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Saturday, August 21, 2010

My first assignment :)

I just got done with the first part of my first assignment for college :) I am please with it. I get to write about what it is like to be a teen mom! I love that! I am going to have so much fun with this assignment. The assignment is actually to write about something that changed your life and how it changed it. So I am going to write about finding out I was pregnant at seventeen and how my life changed after that.

Earlier today we went to Christian's (Morgan's son) first birthday party :) Grace had a good time because it was at a park and she got to swing. She LOVES to swing (just found out today lol). Christian also got a bubble blower which reminded me that I wanted to add one to Grace's wishlist lol. Also, Grace had her first walking accident yesterday :( She was walking in my room and she fell. I caught her before she hit the ground, but not before she hit her head on my fan. She cried so hard, and she has a bruise the size of a quarter on her forehead, and it is blue and purple. Everyone had to ask about where she got it from. I felt like everyone was thinking "gah.. she must be a bad mom." I really hope they weren't. I tried to catch her..
Oh and that Janelle girl that I talked about before.. she was there, and big surprise, she didn't have her baby. She was talking about how they had to go pick him up from her mom's, and then they were going to drop her off at his mom's for the night. I feel so sorry for that little baby girl.

After the party we stopped to get some paper for my printer and some outlet covers (Grace has been trying to stick her fingers in the outlets since we moved in and I finally remembered to get some covers). While we were there I got Grace her first birthday present! They had these adorable rubber ducks. One was pink, wearing a birthday hat, and holding a present, and the other was purple, wearing a hat, and holding a cake with one candle. I couldn't resist them! Grace already has one that is dressed like a sheep that she got for Easter and she LOVES it. So I got them, and I put them in the closet to resist the temptation to give them to her now lol. I can't wait to give them to her!


  1. That should be an easy topic to write on. Poor Grace but I can honestly tell you that it is going to happen more than you would like. babies fall all the time while they are learning to get around. After walking is climbing, than running, and jumping. Try not to feel to bad. They fall and get boo-boos. Unfortunately we can't catch them every time( doesn't stop me from trying though:). It really seems like she is miss independent especially walking this early. She knows what she you are going to have a run for your money. I know how the temptation ca get to's super hard to not give them something that is goign to light up their face and make their day. Just try and hold out.

  2. Lol she was climbing before she was walking. My sister has a slide in her room.. like a 5 ft slide that's supposed to go outside. She started to climb up it, so I got behind her.. she climbed all the way to the top by herself (I had my hands behind her in case she fell). That was like a month ago lol.

  3. Oh Gosh, I LOVE those kinds of assignments. I got to write a lot about Sami in my composition class because he really didn't care how you twisted the topic, as long as it is sort of like what he asked for. lol. As far as her bruise, that is pitiful. Since Sami waited so long to walk, when she finally did it, she didn't fall. lol. My Mom said that is how I was. When I was little, I didn't walk. And then when I finally did, I just got up and walked straight across the room and I have been walking fine ever since. =p