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Monday, August 30, 2010

Grace's birthday!

So I got the money for my laptop refunded today, and I also got the money from my scholarships refunded today, and I went to town lol.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought the invitations I am going to use for Grace's birthday. They are shaped like 1's and all different colors. They are so cute!!

I am also sort of going to steal Brittany's birthday week idea...
The day before Grace's birthday we are going to go get her one year/halloween pictures done (lumping them together since it is less than a week apart). (Tuesday)
On her birthday we are going to take her to Playworld for the first time because I have heard it has a really awesome baby section that little toddlers love, and I also want to let her open some of her presents that day. (Wednesday)
The day after her birthday she has her one year check up.. not so fun because they do shots, so I want to take her to do something special afterwards.. maybe go get some ice cream or something.. not sure yet. (Thursday)
Not sure what to do Friday yet.. any ideas? (Keep in mind that it will be winter)
Then Saturday will be her birthday party, which will be loads of fun!

Also, we bought her presents online today!!!! (I had the money so I went ahead and did it $115.00!! and that is with free shipping).

This is what we got her..

This is a worship CD.. I just really wanted to get her one.

These two things go together. I am making her a Disney Classics collection, but since she has no interest in the movies yet I wanted to get her something she would actually like too, so the doll goes with it :)

She loves music and bubbles, so this is perfect because it has both! Chris and I picked this out together (Christian got it as a present and when we saw it we knew we had to get it for Grace).

Chris picked this out because she is always trying to get in his tool box. I told him to pick out something he wanted for her and he picked this. It's cute!

I love these Wheel Pal things!

And then we also have the two birthday rubber ducks that we already bought for her (no pic, sorry).

I am soooo excited about her birthday now. I don't want her to turn one, but I'm going to make it as fun as possible :)


  1. Ha Ha. Sounds fun. You could take her to the aquarium or out to eat for the day you don't have anything to do. That is what we are doing for Sami for two of her days. We told the doctor she couldn't have her one year checkup on her birthday week OR surgery. I told them it would have to wait for the week after.

    Anyway, cute gifts. What should I get Miss Grace for her birthday?

  2. Sounds like a fun week. Her presents are so cute. I like that worship cd.

  3. Anything you know that Sami liked.. I'm sure Grace would like it too.
    She is registered at
    Just click wish lists, then choose recipient and put her last name (Evans) and first name, and then Dalton for the city.. it will be the only one. It has a ton of different stuff she would like on there.

  4. i almost bought that octopus thing at walmart the other day lol

  5. i cant wait until her party. i'm gonna get her an awesome present she'll love. :D