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Monday, April 8, 2013

What lovely weather we've been having... finally!

It was so nice out today that we took the kids on a picnic and let them ride their bikes!
Brentley didn't quite understand how to work the pedals, so Chris was helping him. Grace had it going, though! Even after Brentley decided that he was done, we put him in his stroller and followed her all over the park!

Grace was also dying to ride the carousel.

Brentley was not a fan at all, though. We had him on a horse, and as soon as it started moving, he panicked. Bless his heart.

And, just for your viewing pleasure, a few scenic shots I captured. I've always loved the architecture of the downtown area.

Chris and I had our first official date on this bridge. We walked across just talking about anything and everything. And at the end of the bridge, he insisted on buying me a (grape) slushie from one of the vendors. Then we walked back across, sharing the slushie, as it was getting dark. After we made it back to the other end we stopped at a spot near the water and looked at the stars for awhile before he took me home. Yes, almost six years later, I still remember every detail. 

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  1. I really love this weather too! We have been doing something everyday, and it is nice to have affordable things to do on the weekends. :)

    Looks like the kids had fun! Except Brentley on the carousel. Poor thing.

    That sounds like a sweet date! You guys should "recreate it" for your anniversary. That'd be cute. And if you got any pictures the first time, you could try to retake the same type again. Ha Ha. A lot of mine and Jessie's time was spent at his Mom's because neither of us could drive or had jobs back then. We had our first REAL date-where he drove and paid for everything etc.-AFTER Sam was born. lol Sad, I know. But here we are, 6 years later, so it's all good.