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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My CRAZY dream..

So a couple of nights ago I had this really crazy dream..

Chris and I were in the car and he hands me a baby and says it's our baby, but it's a girl. Then we started talking about how my mom had gone into labor wayyyy too early and that it was amazing that our little girl survived. Yes, OUR little girl came from my mom.. apparently according to my dream, my mom was our surrogate, and she gave birth to quadruplets, but only one was ours and it was this little girl that Chris was handing me in the car.
I have the WEIRDEST dreams when I am pregnant.. you would think I was on drugs with some of the things I dream lol, and it was the same way when I was pregnant with Grace. Did any of you guys ever have crazy dreams when you were pregnant?

I also stopped by that consignment sale that Brittany was talking about. I stopped by on my way home from school, so I could get in and get out. They didn't have a ton of stuff, but what they did have was priced really well. I got a maternity dress, 3 outfits and a pair of sunglasses for Grace, and an adorable little baby boy hat (it was only $1, so I couldn't help myself).. all for $20!! I'd say that was a pretty good day of shopping. Of course I was smart and stayed away from the toys.. Grace has enough toys. I look at the books, movies, and dress up stuff, but there was nothing good. Speaking of dress up.. Grace is sitting next to me trying to put on my maternity dress :p She is so silly!


  1. HAHA!!! Grace is so cute.
    But O yeah!!! I had plenty of crazy dreams.
    That dream sounds pretty weird its kinda like...wait ...what?!?

  2. O when I was pregnat with Ely I had a dream that I gave birth to a Persian cat and I had it dressed up in clothes and all.

  3. HAHAHA I love that! That is hilarious!
    When I was pregnant with Grace I would dream all the time that I had a miscarriage. I HATED it. I would wake up in that state where you're still half asleep, and I would be thinking I really lost her. It was so scary.
    And one time I dreamt that I gave birth to her way too early (she wouldn't have lived in real life), but she came out the size of a 1 year old and she was walking, and I was so mad because I never got to have my tiny little baby lol.

  4. With Charleigh I had a dream that I was looking into the baby monitor(we had a video one) and I saw like a dark shadow in Kaedyn's bed so I went to check on him and he was laying in a pool of blood because so e had broke in and killed him.

  5. OMG! That is horrible! I would have woke up screaming. Thank goodness that wasn't true!