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Monday, August 30, 2010

Grace's birthday!

So I got the money for my laptop refunded today, and I also got the money from my scholarships refunded today, and I went to town lol.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought the invitations I am going to use for Grace's birthday. They are shaped like 1's and all different colors. They are so cute!!

I am also sort of going to steal Brittany's birthday week idea...
The day before Grace's birthday we are going to go get her one year/halloween pictures done (lumping them together since it is less than a week apart). (Tuesday)
On her birthday we are going to take her to Playworld for the first time because I have heard it has a really awesome baby section that little toddlers love, and I also want to let her open some of her presents that day. (Wednesday)
The day after her birthday she has her one year check up.. not so fun because they do shots, so I want to take her to do something special afterwards.. maybe go get some ice cream or something.. not sure yet. (Thursday)
Not sure what to do Friday yet.. any ideas? (Keep in mind that it will be winter)
Then Saturday will be her birthday party, which will be loads of fun!

Also, we bought her presents online today!!!! (I had the money so I went ahead and did it $115.00!! and that is with free shipping).

This is what we got her..

This is a worship CD.. I just really wanted to get her one.

These two things go together. I am making her a Disney Classics collection, but since she has no interest in the movies yet I wanted to get her something she would actually like too, so the doll goes with it :)

She loves music and bubbles, so this is perfect because it has both! Chris and I picked this out together (Christian got it as a present and when we saw it we knew we had to get it for Grace).

Chris picked this out because she is always trying to get in his tool box. I told him to pick out something he wanted for her and he picked this. It's cute!

I love these Wheel Pal things!

And then we also have the two birthday rubber ducks that we already bought for her (no pic, sorry).

I am soooo excited about her birthday now. I don't want her to turn one, but I'm going to make it as fun as possible :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My thoughts on Teen Mom lately..

Well for starters.. I was really sad that they didn't show it this week. I look forward to watching this show every week. Chris and I watch it together, and we don't watch a lot of TV together so it is nice. **Also, if you have missed any episodes and don't want to know what happened don't read this because it may give some stuff away**

I will start with Maci.. she used to be my favorite, but I have almost lost my faith in her. This is partly because of her Youtube videos (Maci Part 1 and Maci Part 2). If you have never seen them then you should check them out.. she comes off as completely stuck up, as if she thinks she's better than everyone else, and at one point someone makes a comment about Catelynn being a "chubby bore" and Maci laughs at it! That is someone who is supposedly a friend.. just completely rude.
The other reason I almost have lost faith is because it seems that she has thrown caution to the wind lately.. wanting to move Bentley into a house full of college students, taking him on go-cart ride when he is so small, and then moving to Nashville (Knoxville?) to be with this guy that she has some infatuation with? She is uprooting Bentley from his life, and it seems that she doesn't even care about that.
I do think that she is still a pretty good mom.. still the best on the show, but I am now learning what kind of person she truly is and I am not sure I like it.
I will say that I was impressed with how maturely she handled Ryan having a girl friend. But the rest of the stuff I see this season is not so great.

Catelynn.. her story does not really appeal to me. While I understand that she is a mother I do not feel that she knows what it is like to be a mom. I would like to see someone's struggle with being a mom. Not someone's guilt over placing her child up for adoption. I also think that her and Tyler are too young to be taking their relatioship so serious when they don't even have a child to keep themselves together for. I mean counseling? Phone records? You are teenagers.. You never see them hanging out with friends other than each other.. I have friends besides Chris and I actually have to take care of my child.

Amber.. my LEAST favorite. She is always screaming, fighting, cussing, hitting, pushing, and griping at Gary in front of Leah, and always complaining about money and not having her GED.. Plus she never interacts with Leah.. The car ride to Florida made me sad for Leah.. the poor child got screamed at for crying on a long car ride, and they didn't give her anything to play with or anything, and then when Gary wanted to let her stretch her legs Amber didn't want her out f her car seat? And then I guess to stop her from crying they unbuckled her while driving on the interstate?? Not safe at all! Amber and Gary both appear very lazy to me.. their house is always messy and they always just let Leah wander around and do whatever. Amber just sits on the couch all day complaining and then her and Gary get into it.. and they want to get married?? He can't even prepose the right way for her.. how are they ever going to be happy in a marriage? They are the ones who need counseling.. couples counseling and parenting classes.. The only time I ever see Amber touch Leah is to change her diaper and all she can do is say "you better not pee on me." I feel so bad for that poor little girl.

