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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grace's halloween costume.

Originally I wanted Grace to be a ballerina for halloween, but I looked on,,, and no ballerina costumes for babies :( But I did find an adorable costume on It says "this item is not available at this time" but I am hoping that just means they don't have them in stock yet because it's not very close to halloween yet. Also, it is $39.99! A little pricy, but I figured I can stretch for her first halloween costume. Especially since this one is just precious! It comes with everything shown, and I just love the flower headband! I really hope we can get this one!


  1. I was looking at the same one for Charleigh. It is adorable. The only problem is that Charleigh wont wear the head piece so we aren't sure if we are going to get it. Grace will look adorable in it.

  2. Grace still does pretty well with head bands, she has learned how to pull them off, but usually doesn't. I just hope I can find it. I want to get her another cheaper costume too because the little boy that was born on the same day as her is having a costume birthday party on Oct. 30th (the weekend before their birthday), and I don't want her to mess that one up at his party.

  3. Yeah our church has a halloween party and so last year we got Kaedyn 2 customes so he wouldn't get them messed up. That is awesome that she keeps headbands in. Charleigh never did but I think that is daddy's fault. When she was born I put them on from day one but daddy would take them off thinking that they were hurting her.

  4. Chris was the same way at first, but I bought some that were supposed to be for bigger kids so they wouldn't leave marks, and he stopped bothering me about it lol.