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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My thoughts on Teen Mom lately..

Well for starters.. I was really sad that they didn't show it this week. I look forward to watching this show every week. Chris and I watch it together, and we don't watch a lot of TV together so it is nice. **Also, if you have missed any episodes and don't want to know what happened don't read this because it may give some stuff away**

I will start with Maci.. she used to be my favorite, but I have almost lost my faith in her. This is partly because of her Youtube videos (Maci Part 1 and Maci Part 2). If you have never seen them then you should check them out.. she comes off as completely stuck up, as if she thinks she's better than everyone else, and at one point someone makes a comment about Catelynn being a "chubby bore" and Maci laughs at it! That is someone who is supposedly a friend.. just completely rude.
The other reason I almost have lost faith is because it seems that she has thrown caution to the wind lately.. wanting to move Bentley into a house full of college students, taking him on go-cart ride when he is so small, and then moving to Nashville (Knoxville?) to be with this guy that she has some infatuation with? She is uprooting Bentley from his life, and it seems that she doesn't even care about that.
I do think that she is still a pretty good mom.. still the best on the show, but I am now learning what kind of person she truly is and I am not sure I like it.
I will say that I was impressed with how maturely she handled Ryan having a girl friend. But the rest of the stuff I see this season is not so great.

Catelynn.. her story does not really appeal to me. While I understand that she is a mother I do not feel that she knows what it is like to be a mom. I would like to see someone's struggle with being a mom. Not someone's guilt over placing her child up for adoption. I also think that her and Tyler are too young to be taking their relatioship so serious when they don't even have a child to keep themselves together for. I mean counseling? Phone records? You are teenagers.. You never see them hanging out with friends other than each other.. I have friends besides Chris and I actually have to take care of my child.

Amber.. my LEAST favorite. She is always screaming, fighting, cussing, hitting, pushing, and griping at Gary in front of Leah, and always complaining about money and not having her GED.. Plus she never interacts with Leah.. The car ride to Florida made me sad for Leah.. the poor child got screamed at for crying on a long car ride, and they didn't give her anything to play with or anything, and then when Gary wanted to let her stretch her legs Amber didn't want her out f her car seat? And then I guess to stop her from crying they unbuckled her while driving on the interstate?? Not safe at all! Amber and Gary both appear very lazy to me.. their house is always messy and they always just let Leah wander around and do whatever. Amber just sits on the couch all day complaining and then her and Gary get into it.. and they want to get married?? He can't even prepose the right way for her.. how are they ever going to be happy in a marriage? They are the ones who need counseling.. couples counseling and parenting classes.. The only time I ever see Amber touch Leah is to change her diaper and all she can do is say "you better not pee on me." I feel so bad for that poor little girl.

Now Farrah.. she has actually become my favorite this season (from my least favorite last season). Now that I can see what goes on between her and her parents (her mom trying to strangle her and punching her with Sophia watching) I can understand why she was so disrespectful all those years. I do not believe for one minute that it was self-defense on Debra's part.. if it were she would have been able to hire a lawyer to prove so with all that money they have. I am really glad to see Farrah stepping up and taking responsibility for Sophia. That is why I disliked her so much last season.. because she never spent any time with Sophia, but now that she is out on her own I can really see that she does care about Sophia. I could tell from all the special birthday things that she did for her that she really loves her. I know that she has made some mistakes with Sophia, but she is basically just now becoming a mom. I cannot wait to see how much she will grow. I have seen so much growth in her this season alone. I also appluad her for finishing school, and never once complaining about it. I hate that she got scammed.. it was so obvious that it was a scam, but the girl was born wiith a silver spoon in her mouth.. I don't think that she has ever done anything for herself.. she didn't even know how to write a check correctly. I hope that she learns from that.. at least she didn't lose her car too.
I also hate that Sophia will never know her real father.. that has to be hard for Farrah as well. Her story has really captured my heart this season.. I hope she continues to learn and grow.. I really want to see her make it through all of this!

What does everyone else think? I totally don't mind if you disagree with me..