Now Farrah.. she has actually become my favorite this season (from my least favorite last season). Now that I can see what goes on between her and her parents (her mom trying to strangle her and punching her with Sophia watching) I can understand why she was so disrespectful all those years. I do not believe for one minute that it was self-defense on Debra's part.. if it were she would have been able to hire a lawyer to prove so with all that money they have. I am really glad to see Farrah stepping up and taking responsibility for Sophia. That is why I disliked her so much last season.. because she never spent any time with Sophia, but now that she is out on her own I can really see that she does care about Sophia. I could tell from all the special birthday things that she did for her that she really loves her. I know that she has made some mistakes with Sophia, but she is basically just now becoming a mom. I cannot wait to see how much she will grow. I have seen so much growth in her this season alone. I also appluad her for finishing school, and never once complaining about it. I hate that she got scammed.. it was so obvious that it was a scam, but the girl was born wiith a silver spoon in her mouth.. I don't think that she has ever done anything for herself.. she didn't even know how to write a check correctly. I hope that she learns from that.. at least she didn't lose her car too.
I also hate that Sophia will never know her real father.. that has to be hard for Farrah as well. Her story has really captured my heart this season.. I hope she continues to learn and grow.. I really want to see her make it through all of this!

What does everyone else think? I totally don't mind if you disagree with me..

Friday, August 27, 2010

My first college essay..

Just hoping you guys could read this and let me know what you think. I am definitely open to critiquing, so please do tell me if something doesn't sound right, is too wordy, boring, etc. And also please point out any typos. Also, it is supposed to be an essay about an event or series of events that changed my life, and specific examples of how it changed my life. It is also supposed to be very descriptive, so let me know if you guys think it falls in those lines or not. Thank you!

        When I was seventeen, and in my junior year of high school, I had it all: amazing friends, a wonderful boyfriend, a nice car, good grades, and popularity. I was so “popular” that I was one of six girls nominated for Junior Princess. Everything in my life was exactly how I wanted it to be, and I thought my life was perfect. Then, my teenage years were brought to a grinding halt in the second semester of my junior year when I found out that I was pregnant. It was as if a tornado had formed in my head. The thoughts swirled as I tried to make since of what had to happen next. My life was no longer all about me; I had another person that I was going to be responsible for, and I had no idea how to do that.
         I slowly began to learn what being responsible for another person meant. A brown crib decorated with pink and brown bedding sat next to my bed, a brown rocking chair sat next to the crib, in the closet my half of my clothes were replaced with tiny pink clothes, and next to my dresser sat a white book shelf with pastel colored bins full of baby toys. This meant that my room no longer belonged to just me; it was fit for a baby girl.
        My car had to be fit for a baby as well, so I had to sell my shiny black sports car and buy a regular four door car, which was then turned into what could be called a “mom car.” There was a pink and brown car seat installed in the back seat, a mirror in front of the car seat so I could see in it, and a yellow “Baby On Board” sign positioned in the rear window for everyone to see. All of this was done in preparation for the birth of my daughter.
       No matter how prepared I was for her birth, November 3rd, 2010 was the day that changed my life. That tiny little cry ended the hours of pain and brought with it a precious little life. As I held her in my arms I was filled with a sense of euphoria, and I was captivated by love. At that moment I knew that I would put her every need before my own. There was nothing in the world that could hinder my undying love for my daughter.
       My love for her gave me the push I needed to return to school to finish out my senior year of high school. One week after she was born I started doing my school work at home through my high school’s home-bound program. I taught myself from my text books, and then a lady came to pick up my finished work and administer my exams twice a week. This may sound easy, but teaching myself while tending to my daughter‘s needs was a daunting task. Trying to write an essay while also trying to feed my daughter at the same time was like trying to tie a knot with no hands, however, I managed to finish out the first semester of my senior year with all A’s!
       I returned to school after Christmas break, which was my last semester of high school, and I went to my counselor and had my schedule set so that I only went to school for half a day every day. That way I could spend more time with my daughter and still graduate.
      When I returned to school I was no longer concerned with my social status, but instead with my grade point average. I studied more, and stay home with my daughter instead of going out with my friends every other day. In the end I was rewarded for my work because I graduated with my senior class of 2010. Actually, I did better than graduate on time; I was the only teenage mother to graduate in the top ten of my class. I graduated sixth in my class of 256 students with a 4.0 grade point average, and I have never felt more accomplished then when I walked across that stage to receive my diploma in my blue cap and gown, and my sparkling high heels with a bright smile on my face, which signified that those twelve years of school were behind me, and my whole life was ahead of me.
       This achievement showed me that college was a possibility for me, but I understood that I would have to get my family together first. Just before I found out I was pregnant my boyfriend had gotten down on one knee and handed me a red rose. Inside of this rose was a beautiful diamond ring, which made me his fiancĂ©. We had been engaged since before my daughter was conceived and we now wanted to live together as a family, so over the summer we found an apartment that was perfect for us, and began our own life, but this was not as simple as it sounds because along with our own apartment came the bills. This was another way that life was no longer about me because I could no longer afford to buy new clothes and shoes, but instead we had to be able to afford the clothes and shoes for our daughter. However, these things were not of big significance to me anymore; instead I was more concerned with continuing my education to better the future of myself and my daughter.
      This led me to enroll at Dalton State College to study in the field of Early Childhood Special Education in the hopes of one day becoming a Special Education teacher in an elementary school. I used to want to be in the medical field, but instead I chose education because I will hopefully graduate college right around the time that my daughter starts school, so I will be on the same schedule as my daughter: weekends, holidays, and summers off. This is another way the birth of my daughter has changed my view of life being all about me. Two years ago, if someone would have asked me what I thought my life would be like today I probably would have responded, “I will be away at college, living in a dorm, and studying medicine.” I would have thought I would be “Miss popular” with the fancy car and lots of friends, but here I am, a mom to a beautiful little girl, fiancĂ© of a wonderful man, and college student studying education. My life is definitely not all about me, as I once thought it was, and I would never have thought that this would be the path that my life would take, or that I would enjoy the life I have now, but I now see that I would not want my life to be any other way.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My sisters birthday party :)

