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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Okay, Easter was yesterday, but I'm posting about it today :)

We didn't do anything super special. We had my mom and sister and Chris' mom, brother, and step-dad over while the kids hunted some Easter eggs.

I wasn't sure if Brentley would really understand/be in to hunting eggs, but he was all for it! Whenever he saw an egg, he would scream "EGG!" and run to it. He actually found about 12 eggs all on his own.
Grace and Cheyenne had a blast running around looking for eggs, as well.

We attempted to get some family pictures, but I couldn't get both of the kids to stay still at the same time. They wanted to run around. None of the ones with Chris came out good. These two are the only ones even worth showing...

Also, I'm loving my new camera. I found out how to make the pictures come out looking professional...
I'm still getting the hang of replicating it, though. And it's harder to take a picture this way than it is to just snap a quick picture. I guess practice makes perfect. 

We also did Easter "presents" this year. I didn't feel like buying big baskets when we could just buy some bags. I painted letters on them to make them more personal. 

Now, if it would just stay warm, the kids are ready for swimming season! 

1 comment:

  1. Looks like fun. :) Did you guys end up dyeing eggs?

    I really Love that one pic of Grace. I was actually thinking it looked professional when you loaded it up on Facebook. Now I know why. lol