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Sunday, April 14, 2013


I decided to put some stuff in a local consignment sale so that I could go to the early sale (before the regular shoppers). I really like this sale because they sale juniors stuff, which I can fit in, so it's a sale for me, too!

Today was the early sale and I found some awesome stuff!

Top left is Children's Place, top right is Gymboree, and the dress is Carter's.

Top left is a swimsuit cover, top right is from Gymboree, and bottom is a 3 piece set from Children's Place. 

Top is from OshKosh. And two pairs of super cute shoes!

The shirt is from Carter's (it was $1!), I just liked the shorts, and the shoes are practically brand new (also only $1!).

Top is from OshKosh, both of the bottom are Carter's. 

I have been needing a new purse forever now, and I hit the jackpot! I love them all!
American Eagle jeans and an Old Navy dress. 
Brown North Face jacket and an Old Navy top.

I'm pretty excited about everything I found! I got that North Face jacket for $8. They're $100 new. I'm so glad I spent the time to put stuff in because I know all the nice stuff would've gone quick! And I'll be making some money at the end of the sale, so that's always a plus!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ellen's youngest fan!

Brentley absolutely LOVES The Ellen Show!
We DVR it every day, and every time I turn it on, he goes running to the TV screaming, "Ellen!" And whenever she dances, he HAS to dance with her. It's so darn cute! 
So, we made this video to show his love affair with Ellen. Enjoy!

Monday, April 8, 2013

What lovely weather we've been having... finally!

It was so nice out today that we took the kids on a picnic and let them ride their bikes!
Brentley didn't quite understand how to work the pedals, so Chris was helping him. Grace had it going, though! Even after Brentley decided that he was done, we put him in his stroller and followed her all over the park!

Grace was also dying to ride the carousel.

Brentley was not a fan at all, though. We had him on a horse, and as soon as it started moving, he panicked. Bless his heart.

And, just for your viewing pleasure, a few scenic shots I captured. I've always loved the architecture of the downtown area.

Chris and I had our first official date on this bridge. We walked across just talking about anything and everything. And at the end of the bridge, he insisted on buying me a (grape) slushie from one of the vendors. Then we walked back across, sharing the slushie, as it was getting dark. After we made it back to the other end we stopped at a spot near the water and looked at the stars for awhile before he took me home. Yes, almost six years later, I still remember every detail. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Okay, Easter was yesterday, but I'm posting about it today :)

We didn't do anything super special. We had my mom and sister and Chris' mom, brother, and step-dad over while the kids hunted some Easter eggs.

I wasn't sure if Brentley would really understand/be in to hunting eggs, but he was all for it! Whenever he saw an egg, he would scream "EGG!" and run to it. He actually found about 12 eggs all on his own.
Grace and Cheyenne had a blast running around looking for eggs, as well.

We attempted to get some family pictures, but I couldn't get both of the kids to stay still at the same time. They wanted to run around. None of the ones with Chris came out good. These two are the only ones even worth showing...

Also, I'm loving my new camera. I found out how to make the pictures come out looking professional...
I'm still getting the hang of replicating it, though. And it's harder to take a picture this way than it is to just snap a quick picture. I guess practice makes perfect. 

We also did Easter "presents" this year. I didn't feel like buying big baskets when we could just buy some bags. I painted letters on them to make them more personal. 

Now, if it would just stay warm, the kids are ready for swimming season!