Today we took Grace to my sister's 5th birthday party :)
Her and Cheyenne are still playing in the floor. They are both super hyped up from the cake!!

Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The girl below us is nothing but trouble!!

So as I have said before, she is the one we had to call the cops on for getting in that fight with that girl.. she is the one that kept waking Grace up all night because they were playing music, slamming doors, shooting fireworks, screaming.. etc.
Well I think she has a thing for Chris.. he swears she doesn't, but I can see it. She always talks to him.. when I'm not there she tries to have a conversation with him.. when I'm with him she still says "hi" but when it's just me that walks by she acts like I don't exist. Then one day Chris was bringing groceries in and she stopped him and asked him if she could drop her off at the store down the road.. she was wearing jeans when she asked him. He didn't want to be mean so he said yes, and she said she had to grab her purse, so he came to drop the groceries off and tell me where he was going. I watched out the window and she came back out with make up on and in a mini skirt! It is soooo obvious to me. Luckily she is not here a lot anymore.. I guess she stays with other people a lot.
Anyway.. last night at 11pm we here what sounds like an army marching up the stairs and then knocking on our door.. Chris opened the door and there was a cop and another guy standing there! Someone had tried to break in her apartment last night, and they came to ask if we had seen anything, but the whole story just sounded fishy.. not to mention that we heard her a few nights ago telling someone that someone had tried to break in that night? Why would someone try to break in two nights in one week? It's like she is making it up or something.. and we get questioned because of it.
Speaking of hearing her.. we can hear pretty much everything she says.. and does.. that's right. She was having quite a fun time with someone last week and we heard every second of it.. eww.
Like I said, nothing, but trouble.

Also, Chris had to go to the store just a minute ago. When he walked out the door Grace started crying.. She loves going to the store with him. He usually takes her, but he couldn't this time.. She has been going back and forth from the door to the window. When she is at the door she sits there crying "aba (new word for dada)" and then she crawls to the window and bangs on it. She wanted to go so bad. It is pitiful. I am trying to divert her attention, but it is not working very well :(
On the plus side, that shows me that Chris actually does pay attention to her when I am gone. She loves to play with him and be with him now :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some random things..

I got my diagnostic paper back today.. We wrote it in class in 20 minutes on the first day.. I made an 80, which is not what I was hoping for, but at least I didn't fail, and now I have a better idea of how he grades and what he is looking for. Plus, with other papers we will have a lot more time to do them and revise them, so I am confident that I can at least make an 85. I made an 80 on this one and I didn't even get to read through it to correct the mistakes. Luckly he only really graded it by if you turned it or not, so it's in the grade books as a 100.

Also, some problems with Grace's party location.. The guy my dad talked to originally said that we could have it, no problem. Well then he talked to the guy over him, and that guy said that we can't use it because they have a Bible study for the seniors in there on Sunday mornings?? That makes absolutely no since. We told them we would clean everything up, but they said no. They want us to use the place we used for my graduation party, which is out behind the church. It's a nice place, but we had about 30 people at my graduation party and it was crowded.. I am expecting about 50 people for Grace's party, so there is no way we would fit! I am going to have to find somewhere where everything can fit. I'm thinking about trying the place that I had my baby shower. I think it would be big enough, but we would have to figure out how to use the air this time.. we couldn't figure it out for my baby shower.. it was awful. Especially since my shower was in the summer.. at least her party will be in the winter.

Another thing.. I forgot to mention this, but it really showed improvement to me. On my first day of college I wanted to look nice.. I dressed nicely, put on make up, and did my hair. Chris and Grace were still asleep when I left, and I figured when I got home he would be upset that I got dressed up. I figured he would think it was to impress the guys or something because that is how he used to act, but when I got home he didn't say anything for awhile, then about 30 minutes later he goes.. "you look really pretty today." I just smiled and said "thank you" because I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but it meant a lot to me.. a lot that he didn't accuse me of trying to impress guys, a lot that he noticed that I actually tried to look nice, and a lot that he complimented me. It really showed me that he is maturing.. Also, just a few seconds ago I left my computer to go change Grace's diaper.. I was in the middle of typing this and when I came back this was there ...
i love you baby, and i allways will. you r my punk....

