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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer is coming to an end..

We have had a pretty good summer. I LOVED spending my days with Grace. I am going to miss it, but at least I have Friday mornings off now, and I only go to school for 3 hours Monday through Thursday. I start school on Monday and I have been having some major issues there. They were trying to tell me I wasn't a HOPE scholar, that my mom's name didn't match her social security number, that one of my scholarships hasn't come through. My grants still haven't come through, and my HOPE just came through yesterday. I was thinking "At least I can finally get my books" So I go to the bookstore only to find out that they can only find one of the four books I need, and they told me that I will have to wait for my first day in those classes to find out exactly what book I need. They said it's not a big deal, but of course I am freaking out. I also went and got some supplies yesterday. I really don't know what I need for college..I got some paper, folders, pencils, pens, etc. I hope I have everything. I hate not going prepared.

On the bright side, my dad has a college fund for me. He has been saving since 2001 and there is about $8,000 in it. Well with my scholarships and grants I have everything paid for, so there was nothing that we could do with that money, but my dad talked to the guy that set it up for him and he said that if I brought him the receipt for my laptop, printer, carrying case, and microsoft program he could get the money refunded to me! I took the receipt yesterday. He said it would take a couple of weeks to get the money back, but hey, that's $540 that I didn't think I would ever see again! My dad also said that he would start giving me the money ($100 a month) that he used to put in the college fund. He is doing that because he doesn't want to keep adding to it and then us not be able to use it, so he is giving me the money to use for gas and supplies and stuff. So we will be getting an extra $100 a month :)
And in the end.. whatever money I don't use while I'm in college we can pay a fine and get the money out. It's like a $300 fine, but it comes out of the fund itself, and that is no big deal since we could potentially be getting $7000. Of course that's after graduating college. And of course the money is there if for some reason I lost my HOPE or something.

As far as summer being over.. I am sad. I am going to miss being with Grace all day. I really hope I don't miss a major milestone. I would like to do something this weekend to have one last good time with Chris and Grace before I start school. Any ideas??


  1. A day at the park. it is always inexpensive.

    Your financial aid issues are similar to mine. Drew and I get HOPE and PELL. We just got our refund checks back from HOPE and were suppose to get our PELL refund checks at the same time. School started 4 weeks ago and PELL was suppose to be ready to use the first day. That is how we pay for our books since HOPE doesn't give out enough for books. $65 goes no where when it comes to college books. But our PELL didn't come in and still hasn't 4 weeks later. We saw this lady this weekend who said she got her HOPE refund and PELL refund last week. She was holding the checks so I know it was true. The school had told Drew that the checks would be sent out on the 9th. It is also on their website. Obviously that isn't true. Drew and I don't get ours because our schools financial aid office hasn't worked through all the paper work. They got behind on the break. We need those checks so we can move out of here in October and get a new car in November. Plus for the last 4 weeks we have not had school books. We are halfway through the quarter learning everything off google. How sad is that. Be prepared for problems every quarter or semester.

    All you need for college is some paper and pens for notes. A lot of stuff is done on computer. It's a lot like high school.

  2. Yea.. luckily one of my scholarships has come throug already, so I will be able to pay for my books. At my school they give you a credit card called a OneCard, and as soon as the refund comes in you get it, but where they said that my mom's name didn't match her social (she never got it changed over when she got re-married), I had to take paper work in for that so they still haven't even processed my grants :( They are supposed to be doing it now though. Still don't know what I'm going to do about the books. I'm terrified that I am going to be the only one there without a book, and I'm going to get in trouble or something. I even asked the people that work there and they said my course numbers don't match any of the books for two of my classes and then another class has staff listed as my professor so they said that they can't find a book until I have a professor's name. It's stupid.. all I know is they better still have the books I need.

  3. Don't worry too much. They should get your grants processed. They work extra hard the week before school starts to get that sort e of stuff done. It happened to Jessie last year, when we had to take out that loan just to find out we didn't need it. And your book-You won't be the only one. Trust me. Jessie was the one of the only ones at Dalton that DID have his book. Same with Northwestern. I like that Dalton lets you charge them. Northwestern doesn't. Anyway, suggestions for this weekend. PLAYWORLD! There is a Baby area for Grace that ya'll can play in. It is toward Harrison so maybe you could meet up with Erica or if you just want it to be a family day. It is like $4.95 for her-free for ya'll. Or if you wanna spend more money, the Discovery Museum or Aquarium? They have a Baby area at the museum too. It is like $21.90 for you and Chris to go there. Grace is free. And then the Aquarium is $60.00 and G

  4. race is free there too. (Sorry-it cut off)

  5. I like the playworld idea :) I did'nt know they had a baby section, and we don't have a lot of money after I bought my laptop. That's pretty cheap!