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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I love how immature people can be..

As I said before I regularily post on the Teen Mom message boards. However, I only get on when Grace is asleep or playing with Chris (daddy time). Same with blogspot, but some one just posted this to me:

"This post says it all. I agree! And Christina down there, go watch your kid and get your fat ass of this message board. No one cares about what your blabbing on about. "

I mean really? I have never even seen this person on there before and I wasn't even talking to them, and they just attack me..

So this is what I replied:

"really? I only get on here when my daughter is asleep. You are the type of person I was talking about. So immature that you have to cuss at me when you don't even know anything about me. We all know what happens to people who assume. I take very good care of my daughter, but you wouldn't know that because you don't know me. If you paid attention you would see that my posts are very close together and then they just stop for hours because my daughter wakes up. Then I get back on when she goes to sleep again. She is only 9 months old and she still takes several naps a day. And when I start college (something you probably know nothing about) on Monday I will probably be off here the majority of the time because I will have better things to do, but for now I am enjoying the last few days of summer I have. It is sad that I have to defend myself to you when I have been on here since the first season and you are the first person to ever compain about me, especially since I did nothing to offence you except "blab" apparently. Ever heard of freedom of speech? And if no one cares then why do you? Get a life."

I am not going to take crap from someone I have never even heard of before much less know. It is just ridiculous. I will admit that I am sort of addicted to the boards because I get on there almost every time Grace goes to sleep, but only when she is asleep. I would never sacrifice my time with her to chat.
Do you guys think I took too much offense?

Sorry, just needed to rant.


  1. Ya. I know what you mean. On cafemom, some of the Moms can be brutal. Everybody on there has kids, yet some Moms still accuse other Moms of never watching their kids. (Even though some of their kids are napping or in school or even grown up.)

  2. No I don't think you took too much. I understand what you mean. I get stuff like that not only online but in person. It is really annoying. They think we are immature for having children young but they are the ones who are acting immature. They really need to practice what they preach.