I thought it was cute and sweet :) Just the fact that he took the time to type something for me means a lot to me :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grace's halloween costume.

Originally I wanted Grace to be a ballerina for halloween, but I looked on,,, and no ballerina costumes for babies :( But I did find an adorable costume on It says "this item is not available at this time" but I am hoping that just means they don't have them in stock yet because it's not very close to halloween yet. Also, it is $39.99! A little pricy, but I figured I can stretch for her first halloween costume. Especially since this one is just precious! It comes with everything shown, and I just love the flower headband! I really hope we can get this one!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My first assignment :)

I just got done with the first part of my first assignment for college :) I am please with it. I get to write about what it is like to be a teen mom! I love that! I am going to have so much fun with this assignment. The assignment is actually to write about something that changed your life and how it changed it. So I am going to write about finding out I was pregnant at seventeen and how my life changed after that.

Earlier today we went to Christian's (Morgan's son) first birthday party :) Grace had a good time because it was at a park and she got to swing. She LOVES to swing (just found out today lol). Christian also got a bubble blower which reminded me that I wanted to add one to Grace's wishlist lol. Also, Grace had her first walking accident yesterday :( She was walking in my room and she fell. I caught her before she hit the ground, but not before she hit her head on my fan. She cried so hard, and she has a bruise the size of a quarter on her forehead, and it is blue and purple. Everyone had to ask about where she got it from. I felt like everyone was thinking "gah.. she must be a bad mom." I really hope they weren't. I tried to catch her..
Oh and that Janelle girl that I talked about before.. she was there, and big surprise, she didn't have her baby. She was talking about how they had to go pick him up from her mom's, and then they were going to drop her off at his mom's for the night. I feel so sorry for that little baby girl.

After the party we stopped to get some paper for my printer and some outlet covers (Grace has been trying to stick her fingers in the outlets since we moved in and I finally remembered to get some covers). While we were there I got Grace her first birthday present! They had these adorable rubber ducks. One was pink, wearing a birthday hat, and holding a present, and the other was purple, wearing a hat, and holding a cake with one candle. I couldn't resist them! Grace already has one that is dressed like a sheep that she got for Easter and she LOVES it. So I got them, and I put them in the closet to resist the temptation to give them to her now lol. I can't wait to give them to her!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video of Grace walking!!!

I finally got a video of her walking :))) She does it a couple of times so be sure to watch the whole way through :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dad for dinner.

We had my dad over for dinner tonight. As much as he protested me keeping Grace, he is a happy, doting Grandpa. He could not stop taking pictures and videos. And when she walked to him he kept saying "I am so proud of you!" and he gave her a kiss. It was so sweet :) He also kept going on about how he has never seen a baby walk at 9 months. He is a proud Gramps. Everyone got along well.. he even gave Chris a hug for the first time today.. which pretty much means "welcome to the family." I made spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread for dinner, and brownies for dessert.. my specialties lol. I am glad that my dad is finally able to accept my daughter and my fiance. It may not be the life he wanted for me.. or even the life I wanted for myself, but I wouldn't change it for the world now that I have it :)

As far as the healthy living goes.. I haven't had any fast food, and have only drank water for three days now! We didn't get to walk today because my dad came over, but we are going to start right back up tomorrow, and I actually do extra walking each day too because parking at the college is ridiculous! I have to get the at least 20 minutes before class starts so I can find a spot and make it to class on time, and pigs would have to fly to get a spot near the buildings. I drove through the entire six story parking garage today and there was not one single spot!! Luckily someone was pulling out just outside of the parking garage and I got the spot. I have never once just found an open spot.. each time I found someone pulling out and got their spot. I even had to parallel park yesterday, and let me tell you I stopped the world! It took me three times to get in the spot, but I did it, and I didn't hit anyone (it was my first time since my driving test). I also have had a great couple of first days.. I really like going.. I feel accomplished. I knew I was going, but it is different to actually be there. I am a college student and a teen mom! Take that statistics! Lol.  I have all my books except my history book.. there are four of them! I should be getting those tomorrow.. Still haven't heard anything about my Pell so I'm going to have to go check on that tomorrow too.. Also found a couple really good friends there yesterday. It was nice to see some familiar faces. I don't have any classes with anyone I know except for one guy that likes me (like as a gf) and I can't stand him.. it stinks :( But it's a chance for me to make new friends. I am determined to make at least one new friend. I have also decided that I will not be shy at all. I have already inserted my opinion in several lectures. I know it is only the third day, but I am kind of liking this college thing. We had a disscusion today about proving to our professor that a chair was a chair.. and believe it or not.. none of us could do it!! Hard to explain, but true..

Monday, August 16, 2010


Grace took seven steps in a row today!! She fell on the eigth one, but seven is pretty good!!

