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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The girl below us is nothing but trouble!!

So as I have said before, she is the one we had to call the cops on for getting in that fight with that girl.. she is the one that kept waking Grace up all night because they were playing music, slamming doors, shooting fireworks, screaming.. etc.
Well I think she has a thing for Chris.. he swears she doesn't, but I can see it. She always talks to him.. when I'm not there she tries to have a conversation with him.. when I'm with him she still says "hi" but when it's just me that walks by she acts like I don't exist. Then one day Chris was bringing groceries in and she stopped him and asked him if she could drop her off at the store down the road.. she was wearing jeans when she asked him. He didn't want to be mean so he said yes, and she said she had to grab her purse, so he came to drop the groceries off and tell me where he was going. I watched out the window and she came back out with make up on and in a mini skirt! It is soooo obvious to me. Luckily she is not here a lot anymore.. I guess she stays with other people a lot.
Anyway.. last night at 11pm we here what sounds like an army marching up the stairs and then knocking on our door.. Chris opened the door and there was a cop and another guy standing there! Someone had tried to break in her apartment last night, and they came to ask if we had seen anything, but the whole story just sounded fishy.. not to mention that we heard her a few nights ago telling someone that someone had tried to break in that night? Why would someone try to break in two nights in one week? It's like she is making it up or something.. and we get questioned because of it.
Speaking of hearing her.. we can hear pretty much everything she says.. and does.. that's right. She was having quite a fun time with someone last week and we heard every second of it.. eww.
Like I said, nothing, but trouble.

Also, Chris had to go to the store just a minute ago. When he walked out the door Grace started crying.. She loves going to the store with him. He usually takes her, but he couldn't this time.. She has been going back and forth from the door to the window. When she is at the door she sits there crying "aba (new word for dada)" and then she crawls to the window and bangs on it. She wanted to go so bad. It is pitiful. I am trying to divert her attention, but it is not working very well :(
On the plus side, that shows me that Chris actually does pay attention to her when I am gone. She loves to play with him and be with him now :)


  1. Yea unfortunately that is a down side to living in apartments you never know who is around you and you can hear everything. But dont let it discourage you. It isnt a reason to run home especially if ya'll are really happy on your own. I promise it will get better.

    We have had the same problems. In our old apartments there was this girl that had a thing for Drew. We didnt know it because she lived in the building across from us and we had literally never talked to her. Well it was right after we had come home with Kaedyn from the hospital that she called him over on night when he got out the car (just got off work). She said that she had something for him. he thought for the baby because neibors had been given gifts and stuff so he walks over to her apartment with her only to find out what she had for him was a condom. She tried it again the next night. We have also had problems in almost every place we lived with guys and me.

    Charleigh does the same thing when Drew leaves for work in the morning and she sees or hears him go. She will sit by the door and cry for her daddy for a good 30 minutes. She wont want anything to do with me. It makes me feel horrible.

  2. Yea.. I haven't had any problems with guys yet thank God.. Hopefully I won't. That is awful that the girl would do something like that! At least that girl here hasn't tried anything that drastic.

    That is pitiful about Charleigh.. that is the first time Grace has ever done that.. it would probably make me sad too if Grace did that every time.

  3. Jeez, she sounds like the worst neighbor in the world. They should have evicted her after that fight. Our neighbors are pretty quiet. We talk to one of them. He is nice. He has a little girl Sami's age. We have never seen the other ones up stairs and the ones beside us moved.

    Aw, that is sad. If Jessie goes to the store, Sami will say, "I ready, Daddy! Where my carseat?" And if he says he can't take her because it is too hot or something, she just looks so pitiful.

  4. You guys got lucky! I am terrfied that someone even worse than her is going to move in across from her. I am hoping it is someone with kids or a even better, a baby, but I doubt I will get that lucky.

    That is so cute, but so pitiful at the same time! I can't wait for Grace to actually be able to talk.. like using sentences.

  5. She's getting there. I say give her another year. Sami just recently started talking really well.