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Sunday, August 1, 2010

We officially have internet again :)

\I don't have my laptop yet, but Chris traded in his Xbox for a PS3 Slim. It is pretty awesome! It's a game system, a bluray/dvd player, and it is basically a mini computer. I mean I know that the Xbox could get online, but only for gaming. With the PS3 you can actually get online, which is what I am doing now :)
I will be getting my laptop on Friday! I am super excited about that. I have never had a laptop before, however, I am not the least bit excited about spending that much money.. but at least I have been saving up for it.

I worked Friday, and I made enough to have a little extra over and above the cost of my laptop, then when I got home Chris was complaining that he was starving because I hadn't been there to make dinner for him, but it was already past 11 so I wasn't about to cook anything, so he drove to Krystal to get himself something to eat and Grace and I went with him. When we got back I told him to lock the doors.. well he did, but the main thing he forgot to do was get the keys out first!! We were locked out of the car and the apartment! And it was like midnight. We had to call a lock smith which cost us $40, so basically I made $10 at work on Friday, which still leaves me like $10 short for my laptop, but Chris said he would help me with it since it was kind of his fault.
We have to drive to Tn to get the laptop, which is like $45 minutes away, and I have to work in Tn on that same day, so we are going to stay up there all day. We are going to visit Chris' mom for a little while and let her see the baby. We are also going to go decoration browsing with Erica and Cayle for Grace and Cayle's birthdays! I am so excited about that. I know it's still 3 months away, but I don't want to leave it to the last minute. I want everything to be just perfect. I have already asked my dad to talk to his church about letting us use their reception hall because I think it would be perfect for her party.

Awesome news!! Grace slept in her bed until about 6am last night!!! That is the first time she has ever slept in her bed at night.. of course after that she wasn't having it anymore, but 6 hours is pretty good for the first time! I was so proud of her. Especially since the people below us decided to have a party last night.. They were up until 4am playing their music with base as loud as they could, running around inside and out screaming and laughing, slamming doors, having people bang on their doors, loud cars coming and going, and who knows what else. They woke her up at least three times. And after the third time Chris was so mad that he went down there and asked them if they could turn their music down and quit slamming doors because they were waking our baby up. He said the guy thanked him for not calling the cops because most of them were not of age to drink! Chris also saw the pregnant girl that is down there sometimes, and he said she was smoking! I have talked to the girl, and she is 8 months pregnant!! Do people not know how dangerous that is for the baby?? I've heard it can lead to a low birth weight, and I believe it has in this girl because even though she's 8 months pregnant she only looks about 5 months pregnant. Sometimes I just want to slap some since into people. I didn't even like being around a person who was smoking when I was pregnant, and I don't like taking Grace around people who are smoking.

Last thing.. Grace has learned to shake her head no :) It is so cute, but the only downside is that now she thinks shaking your head no is a game, so anytime I shake my head and tell her no she smiles and shakes her head and then goes right back to whatever I told her not to do lol.

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  1. Awesome. you got internet!!! And yeah it is cute when they learn new things like shaking their head no. It was really cute for like a week and then mine started using it on me. In a way though I was proud because that meant the understood the concept and could demonstrated themselves. You can always call the cops on people being to loud. We got really tired of it once Kaedyn was born so as soon as we heard loud music and a lot of noise we called. You can stay anomonis. But there were times I would go and ask them to quiet down. A lot of times it worked. You got to let them know that you wont deal with it after awhile it stops. UGh to the girl smoking. That is disgusting. It is true about low birth weight. My mom smoked while pregnant with all of hers and most of us were born premature and small. Also all but one has a heart problem and learning disabilities like ADHD though my mom doesn't want to take credit for it. She thinks that smoke really doesn't harm anybody baby or not. You try to prove it with research and stuff and she says it's all made up. Makes me so mad. When we had to stay with her when Drew got laid off and shipped to boot camp she would smoke right in front of Kaedyn and me who was pregnant with Charleigh... who came out sick and way smaller than Kaedyn. It hurt me so bad. So we stayed in our room with an air purifier. Soo after we got out of there she began to get better but now has asthma. O and while we were on vacation Drew's dad would step on the balcony to smoke and he would do it with me and the kids right there playing but if his son (who is 11 months old) was around he wouldn't do it. It made me so mad. I had to drag them in and of course that didn't go over well with them...especially Kaedyn who wanted his papa.