We went for our walk around the block too. Chris came with us, and he said he would go with us everyday :)) It was nice to just have some family time. We walked for 30 minutes today, but tomorrow we are going to start going around the block three times instead of two, so it will probably take us 45 minutes. It felt good to be exercising. I haven't really exercised at all since Grace was born, but there is just something in me now that wants to. Honestly I think it has to do with seeing Amber (Teen Mom) lose so much weight. There was an article about her in Us Weekly.. she is down to 114 lbs, and a size one! She was a lot bigger than me, so if she can do it so can I. And also looking at Maci, Farrah, and even Janelle.. they are all tiny again, so if they can I can.

Another thing I don't think I have metioned on here. Grace can drink out of a sippy cup now :) She even holds it on her own. We usually put tea in it. Probably not the best thing for her, but everytime we have given her juice she gets diarrhea, even if we dilute it. We asked her doctor about it and she said it's probably best not to give her any until she's one. She didn't really explain why, but I'm not going to because it is awful..
Anyway.. we gave her the sippy cup with tean in it when we were walking around the block and she just sat back in her stroller sipping on it and we did not hear one peep from her lol. I think she liked being outside, and she has always liked being in her stroller, and now she loves the sippy cup, so it must have been a treat for her.

New beginnings for me :)

So today was a day of firsts.. It was my first day of college. I was totally excited, but nervous at the same time. I got up early took a shower, got dressed, and actually put on some make-up and straightened my hair. I am going to try to do that everyday, but sometimes Grace doesn't allow it lol. Then I head to Dalton State, and to my surprise there was a major traffic jam and NO WHERE to park! I'm glad I got there 15 minutes early. I am pretty sure I ended up parking in a faculty spot lol, but there was someone backing out, so I whipped it in because my class was starting in 5 minutes. Then when I came back out I saw the sign saying that some of the spots were reserved for faculty.. just not sure if mine was or not lol. Anyway, my professors seem really nice and down to earth. I had English 1101 and Intro to Geography today. When I got into the English class I went to take a drink of my water and realized I was shaking.. that is how nervous I was and I have no idea why. I could barely even write the date on my paper. We already had to write an essay in English.. just so he could see everyone's individual writing styles. We also did an icebreaker exercise, my partner was Michael, he was majoring in biology and his favorite TV show was Family Guy lol. My geography professor was going to show us some stuff on his computer, but it wouldn't work so he let us all leave like half way through class. I went to the book store and got my books and went home. Tomorrow I have American History to 1877 and Algebra.
When I got home we went to pay our first cable/internet bill, then we went to eat at Subway. Today is my first day of living more healthy as well. I have drank water all day, ate Subway, and at 8 we are going to go for a walk (waiting for the heat to die down some).

Updates on Grace's party.. We got her party place booked. We are going to have it at the reception area at my dad's church. I also found her party invitations I want to use at Wal-Mart. I am going to buy them next month and start filling them out and then send them sometime in Oct. since her party is at the beginning of Nov. I can't wait!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sooo ewwwww!

We are at Chris' mom's for dinner and we were all sitting in the living room, Grace was playing on the floor, and Dylan started laughing about something Chris was doing, and then he just threw up! Literally a foot from Grace! Grosssssss! He didn't even say he was feeling bad or anything, and he kept coming back in the living after his mom told him to go lay down. I swear if Grace gets sick I am going to be sooo upset.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Issues with body image..

I have never had problems with my weight. When I started high school I weighed 115 lbs. I always stayed somewhere between 110 and 115 lbs. After I was with Chris for awhile I guess I got comfortable and I gained a little weight, but no huge deal or anything. After I had Grace I lost all of my weight and I could even fit back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I was so happy, but then I started taking birth control right around the same time I stopped breast feeding and I gained all my baby weight back. I felt so horrible having to buy new, bigger clothes. I want so bad to be back where I was. I always said that when it got warm I would go on walks with Grace and do things to exercise, but then all that stuff happened with Chris, and I could barely keep my head on straight.. much less exercise. Now that my life is back on track I want to make it right. I have decided that I am no longer going to drink cokes, Dr. Pepper, etc. And that I am also going to stop eating fast food, and try to cut back on the junk food, and I also want to start walking around our neighborhood with Grace. It seems safe enough and I would only do it during the day. This is just what I am going to do in the beginning because I know if I try to but everything out at once I will never be able to do it. I also have sort of let myself go since I had Grace.. I no longer wear make-up or do anything with my hair. I want to start doing those things again. They make me feel better about myself, and I think that will help me stay on track. Plus Grace can actually sit on the floor and play or play with her daddy so it will be easier for me to do those things.
I want to be healthy for my little girl, and I want to feel good about myself again. I am tired of looking in the mirror and haring what I see. I at least want to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight again. I am going to start tomorrow. I am going to take Grace out for a walk for at least 30 minutes if she will allow it. I have already sort of started today by only drinking water, and not eating any fast food. I am determined to keep it up. I am going to keep track of it on here. Maybe I'll even make a separate blog to keep up with. Anyway.. I am hoping for some support on here because I kind of doubt I will get much from Chris. He doesn't understand a woman's struggle with body image.. the struggle to live up to the expectations of the media. He also like his junk food, fast food, and Dr. Pepper, which is going to make it hard for me.. but I am determined.. If nothing else to be more healthy. Let me know what you guys think..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And in other news...