  1. i honestly don't really like any of them. but that being said i watch the show all the time. haha.
    maci-i understand that she is a single mom and i think she is doing a good job with Bentley. but she doesnt seem to understand that she cant live with her friends like she had planned before she got pregnant and her friends needed to man up and say something about it before she started getting her hopes up. and i thought those youtube videos were just dumb. and her friends are B*tches!
    catelynn-well i have to disagree with you, and i think it is good for other pregnant teens to see that giving the baby up for adoption doesnt just make it go away. once you have a baby, hell once you've been pregnant its with you forever and you will never forget it. and i dont see anything wrong with staying together through this i mean they decided together to give their baby up and that is a huge deal that i dont think many teen couples could do especially on their own, with no support. and i dont see anything wrong with going to counseling to try and keep their relationship their relationship is serious and if they both still want to be together there is nothing wrong with getting help to try and make things better.
    amber-i dont think that she is as bad as they portray her to be, its easier to show her as a bad person cause its more entertaining. but there is ALOT of drama going on there. and i do not think that her and gary should be together they just arent happy or they may just need some time apart to grow up. they also do need to learn to communicate. and i do think they argue waay too much in front of leah and it wont be long before she'll start to remember that and it would suck to have some of your first memories to be your parents fighting.
    farrah-i do think that now that she is on her own she is more hands on and able to be a mom her way. i know what its like to live with family who think they can do everything better than you. i was really irritated that on her birthday he parents kept interrupting her. and i started crying when she was talking about how she was sad that Sophia would never know her dad. :(

  2. Well, Maci P*s me off now. She is so stuck on finding a new man.
    Catelynn-I wish they would make the show more about the struggle with Carly and not just their relationship. Maybe they should show them less if they have nothing to show about Carly.
    Farrah-I totally agree.

  3. Maci- she use to be one of my favorites but not so much right now. I can tell she loves Bentley and am sure she is a good mom but it is like she is taking backward steps. She seems to be less mature now. Living with friends,chasing guys... no way. How is that good for Bentley. I dont know what it is like to be a single mom though at times I feel like it since he is at work all the time and I am the one teaching them,cleaning,cooking,playing,and unfortunately the one who has to be the bad guy most times and discipline them (not complaining about all this...just saying) but without Drew I would be working and I would never see my children. I am thankful for him. Anyways... I just think that she needs to realize that she isnt a "teenager" she's a MOM.
    Amber-in ways I agree with you and say that they definitely need to stop fighting in front of her. That is going to have some serious negative affects on her children. i grew up in a rough house. It sucks. In other ways I agree with the other Christina and say that there is a lot more to the story. We dont see it all. So it make's it really hard to judge. MTV needs the good mom (maci)the clueless mom (Farrah), and the Bad mom (Amber) to make the show entertaining to a larger group of viewers. Im not sure where Catelynn belongs.
    Catelynn-Drew always says that he doesn't understand why she is on the show. She doesnt know what it is like to be a teen mom. She doesnt have the stress of bills and raising a child. Im not saying that what she did go through was and always will be hard but maybe they should make another show about parents who gave their children up. I think that their relationship is ridiculous. I would never let some guy tell me who I can talk to or what to do period. She can have friends... so what if it is a boy. And Tyler she had sex with him BEFORE ya'll were together. Yeah when he asked if they did anything she should have said Yes and been honest or should say that that is her past and her business. Not lie about it. Drew knew right away that I had been with another guy before him. And when me and Drew were together this guy would come over and hang out with or without Drew there. Drew never freaked. He did tell me in a calm mature way that he rather not have him there with out him being there but mainly because of this dude's temper. Not that he was afraid I would do something. So I respectively agreed and that was around the time I became pregnant with Kaedyn and decided that it was best if Drew was around when this guy was for the safety of my unborn child. What I am saying is they need to grow in a relationship,mature, and let go.
    Farrah- Also my favorite now. Once again we werent getting the whole story before. Now that we know her mom is crazy (been there) and what happened with her baby daddy and how she feels about that we can see a better Farrah who is growing as a mother and growing in her issues and loss. I feel for her. Yeah we could see it was a scam but if everything had been handed to you than maybe it wouldnt be so easy to see. I hope she continues to grow. O and I hated the way they kept pushing her off on Sophia's bday celebration. I would not have put up with it and would have grabbed my baby and left.

  4. I don't think Catelynn and Tyler should break up.. I just think that they are acting like an old married couple.. they are getting counseling because of one lie.. that is a little extreme. I agree that Catelynn shouldn't have lied, but she did come forward and tell the truth. And I do think that what they did for Carly was very strong, but I also feel that if they would have stepped up and got jobs they probably could have raised her.
    I agree with everything everyone said about Maci.
    With Amber.. I understand that we don't see the whole story, but I can definitely tell that they are in no position to be married. With the way they fight, and break up and get engaged every other five minutes.. being married would just make them feel trapped and probably add more stress which would inturn affect Leag.
    I was wanting to scream at Debra through the TV when she kept interupting Farrah like that. Yea, Sophia cant understand, but it was something special from Farrah to Sophia.. Debra should have respected that. But it doesn't really seem like Debra respects anything Farrah does.