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Monday, March 25, 2013

Our future home.

We're not planning on buying a house until a. we can afford one we want to live in for the rest of our lives, and b. we know if I'll be able to get a job in this area.
So this is me planning WAY ahead. Although, I always do that, right?

Through Pinterest, my future home is coming together. I'll be all set to decorate once we actually have a house!

Our bedroom:
I'm obsessed with yellow and gray together, which is strange because I'm not a big fan of yellow by itself. But when these two colors are together, it's just so beautiful!

Painting circles is easy enough, right?
 I really like the first bedspread. Simple, yet elegant. I also like the pictures above the bed. However, I like the yellow walls in the second picture. Basically our room will be the first picture, but with pale yellow walls (minus the chandelier).

The living room:

I LOVE the color of the walls. I picture lighter floors and dark brown couches/chairs, though, with throw pillows that accent the walls.  

The kitchen:

I can't really find much that I would want for my kitchen. I think I would have to actually see it first, but I really like this color scheme. I could definitely see my kitchen being these colors!

Back yard:

We WILL have this in our backyard. 
There will also be a grill and patio furniture. We love to eat outside when the weather is nice. 

Kids' rooms:
This will mostly depend on how old they are/what they are into at the time. I have a ton of neat ideas pinned, but I can't say that I would definitely use them. 

I did find one thing that I think I could incorporate no matter the theme or colors...
I would do one for Grace and one for Brentley. I think I might actually go ahead and do something like this... maybe as a Christmas gift or birthday present? 

Now, here's my random quirkiness coming through... I think it would be really neat to have quotes from books randomly placed throughout the house.

Like this...

Or this...

I showed this one to Brittany... I think it would fit in our bedroom. 

These are just a few. There are lots of others, but I plan on putting them in places where they fit with the room. And mostly only quotes that are meaningful.

And yes, I am taking over the decorating. Chris said he didn't care how we decorated our future house as long as he had a garage or "mancave" that he could do whatever he wanted to. I'm totally fine with that lol. 


  1. I love all the stuff you picked out! The yellow and grey together is so beautiful? You can start getting stuff now, that way when you get your house you won't have to buy as much. you can just buy things here and there. After we bought the house we were broke, because we were trying to eat all of our new bills. So we didn't get to get the new furniture we wanted everything, but it was worth it. I also love the clothes that you picked out, especially light switch covers! You found that on Pinterest?I love putting quotes all over the house. I am not sure if you saw my other blog about the scripture and quotes I like to put on our marker boards and such, but it can be very encouraging! Thanks again for finding me that dandelion quote. I definitely plan to get it. I think it's very fitting. We also plan to do something like that to our fire pit. Right now it is just s hole in the ground. We plan to fix it up this Summer. Have you thought about getting one of those portable fire pits for the porch? We had planned to that. My Aunt did. She Loves it!

  2. PS I Love the subway art. That is very personal and special! Where did you find that?

  3. It would be smart to start buying now. Maybe once this semester is over, I can use some of the money that would normally be going to gas. We spend a small fortune on gas each week with me having to drive there and back four days a week.

    Yep, I found both of those light switch covers on Pinterest. I'm actually super jealous because someone did an entire nursery in Harry Potter and it is absolutely ADORABLE. I see stuff on there all the time that I wish I would've done lol.

    That subway art was pinned on Pinterest, too. I really like it! I like that it can be personalized.

  4. I bet! Going once a week is enough for me! And the center is right down the road from DSC.

    Lol Harry Potter nursery? Sweet! Well, you still got a few more years to decorate their rooms. And if y'all have another!

  5. Is it really?? I knew it was in Dalton, but I didn't know it was close. Do they let you get lunch on Thursdays? I have an hour break. Maybe we could meet sometime :)

    I don't think we're going to have anymore. My baby fever has finally gone away now that Brentley is in his pre-terrible twos lol.
    Maybe Grace or Brentley will be really into Harry Potter, and I can still do a Harry Potter room lol.