Grace took her first step today!!! It was just one, and then she fell trying to take another one, but it was a step :)))))) She did that several more times, and eventually she took two steps and then on the third step she fell, but just before she went to bed she took four steps!!! She is going to be walking by next week!

I love how immature people can be..

As I said before I regularily post on the Teen Mom message boards. However, I only get on when Grace is asleep or playing with Chris (daddy time). Same with blogspot, but some one just posted this to me:

"This post says it all. I agree! And Christina down there, go watch your kid and get your fat ass of this message board. No one cares about what your blabbing on about. "

I mean really? I have never even seen this person on there before and I wasn't even talking to them, and they just attack me..

So this is what I replied:

"really? I only get on here when my daughter is asleep. You are the type of person I was talking about. So immature that you have to cuss at me when you don't even know anything about me. We all know what happens to people who assume. I take very good care of my daughter, but you wouldn't know that because you don't know me. If you paid attention you would see that my posts are very close together and then they just stop for hours because my daughter wakes up. Then I get back on when she goes to sleep again. She is only 9 months old and she still takes several naps a day. And when I start college (something you probably know nothing about) on Monday I will probably be off here the majority of the time because I will have better things to do, but for now I am enjoying the last few days of summer I have. It is sad that I have to defend myself to you when I have been on here since the first season and you are the first person to ever compain about me, especially since I did nothing to offence you except "blab" apparently. Ever heard of freedom of speech? And if no one cares then why do you? Get a life."

I am not going to take crap from someone I have never even heard of before much less know. It is just ridiculous. I will admit that I am sort of addicted to the boards because I get on there almost every time Grace goes to sleep, but only when she is asleep. I would never sacrifice my time with her to chat.
Do you guys think I took too much offense?

Sorry, just needed to rant.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Videos!!!!!!! :)

This is a video of Gracew walking with the new Leap Frog shopping cart my mom got her :)

This is a video of Grace dancing! It's sooooo cute :) Sorry, it's side ways..

Also, my mom got me this picture frame. I love it :) Finally got around to putting a picture in it and hanging it up :)

Oh, and I made Grace a wish list on for her birthday :) I am pretty sure it has everything on it, Little People, Wheel Pals, Laugh and Learn, Disney movies, things with balls, and some random things. I am totally excited!! And now every can look on there and know exactly the type of stuff she likes :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer is coming to an end..

We have had a pretty good summer. I LOVED spending my days with Grace. I am going to miss it, but at least I have Friday mornings off now, and I only go to school for 3 hours Monday through Thursday. I start school on Monday and I have been having some major issues there. They were trying to tell me I wasn't a HOPE scholar, that my mom's name didn't match her social security number, that one of my scholarships hasn't come through. My grants still haven't come through, and my HOPE just came through yesterday. I was thinking "At least I can finally get my books" So I go to the bookstore only to find out that they can only find one of the four books I need, and they told me that I will have to wait for my first day in those classes to find out exactly what book I need. They said it's not a big deal, but of course I am freaking out. I also went and got some supplies yesterday. I really don't know what I need for college..I got some paper, folders, pencils, pens, etc. I hope I have everything. I hate not going prepared.

On the bright side, my dad has a college fund for me. He has been saving since 2001 and there is about $8,000 in it. Well with my scholarships and grants I have everything paid for, so there was nothing that we could do with that money, but my dad talked to the guy that set it up for him and he said that if I brought him the receipt for my laptop, printer, carrying case, and microsoft program he could get the money refunded to me! I took the receipt yesterday. He said it would take a couple of weeks to get the money back, but hey, that's $540 that I didn't think I would ever see again! My dad also said that he would start giving me the money ($100 a month) that he used to put in the college fund. He is doing that because he doesn't want to keep adding to it and then us not be able to use it, so he is giving me the money to use for gas and supplies and stuff. So we will be getting an extra $100 a month :)
And in the end.. whatever money I don't use while I'm in college we can pay a fine and get the money out. It's like a $300 fine, but it comes out of the fund itself, and that is no big deal since we could potentially be getting $7000. Of course that's after graduating college. And of course the money is there if for some reason I lost my HOPE or something.

As far as summer being over.. I am sad. I am going to miss being with Grace all day. I really hope I don't miss a major milestone. I would like to do something this weekend to have one last good time with Chris and Grace before I start school. Any ideas??

