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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update on the little ones!


She is now three years and four months old. Oh my, she is so outgoing! Nothing holds her back.
Her favorite song is "We Are Never Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift. I have a video of her singing it, but it won't load on here, so click HERE if you want to see it on youtube!She is always singing that song or the song that she is going to be dancing to at her recital in April.

Which, by the way, she is pretty good at ballet. She knows all the moves to her dance and has no problem executing them, but she wants to go back to gymnastics. And Chris and I both think that she's better at gymnastics. She's just to rambunctious and, well... not graceful for ballet. Yep... Grace is not the least bit graceful lol. So we're going to switch her back to gym after the recital. Only reason we haven't already switched her is because we paid $50 for the outfit. I'm not going to take her out before she has to wear it lol.

Other than that, this child wants to go to school so bad! I think it's because she knows I go to school all the time. And Chris just recently started taking night classes two days a week, so now daddy is going to school, so she is dying to go to school. I have been doing some mini lessons with her, which she loves! (I'll be doing another post about those soon!) Grace loves to learn. She is currently learning to right her letters. Her current goal is to be able to write her name. She is always asking me to write it for her. She's also learning the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, which she is picking up very quickly.


He will be 19 months on the 26th! Which, or course, means I'm already beginning to plan his birthday party! Lol. It's going to be a Hungry Caterpillar theme! I'm excited, but I'm in no rush. I don't want him to turn two! Not yet! I can't believe it's only 5 months until his birthday!

He is incredibly smart! So smart that he does even realize he's a baby. When we're out somewhere, if her sees a baby, he'll point and say "baby!" And I'll tell him he's a baby, then he'll look at me as if I've lost my mind lol.
Seriously though, he's turning into his own little person. He's still very laid back. He likes to observe before he jumps into something. Except for dancing. He will dance to any music. But he loves to dance to the Gilmore Girls theme song and the Pretty Little Liars theme song. And he absolutely LOVES to dance with Ellen. We have to watch Ellen everyday just so he can dance with her lol. Maybe he will be our dancer?? :p
Other than that, he has zero interest in television. Well, I take that back. He has recently somewhat decided that he likes Word World, but it doesn't hold his interest for more than 5 minutes. He'd rather be playing, which I'm totally fine with.

His language is developing quickly! He can say phrases now. He'll say, "excuse me," "thank you," "I love you, too." Things like that. He said the word "tunnel" yesterday just as clear as day. I love when he says new words! He can also say "Grace," but he usually calls her "sissy." Oh, and he randomly said, "My shoe is blue." Chris and I both heard him and we looked at each other like, did you just hear that?? He was referring to his sock, which was indeed blue. He can also count to two and he loves to try and sing the ABCs. He hasn't quite got the letters yet, but he's got the tune, and when we get to the end he always sings, "MEEEEEEE!" Lol.

My little buddies!

He was saying, "Cheeeeese!"

She's so silly!

And sweet at the same time!

This was on the first semi-warm day. We went outside and ran around!

My handsome baby!

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