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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dad for dinner.

We had my dad over for dinner tonight. As much as he protested me keeping Grace, he is a happy, doting Grandpa. He could not stop taking pictures and videos. And when she walked to him he kept saying "I am so proud of you!" and he gave her a kiss. It was so sweet :) He also kept going on about how he has never seen a baby walk at 9 months. He is a proud Gramps. Everyone got along well.. he even gave Chris a hug for the first time today.. which pretty much means "welcome to the family." I made spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread for dinner, and brownies for dessert.. my specialties lol. I am glad that my dad is finally able to accept my daughter and my fiance. It may not be the life he wanted for me.. or even the life I wanted for myself, but I wouldn't change it for the world now that I have it :)

As far as the healthy living goes.. I haven't had any fast food, and have only drank water for three days now! We didn't get to walk today because my dad came over, but we are going to start right back up tomorrow, and I actually do extra walking each day too because parking at the college is ridiculous! I have to get the at least 20 minutes before class starts so I can find a spot and make it to class on time, and pigs would have to fly to get a spot near the buildings. I drove through the entire six story parking garage today and there was not one single spot!! Luckily someone was pulling out just outside of the parking garage and I got the spot. I have never once just found an open spot.. each time I found someone pulling out and got their spot. I even had to parallel park yesterday, and let me tell you I stopped the world! It took me three times to get in the spot, but I did it, and I didn't hit anyone (it was my first time since my driving test). I also have had a great couple of first days.. I really like going.. I feel accomplished. I knew I was going, but it is different to actually be there. I am a college student and a teen mom! Take that statistics! Lol.  I have all my books except my history book.. there are four of them! I should be getting those tomorrow.. Still haven't heard anything about my Pell so I'm going to have to go check on that tomorrow too.. Also found a couple really good friends there yesterday. It was nice to see some familiar faces. I don't have any classes with anyone I know except for one guy that likes me (like as a gf) and I can't stand him.. it stinks :( But it's a chance for me to make new friends. I am determined to make at least one new friend. I have also decided that I will not be shy at all. I have already inserted my opinion in several lectures. I know it is only the third day, but I am kind of liking this college thing. We had a disscusion today about proving to our professor that a chair was a chair.. and believe it or not.. none of us could do it!! Hard to explain, but true..


  1. reactions:on your blog click design in the upper right hand corner and when it shows all your gadgets and junk under blog posts click edit and it will give you a list of stuff to add and little boxes next to them to check mark, check reactions and click edit next to reactions to add more to the list. hope this helps!
    also your first comment did go through i just have it set so that i can view before they post. & thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. I am so glad that your da excepts them. I mean how could you not except that cute baby :)

    As for college... yeah it does feel good to be be going. It makes us feel accomplished too. Going to school is a lot harder for us since we have babies and so it makes it all that more special. For a little bit there I could only squeeze in 2 classes which was a bummer cause it put me a bit behind but I took what I could. And PELL takes forever. I just heard about mine and I am 5 weeks into school. I love the refund check though... we are using it to move...YEA!!!