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby got balance :)

Grace stood on her own about a month ago, but she would mostly just used something to pull up on and hold onto it. Well ever since yesterday she started standing up completely on her own. Now she does it whenever she wants.. she also can stand for at least 10 seconds at a time. She is doing so good! I think the next step is walking!! I cannot wait until she takes her first step :) I really hope I don't miss it.. that is one of the reasons I am dreading going back to school. I hate the fact that I could miss something again, but I will be gone for less time than when I was in high school, and the only thing I missed in high school was the first time she rolled over, so hopefully I get lucky and I won't miss anything.

I have really been thinking a lot about her birthday party. I know what decorations I want to use, where I want to have it, where I want to get the cake, and what types of food we will have there. I am thinking of having the party around 2pm, so it will be between lunch and dinner, that way we don't have to serve a huge meal because I don't have the money for that. We are just going to have some finger foods, and cake and ice cream. We'll probably have tea sandwhiches, veggies, chips, deviled eggs, and then Chris' mom said that she would make a cheese ball and some pigs in a blanket. Plus the cake and ice cream.. so that should be plenty. I was thinking of getting some $5 pizza's, but I am inviting 120 people and expecting at least 50 to show up, so even $5 pizza would be over $100 if we bought enough for 2 pieces for everyone. I also already have her outfit she is going to wear that we bought at the Carter's outlet, and I want to make a shirt like Farrah did on Teen Mom last week to wear. And we bought her a Laugh and Learn Kitchen at a consignment sale this week, it was supposed to be for her birthday, but it is too big to hide, so she is already playing with it, so I just want to take it and set it out for her and all the other babies to have something to play with. There is going to be at least 22 kids there, but the range from 3 months to 10 years, so I really can't decide whether or not to do goody bags. If I do, what do I put in them that fits for every age range? Any other suggestions would be great as well.

I got my lap top!!!

We got up at 6:15 and got ready to go. We got to Chris' mom's house at like 7:30, and we left Grace with her so we could go stand in line. The guy we talked to on the phone told us that tax free weekend was like black Friday for computers, so we figured there would already be a huge line when we got there. We got there right around 8 (the store didn't open until 10), and there was only one other car in the parking lot. Really? We got here two hours early and no one was here? We sat there for a minute and a few more people pulled in, but mostly we justed watch a ton of workers piling in. At like 8:45 we got hungry so we went and got some breakfast, we came back and there still weren't many people there. We ate and it was like 9:15, so we decided to go stand by the door because it was in the shade and my car wasn't, so it was getting hot. After we walked up there a bunch of other people did. Eventually enough people walked up and they said they would take the first eight people in early :) We were the first people in the door. I told the guy what I wanted and he took us straight back there. There was a special deal where you get a laptop, a carrying case, and a printer for $429.97. And the lap top had good memory and battery life and everything. We got the last one (I guess because that deal had been going since the 1st)! I also had to get Microsoft Student which cost me another $99, but if I bought it later I would have to pay $129, so at least I saved some money there. All together I spent $543.00. I love the compter too. It's easy to use, and seems to work well. I am just excited to finally have an actual computer again. This is the one I got..

I was supposed to have to work yesterday, but it got rained out, which sucked because I needed the money, but it turned out to be a really good day. Chris, Grace, and I went to meet Erica, Cayle, and Adam at the mall. We had never met Adam before, but he was really cool. Chris and Adam got along great! They actually knew each other from playing paintball awhile back.. small world lol. But I think they could be friends, which I love because Erica and I are such good friends, and Grace and Cayle love each other! Grace and Cayle actually had a scream-off in Chick-Fil-A lol. Grace would scream, then Cayle, then Grace, then Cayle. I normally don't let Grace scream in restaurants, but it was just so cute. None of us could stop laughing. We all had a great time! I cannot wait to hang out with them again. We made plans to go to Ruby Falls Cavern for Halloween. I have always wanted to go.. I love haunted houses! But this is better.. this is a haunted cavern! You go under the earth.. literally, and it is pitch black. I've been to the cavern before, but not for Halloween. I can't wait!

We also looked at Party City for decoration. I found the ones I want to do for Grace!! So excited about that!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update on life I suppose..

Grace is officially nine months old now! She is growing sooo fast. It really does seem like I just found out I was pregnant. Scared young girl wondering how on earth she was going to make it work, and now here I am. Out on my own with my fiance and my daughter. Fixing to start college and go on with my life. Five years ago I would tell you you were crazy if someone told me this was how my life was going to pan out, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I even want more kids someday. I would love to have a little boy, but I would love another girl too! I don't want anymore until I am out of college though.

