so that made it all the worse. But praise God she was there. Awesome you did good on your test.I wish I could say the same.

  2. My pregnancy brain is BAD this time.. I forget everything. I can be walking somewhere in the house and completely forget what I was going to do. Plus I forget to bring things with me all the time.

    Don't worry girl.. you will do fine in college. If you don't need the class drop it. If it's like my colleg you can drop before a certain date and it doesn't hurt your gpa.