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Monday, August 16, 2010


Grace took seven steps in a row today!! She fell on the eigth one, but seven is pretty good!!

We went for our walk around the block too. Chris came with us, and he said he would go with us everyday :)) It was nice to just have some family time. We walked for 30 minutes today, but tomorrow we are going to start going around the block three times instead of two, so it will probably take us 45 minutes. It felt good to be exercising. I haven't really exercised at all since Grace was born, but there is just something in me now that wants to. Honestly I think it has to do with seeing Amber (Teen Mom) lose so much weight. There was an article about her in Us Weekly.. she is down to 114 lbs, and a size one! She was a lot bigger than me, so if she can do it so can I. And also looking at Maci, Farrah, and even Janelle.. they are all tiny again, so if they can I can.

Another thing I don't think I have metioned on here. Grace can drink out of a sippy cup now :) She even holds it on her own. We usually put tea in it. Probably not the best thing for her, but everytime we have given her juice she gets diarrhea, even if we dilute it. We asked her doctor about it and she said it's probably best not to give her any until she's one. She didn't really explain why, but I'm not going to because it is awful..
Anyway.. we gave her the sippy cup with tean in it when we were walking around the block and she just sat back in her stroller sipping on it and we did not hear one peep from her lol. I think she liked being outside, and she has always liked being in her stroller, and now she loves the sippy cup, so it must have been a treat for her.

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  1. Wow. Amber weighs that much... that's amazing. I dont think I could ever weigh that much. I was 134 before ever having kids. I was in shape and worked out a lot. Im 5'7 also so idk... And dont feel to bad about giving her tea... we use to give it to Kaedyn at that age when we needed to get something done that way he wouldn't scream the whole time. It was always decaffeinated at least... well except for the couple times where we had to stop at Mcdonalds and get some but we watered it down. We always had to because we put A LOT of sugar in it.