Anyway, enough about me.. yesterday was Grace's nine month check up :) She is 22.6lbs and 29 in long! She also had to have her finger pricked for a lead test and two shots :( If we had taken a video of her getting her finger pricked I am almost positive we could have won Funniest Home Videos. He mouth immediately dropped open and she gave the nurse the most shocked look. It was so funny, but then she started to stick out that bottom lip like she was going to cry. I was holding her and Chris started playing with her to get her mind off of it and it actually worked, but eventually she got tired of being held in one spot and got mad. Then the doctor came in. Grace has a bit of a rash on her shoulder and arm and when I asked the doctor about it she said that it made since because her blood tests showed a slight viral infection.. REALLY??? She is sick again? When we walked in the doors I said "At least she is not sick this time." But no, of course she is sick. At least she isn't really showing any symptoms. I am dreading the winter though.. that is when she would always get really bad. Maybe her being older and having a stronger immune system will help. Then she had to have her shots.. she did not do well with that at all. It was pitiful :(
Also her right top center tooth came in on August 1st :) She always cuts two around the same time I guess. And I am pretty sure she is going to be a lefty because she seems to prefer her left hand when picking up toys or food, but that does not surprise me one bit since Chris and I are both lefties :)
Oh and she is in the 90th percentile for her weight, which is finally lower than the 95th she has always been in. She has lost some of her chunkiness since she started crawling, but she is still in the 95th percentile for her height! She is going to be tall! Which she gets from her daddy considering I am only 5'2" and her daddy is 6'2". Yes, he is a whole foot taller than me lol.

I know I haven't said much about Chris and I lately so I figure I'll let everyone know that I am pretty sure a different person has inhabitted his body. He is completely different. So much more loving and caring to both of us. And he thinks of us before himself. If we disagree on something we actually talk about it instead of fighting about it automatically.

My mom and my sister came over for dinner the other day, and I was a little worried about how they would all get along, but it acutally went well. We ate pizza and watched America's Funniest Home Videos. Everyone got along well. Also, my mom told my dad that Grace and I moved out. She said he took it pretty well, but I haven't talked to him yet. I hope he really does take it well because I don't feel like getting lectured.

The neighbors that caused all the noise and partying got evicted so we don't have to worry about them anymore :) I am thankful for that because I didn't like all of that around Grace and waking her up every five minutes. I just hope the next person that moves in isn't worse than them.

Lastly, I thought I had gotten rid of Kevin, because I had not heard anything in over two weeks, but yesterday I got another text. I mean does he not get the hint??

Getting my laptop in two days :))

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We officially have internet again :)

\I don't have my laptop yet, but Chris traded in his Xbox for a PS3 Slim. It is pretty awesome! It's a game system, a bluray/dvd player, and it is basically a mini computer. I mean I know that the Xbox could get online, but only for gaming. With the PS3 you can actually get online, which is what I am doing now :)
I will be getting my laptop on Friday! I am super excited about that. I have never had a laptop before, however, I am not the least bit excited about spending that much money.. but at least I have been saving up for it.

I worked Friday, and I made enough to have a little extra over and above the cost of my laptop, then when I got home Chris was complaining that he was starving because I hadn't been there to make dinner for him, but it was already past 11 so I wasn't about to cook anything, so he drove to Krystal to get himself something to eat and Grace and I went with him. When we got back I told him to lock the doors.. well he did, but the main thing he forgot to do was get the keys out first!! We were locked out of the car and the apartment! And it was like midnight. We had to call a lock smith which cost us $40, so basically I made $10 at work on Friday, which still leaves me like $10 short for my laptop, but Chris said he would help me with it since it was kind of his fault.
We have to drive to Tn to get the laptop, which is like $45 minutes away, and I have to work in Tn on that same day, so we are going to stay up there all day. We are going to visit Chris' mom for a little while and let her see the baby. We are also going to go decoration browsing with Erica and Cayle for Grace and Cayle's birthdays! I am so excited about that. I know it's still 3 months away, but I don't want to leave it to the last minute. I want everything to be just perfect. I have already asked my dad to talk to his church about letting us use their reception hall because I think it would be perfect for her party.

Awesome news!! Grace slept in her bed until about 6am last night!!! That is the first time she has ever slept in her bed at night.. of course after that she wasn't having it anymore, but 6 hours is pretty good for the first time! I was so proud of her. Especially since the people below us decided to have a party last night.. They were up until 4am playing their music with base as loud as they could, running around inside and out screaming and laughing, slamming doors, having people bang on their doors, loud cars coming and going, and who knows what else. They woke her up at least three times. And after the third time Chris was so mad that he went down there and asked them if they could turn their music down and quit slamming doors because they were waking our baby up. He said the guy thanked him for not calling the cops because most of them were not of age to drink! Chris also saw the pregnant girl that is down there sometimes, and he said she was smoking! I have talked to the girl, and she is 8 months pregnant!! Do people not know how dangerous that is for the baby?? I've heard it can lead to a low birth weight, and I believe it has in this girl because even though she's 8 months pregnant she only looks about 5 months pregnant. Sometimes I just want to slap some since into people. I didn't even like being around a person who was smoking when I was pregnant, and I don't like taking Grace around people who are smoking.

Last thing.. Grace has learned to shake her head no :) It is so cute, but the only downside is that now she thinks shaking your head no is a game, so anytime I shake my head and tell her no she smiles and shakes her head and then goes right back to whatever I told her not to do lol.