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Monday, March 11, 2013

Consignment sale season!

It's that time of the year again!!

I didn't find as much as I usually do, but I am extremely happy with the things I did find!!

This is the stuff I found for Brentley. All of this together was $13.

I found this dress for Grace. I'm thinking it will be her Easter dress! It was $8.50.

Then I got all of this swimming stuff for them.

The pack of swim diapers is unopened. I got it for $4. 
The sunglasses for Grace are also brand new (tags still attached). Only $3.
The swim shoes for Grace were $2.50.
The swim shoes for Brentley were $2.00.  
Both of the bathing suits are brand new (tags still on them). Grace's is from Children's Place. It was $8.00.
Brentley's is from Carter's. Now, this one was pricey... *deep breath* $18.00. I have NEVER paid that much for an outfit at a consignment sale, but I made an exception this time. 
I went looking for swim trunks and a swim shirt to match because Brentley sunburns incredibly easy. But I couldn't find any that matched. I'm a stickler for matching. Then I found this one. If I had bought it in Carter's it would've been $40 (that's what it says on the tag), so I can handle $18 because I really wanted him to have a swim shirt. It looks huge in the picture, but it's a 2T. 
Then I went looking for a sun hat to match. I could only find one that matched (the one in the picture). It was $5. A little more than I wanted to pay for a hat, but (again) it had to match. Plus it's Baby Gap, so at least it's brand name. 

I decided I'm going to give them all this swim stuff as part of their Easter baskets. I can't wait until we can take them swimming, and to the splash park, and to Coolidge park! 

All together, it came out to right at $70 (with tax). Not too bad. I usually get more than what I got for $70, but I still think I got some good deals. 


  1. Cute stuff! It was a lot, but you got Easter stuff and you were thinking about Brentley. At least he won'T burn. :) I like Grace's swim suit too. I though it was a drummer dress at first.

  2. You know when we went to the park the other day? Yeah, he burned then! I've never met someone who burns easier than me, but apparently he does! So I knew he was going to need a swim shirt and a sun hat. I tried to convince myself to get mixed matched ones. It would've been like $12 for the shirt, trunks, and hat that way, but I just can't do mixed matched. So I spent $23 instead lol. If you count the swim shoes, I spent $25. And with the swim diapers, it was $29 all for Brentley. We better do a lot of swimming this year! Lol.